Valentine’s Day STEM Activities

It’s time for some red and pink STEM that inspires a love of learning! Countdown to Valentine’s Day with these exciting Valentine’s STEM Activities. Science, Tech, Engineering and Math Challenges are sure to keep kids curious and excited to learn, while also fostering a love of learning that will last a lifetime. I’ve gathered up hands on activities and printables so you can keep hands and minds busy this Valentine’s Day.


Valentine's Day STEM

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Valentine’s Day Science

Blooming Rose Elephant Toothpaste – Valentine’s Day Science Experiment – This mesmerizing experiment combines the wow factor of Elephant Toothpaste with the beauty of a blooming rose. A must do Valentine’s Day science experiment.

Valentine's Day Science Experiment - Blooming Rose Elephant Toothpaste

Valentine’s Day Oobleck – This beautiful oobleck is a great sensory science project for Valentine’s Day. Kids will love exploring this non-Newtonian Fluid as they learn about Fluid Dynamics.

Valentine's Day Oobleck Recipe with Hearts

Enchanted Rose Slime – Try some more sensory science by making this gorgeous rose slime inspired by the Enchanted Rose in Beauty and the Beast. Amazing sensory science for Valentine’s Day!

Rose petal slime is the perfect slime for the Beauty and the Beast lover, inspired by the enchanted rose

How to Grow Giant Crystal Hearts – Make sure your crystals reflect how much you love with this trick for growing giant crystals. It also shares a lesson in the natural crystal formation process.

The secret to growing really big crystals

Cupid’s Arrow Balloon Races Physics Challenge – This activity is what you need for your Valentine’s Day party or to work off some of the sugar. Teach kids about Newton’s Third Law of Motion while getting them up and moving!

Get everyone moving with this Cupid's Arrow Balloon STEM Challenge. A fun twist on balloon races while learning Physics & Newton's Third Law of Motion.

Valentine’s Day STEM Craft

Valentine’s Day Agamograph – Explore Kinetic Art in this fascinating craft that is an optical illusion.

Valentine's Day Agamograph STEM Craft Project for Kids

Valentine’s Day Thaumatrope – An easy Optical Illusion Toy that is so quick to craft and will amaze kids as two images magically become one.

Valentine's Day Thaumatrope STEM Craft

Edible Valentine’s Day STEM

Valentine’s Day Fudge – Learn about crystallization and candy science with this delicious Heart Fudge Recipe.

Hearts and Flowers Gummies Recipe For Valentine’s Day – Study how polymers work, and how delicious they can be, with this simple Gummy Recipe. Candy science is always the best!

Valentine's Day Science Experiment Making Heart Gummies

Homemade Heart Shaped Marshmallows – Your Valentine will love these homemade sweet treats shaped like hearts. Making marshmallows is a fun activity that uses some fascinating science principles.

Make sweet, fluffy Valentine's Day Treats with this Homemade Marshmallow recipe. Explore the science behind marshmallows and why they are so soft, fluffy and tasty.

Valentine’s Day Technology and Coding

Circuit Flowers – A simple circuit activity spin off of our popular Circuit Bugs, these gorgeous flowers are the perfect way to show someone how they light up your life!

With the popularity of our Circuit Bugs STEM Activity it was time to come up with something new, something with a little extra art. Introducing Circuit Flowers! Explore chromatography, diffusion, engineering and circuit building with this hands on STEAM activity. Great for mothers' day, spring, girls in STEM, and more!

Screen Free Valentine’s Coding – Get away from the screens and give some love to the pen and paper with this Valentine’s Day Coded Candy Hearts Challenge. Remember those little candy hearts that has messages on them? Here you can decode the secret messages on your candies. This is available FREE for STEAM Powered Family members.

Simple Glow Heart LED Circuits – This is a phenomenal first circuit activity for kids using glue and salt. A great way to bring some STEAM to Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Circuit STEAM activity

Valentine’s Day Code Breakers Printable – This is a fun, screen free STEAM activity that teaches essential basic coding skills while students work to solve the puzzle and reveal the art. The printable is available free to all STEAM Powered Family mailing list members, simply enter your email to unlock the printable.

Valentine’s Day Engineering

LEGO and Candy Hearts Catapult Challenge – This is such a fun activity for kids. Build a LEGO Heart and shot candies through the heart with a simple catapult engineered by your kids.

Lego Hearts and Candy Hearts Catapult Challenge

3D Pop Up Spinning Card – Engineer this stunning card for Valentine’s Day that pops up and spins when opened. Kids will love creating this project and gifting it to someone special.

VAlentine's Day and Mother's Day STEM Craft Cards

Heart Shaped Candles – Try your hand at some tricky engineering with beeswax and make a heart shaped beeswax candle. These make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift.

Beeswax Sheet Candle Making - A Calming And Rewarding Activity For All Ages. Learn how to make simple tapers, dual color tapers, handmade heart candles and even sushