Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Looking for some easy experiments to do with the kids? We’ve got you covered with all of our favourite, easy science experiments for kids. The best part about all of these ideas is that they may be simple, but the lessons are powerful! Plus they can be adapted for a wide variety of ages and learning environments.

100+ Genius Easy Science Experiments for Kids

100+ Easy Science Experiment for Kids

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Fun Science Experiments

First let’s kick things off with a list of easy science experiments for kids that we have done many times over and are a favourite of STEAM Powered Family readers around the world. Almost all of these projects use common household items and are tested by kids and teachers. We have science experiments for all ages, from preschool to middle school, even adults love to do these. The best part is that you can use these ideas to help students gain comfort and eventually mastery of the Scientific Method. This list is also a fantastic place to find ideas for your science fair projects.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiments

It is incredible the number of cool science experiments you can create from this one simple chemical reaction between Baking Soda and Vinegar. This endothermic reaction, is a classic acid and base chemical reaction.

Here is the chemical formula of this reaction

C2H4O2 + NaHCO3 -> NaC2H3O2 + H2O + CO2
vinegar + sodium bicarbonate -> sodium acetate + water + carbon dioxide

Some of our favourite baking soda and vinegar science activities of all time include Bottle Rockets, Fireworks Experiment, Baking Soda Oobleck, and Hatching Dinosaur Eggs. No matter which one you pick, you must try at least one vinegar and baking soda experiment when little scientists are first learning about chemistry.

Bottle Rockets - Backyard Science Launching Young STEM Minds
Halloween Balloon Science Activity for Kids
Baking Soda and Vinegar Fireworks
Erupting Slime - A Saline Slime STEM Activity that incorporates the traditional volcano science experiment kids love, with a new slime twist.
Colour changing oobleck recipe and science experiment to inspire young scientific minds
A black donut shaped black hole with gold glitter on it is in the midst of a chemical reaction with bubbles erupting from it. Overlay text says Erupting Black Holes Space Science For Kids

Balloon Races – Physics Science Experiment

This fast paced, exciting science experiment explores the principles of physics and Newton’s Laws of Motion. It is so simple, kids won’t believe how much they are learning while having fun! Balloon Races make a fantastic activity for the classroom, camp, after school program or at home when the kids need to burn off some energy while learning!

Exciting, hands on physics activities that explore Newton's Laws of Motion. An inquiry based lesson plan to facilitate deeper learning and retention.
Turkey Races Thanksgiving STEM Activities
Get everyone moving with this Cupid's Arrow Balloon STEM Challenge. A fun twist on balloon races while learning Physics & Newton's Third Law of Motion.
Halloween Physics Balloon Races
Rudolf Races Balloon Physics Christmas STEM

Build a Compass – A Magnetism Science Experiment

Did you know it is actually very easy to build a compass? All you need is a bowl of water, a needle and a cork! Have your children explore the same magnetic forces that inspired Einstein as a child in this fun science experiment.

DIY compass

Lollipop Layers Density Experiment

Density is such a fun phenomenon to explore, and in this version of a density experiment we are using candy! Lollipop layers is so simple, all you need is a bunch of lollipops or hard candies, water, and a patient hand. The result… GORGEOUS!

Layered Lollipops uses candy in a beautiful candy stem challenge

Greenhouse Effect Science Experiment

Climate change experiments are so important for helping foster a deep understanding in our students. In this Greenhouse Effect Science Experiment we learn how gas are changing the atmosphere and affecting global temperatures.

Greenhouse Effect Science Experiment

Volcano Experiment

A classic science project for kids, making a volcano can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. The goal of the exercise, a big, bubbly reaction that is sure to WOW students. Here are some of our favourite Volcano Experiments we have done.

Lemon science experiment creating a beautiful, sensory rich exploding lemon volcano
Halloween Pumpkin Volcano Science Project
Erupting Slime - A Saline Slime STEM Activity that incorporates the traditional volcano science experiment kids love, with a new slime twist.

Lava Lamp

Have you ever made a Lava Lamp at home? This sensory science experiment is mesmerizing! Watching those bubbles bounce and dance and play is sure to capture students of all ages. Best of all, we have 5 different ways you can make a Lava Lamp (including the old favourite with alka seltzer), so no matter what supplies you have available, we have a Lava Lamp experiment you can do.

Against a white background a mason jar has dark and light green liquids with bubbles in dark green going through the light green layer in a lava lamp style. Overlay text says How to Make a Lava Lamp

Make Milk Plastic

While teaching elementary science I was always on the hunt for cool science experiments that would impress my kids and really stretch their interests and foster their curiosity. One of the biggest hits of all time was a surprisingly simple experiment, that we never really considered as possible… making plastics. Specifically making bioplastics out of milk. With this concept you can create a lesson that is a powerful way to explore polymers with kids. This easy science experiment is a sure fire hit with students and gives them a wonderful keepsake of their studies.

Make Plastic Toys From Milk - A chemistry STEM STEAM activity that is sure to delight www.STEAMPoweredFamily.com

Bouncy Naked Egg in Vinegar Experiment

Have you ever tried to shell a raw egg? Impossible you say? Challenge your hypothesis in this egg in vinegar science experiment! Not only will you remove the shell from a raw egg, but the result is a bouncy, rubbery, raw egg. An incredibly simple science experiment, it can also be used to teach higher level concepts in osmosis and biology for students learning about the parts of the cell.

Bouncy rubber egg in vinegar experiment

Making Water Rise Experiment Magic

When we did this water experiment the kids jaws hit the floor! It is so simple, but the results shock the kids. This is one very easy science experiment that is also incredibly memorable. It teaches the science of creating a vacuum in a very simple approach with just a jar, water and a candle. Learn how to make water rise and wow your students!

Why Does Water Rise? Best Science Experiments for Kids!

Elephant Toothpaste

You have probably seen the Elephant Toothpaste Science Experiment done on TV or at the Science Center where they create a massive gusher that goes many feet into the air, but did you know there is a very simple and easy way you can do this experiment yourself with items you already have available? This classic science experiment is one every student should experience.

Elephant Toothpaste

Frozen Bubbles

If you live where it gets well below freezing, one of our favourite winter science experiments is to freeze bubbles. There are some specific science principles you need to understand to ensure this experiment is a beautiful success!

The secret behind making frozen bubbles

Growing Crystals

As a crystal lover and passionate family of rock hounds, the idea of growing crystals is something that we love! Over the years we have found all the ways to simplify and perfect the process so you can easily grow gorgeous crystals and learn the science behind crystallization. We have made crystals from borax, alum and sugar. We even have edible crystals called Rock Candy… yum!!

The secret to growing really big crystals
Crystal Growing Science Experiment
Gorgeous and delicious Candy Geode Kitchen Science

Explore Surface Tension with Glitter (or Pepper) and Soap

Surface tension is the focus of this simple science experiment that provides a powerful demonstration of the effect soap has on surface tension. Do this easy experiment, all you need is a plate, water, glitter or pepper and dish soap. Such an easy science experiment for kids!

Magic Glitter Handwashing Demonstration

Bottle Crush – Simple Heat Transfer Experiment

Got a soda pop bottle, some hot water and a cold winter day (or a bucket of ice)? Then you have all the makings of a cool science experiment! This this Bottle Crush science experiment, kids feel like all powerful magicians as they crush plastic bottles without touching them.

Bottle Crush - Crush a bottle with your mind, and a little science. Inspired by Mythbusters, a science experiment that seems like magic!

pH Testing Lab

Have you ever done a pH lab experiment? In this simple version, you can use items from the kitchen to create a science lab that allows students to explore pH and learn more about acids and bases.

Using items from the kitchen this fascinating experiment explores Acids and Bases and pH Levels. Kids will love digging through the pantry to test out whether items are an acid or a base, and explore pH levels of every day items. An excellent elementary experiment for hands on with science with lots of further studies.

Gummy Mummies – Gummy Bear Mummification Experiment

Gummy Bear Science Experiments are always a hit with kids and in this easy science experiment we explore how the mummification process works. Add an extra fun comparison by also placing some of the gummy bears in liquid.

Lego Gummy Mummies are a unique experiment exploring desiccation. An excellent activity linking science and ancient historical cultures like the Egyptians.

Walking Rainbow

Want a beautiful rainbow science experiment that is soooo easy it all happens without you even needing to do anything? Simply set it up, walk away, and come back to a beautiful rainbow of colours. In the Walking Rainbow Science Experiment kids learn about capillary action and color mixing. All you need is jars, paper towels, water and food coloring.

The Walking Rainbow science experiment should have been easy, but due to a mistake we discovered a fascinating capillary action and natural balance project.

Rainbow Rain

On a rainy day, why not make Rainbow Rain in this simple science experiment for kids. The results are beautiful and will brighten a dreary day. All you need is water, shaving cream and a few drops of food colouring.

Rainbow Rain Shaving Cream Cloud in a Jar Experiment

Skittles Experiment

It doesn’t get any easier than the simple Skittles Experiment. All you need is a plate, some Skittles and water. Soon you will have a spectacular science experiment the kids will beg to do again and again.

Skittles Experiment for the Science Fair inspired by Starry Night


It’s been all the rage for a few years, and whether you love it or hate it, making slime can actually be a fantastic science experiment for kids.

Cornstarch slime
Finally! A way to make slime that really works! No liquid starch, no borax, no detergent. Super simple, and super stretchy! Ours stretched over 40 feet!
This unicorn floam slime recipe creates a beautiful, amazing smelling and satisfyingly crunchy slime that you will love playing with
How to make crystal clear glass slime using a saline slime base recipe.
Glow in the dark slime - an easy recipe with amazing results! Perfect for an after dark party or a fun new twist to sensory play time.


Ready to do one of the most simple science experiments, but also the most fun? It’s time to make non-Newtonian Fluids! Known as Oobleck, it turns sold under pressure and liquifies when you remove pressure. And it will keep kids learning hands on and exploring for hours! The best part is all the different science experiments you can do with Oobleck.

Finding the perfect oobleck recipe science fair project
Colour changing oobleck recipe and science experiment to inspire young scientific minds
Oobleck Egg Drop Project
Oobleck - Science, States of Matter and Senses study all wrapped up into one fantastic project about non-Newtonian liquids
How to make oobleck for melting snowman game
Lemonade Oobleck

Moon Dough

Now when you think of Moon Dough, you don’t immediately think of easy science experiments for kids, but that’s because you have never made Moon Dough the way we make Moon Dough! In our recipes we learn about emulsifiers, glow in the dark science, chemical reactions, heat transfer, all while having so much fun exploring science and sensory play with kids of all ages.

Moon Dough Recipe
Ocean blue moon dough in a child's hand. Overlay text says Ocean Moon Dough
On a black background moon dough glows in a variety of colours - blue, green, orange, yellow and darker greens and blues. Overlay text says Rainbow Glow Moon Dough
Halloween Sensory Science Experiment
Magical Moon Dough Changes Colour Sensory Science
Snow Dough A Winter Moon Dough Snowman Building Activity


Making playdough with your kids is a great way to teach them about mixtures, solutions, substances, and chemical changes. It is also teaches about the importance of formulas and the role each ingredient plays in creating one of the all time most popular sensory play items, playdough!

A bright yellow playdough flower is decorated with seeds and craft items. Overlay text says Sunflower Playdough Recipe and STEAM Activity
Super Soft Playdough Recipe
No Cook Gluten Free Kool Aid Playdough Recipe
DIY Play Dough Bubble Bath - Easy clean fun!
Easy to make, fun to play wit,h and a sweet treat, Edible Marshmallow Play Dough is a hit! And it uses simple ingredients in your kitchen right now.

Magic Milk Experiment

Ready for some serious wow factor in a really easy science experiment? Magic Milk is a classic experiment that always mesmerizes kids. Over the years we have used it to learn about surface tension, space, pollution on Earth Day, and so much more. All you need is milk, dish soap and a drop of food colouring… and watch the magic colour explosion happen!

magic milk in 33% cream with color fractal explosions
Galaxy Magic Milk Experiment
Halloween Magic Milk Science Experiment

Simple Snow and Ice Experiment

Is it winter where you live? This is a fantastic, very simple and easy experiment to do with young students. All you need is some jars, snow, ice cubes and water… and watch the melting magic!

Snow Ice Simple Science is an experiment all ages can do and teaches valuable lessons about the molecular structure of water in ice form versus snowflake.

Heat Transfer Experiment – Slurpee Making

Kids love this simple slurpee science experiment where they get a cold, sweet treat at the end in the form of a homemade slurpee! Using the science of heat transfer, kids will make their very own slurpee out of juice. A great experiment for learning about temperature, heat and heat transfer.

Sweet slurpee science is a fantastic activity for kids, with a tasty result they will love. This simple heat transfer experiment is perfect for all ages.

Flying Ghosts Tea Bag Experiment

Obviously this easy science experiment is perfect for Halloween, but don’t let that stop you from doing it at any time during the year. The results of the flying tea bag experiment are always a hit with kids and all you need is fire and a tea bag to set flight to curiosity!

Flying Tea Bag Ghosts Halloween Science Experiment

Ice Fishing

Inspire your little ones to learn more about how salt and water react in this fun ice fishing science experiment.

Salt and Ice Experiment - Ice fishing experiment

Water and Oil Experiment

Demonstrate how oil and water don’t mix in this colourful oil and water experiment. All you need is a few simple ingredients: water, oil and food colouring. When it comes to easy science experiments for kids, it doesn’t get easier than this!

oil and water experiment

Magnet Science – Harry Potter Inspired Wingardium Leviosa

Use the magic of science to wow students, or teach students this experiment so they can wow their friends with their new found magical abilities. You can also use this science to make ghosts fly! Who knew magnet science was so cool?

Wingardium Leviosa Science Experiment Make A Feather Levitate
Flying Ghosts Halloween Magnetism Science Experiment

Marshmallow Science

Marshmallows are the secret to easy science experiments that you never knew existed in your pantry! Learn how to teach concepts around heat, molecules, expansion and more in this marshmallow science experiment.

This simple marshmallow science experiment is an engaging STEAM activity for elementary. Learn a little science and a little art, then eat the results!

Sky Science

Kids wondering why the sky changes colour during sunrise and sunsets? Or the always famous, why is the sky blue, question? Explore the science of the sky colours in this easy experiment.

Sky Science is a simple experiment that answers one of childhoods biggest questions - Why is the sky blue and why does the sky change colors at sunset?

Easy STEM Challenges

Why not combine Science with some Technology, Engineering and Math in these easy STEM Projects for kids.

Build a Popsicle Stick Catapult

One of the original STEM projects kids have been building for generations is the simple catapult. There are lots of different ways you can build a catapult, but here we are making the always easy and popular Popsicle Stick Catapult.

Catapults engineered from popsicle sticks
Catapult Bowling STEM Challenge
Catapult Design Challenge Winner

Build a Water Clock

This easy STEM project has some significant historical context that your history loving students will go wild over. Plus building a water clock is surprisingly easy but packs a powerful learning punch.

Water Clock STEM Activity

Make a Glow Salt Circuit

Before you start to worry, building a circuit doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, once your students master the basics of electricity and circuits, they will want to start adding circuits to everything. To get started, one of the most simple circuit projects you can make is our Glow Salt Circuit. Don’t worry, we provide all the detailed instructions to ensure your project is a hit.

Glow Salt Circuit STEAM Activity

Build a Battery

Another great way to explore electricity science is to build a simple battery out of food. We have built Lemon Batteries, Pumpkin Batteries and even Potato Batteries. Kids love capturing the energy in our foods and using it to light up!

Learn all about electricity, batteries, power and more by building a Lemon Battery in this science experiment
Build a potato battery that powers a light bulb. A fantastic STEM activity and science fair project exploring circuits and energy production.

Build a Bridge

A bridge building challenge is a great way to challenge a class either in school, at camp or in an after school program. Kids get to let their innovation, creativity, and understanding of science and engineering go wild as they build their creations. Then test them out against other designs to see which concepts come out on top.

Rainbow Bridge STEM Activity

Rube Goldberg Machine

Building simple machines is an incredible STEM project for all ages. With a Rube Goldberg Machine you are linking simple machines into a chain reaction to achieve an end goal. The best part about a Rube Goldberg Machine project is that it challenges students to work together and apply critical thinking and problem skills as they develop their STEM literacy. Check out the Rube Goldberg Machine we built as a Leprechaun Trap.

Leprechaun Trap - Rube Goldberg Machine

Build a Catapult Cannon

Catapults may be fun, but as kids get older, they want bigger challenges, bigger launches and bigger fun with their learning. Enter the Catapult Cannon, a Catapult design that launches harder and farther than your regular catapults, and challenges students to apply more advanced engineering and physics concepts.

Catapult Cannon STEM Activity and Game Launching

Build a Confetti Cannon or Seed Bomb Launcher

For a smaller scale challenge with mini cannons, try making this Confetti Cannon, which includes two different designs, one for little learners and one more complex design for older kids. Plus you can use a similar design concept to make a Seed Bomb Launcher for homemade Seed Bombs.

Confetti Cannons are so much fun to use and build. Here we have 2 levels of difficulty, a simple design and a STEM challenge powered by imagination.
Seed Bombs and Launcher DIY STEM Activity for Kids

Tower Construction Challenge

A very easy STEM Project is to challenge kids to build a tower. Now you can do this with blocks or LEGO, but up the challenge by having kids build with candy, marshmallows, paper, pasta or even frozen bubbles. Add a time limit to turn this into a one minute STEM challenge.

Candy Construction STEM Challenge
Need a quick and easy educational challenge that kids will love, has a super quick clean up, and uses easy to find items? This Marshmallow Engineering Challenge is a fantastic engineering minute to win it type challenge that helps kids build their problem solving skills and can be adapted for a variety of levels.
Frozen Bubbles in a tower building stem challenge

Make a Thaumatrope

Optical illusions are always a fun experiment for kids. For a quick and easy optical illusion for kids, try building Thaumatropes. It is so easy, especially with our ideas and templates.

Thaumatrope Project for Kids

Build a Balloon Car

This is a STEM build that is perfect for a classroom or after school group. Build a Balloon Car that is powered by air. For younger kids, challenge them with the Make It Move STEM Challenge.

Recycled Materials Balloon Car
MAKE IT MOVE! - STEM Challenge that kids of all ages will love as they race to the finish!

Biology Science Building Models

Turn a boring Biology lesson into a fun science class with a STEM project inspired by the human body. Build functioning models of The Lungs, The Heart or The Hand.

Build a lung model project
This Heart STEM activity to build a functioning heart model uses all 4 STEM pillars - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Kids will spend some time learning about their own heart rates, then how blood flows through the body. For the exciting conclusion engineer and build a functioning model of a beating heart.
Build a Hand Model

Science Projects and STEM Activities for the Holidays

Need something specific to celebrate the seasons or holidays? Check out all of these resources featuring the best in easy science experiments for kids with a special theme!

Spring Activities

Summer Activities

Fall Activities

Winter Activities

End of School Year

Valentine’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

Earth Day

Halloween Activities

Christmas Activities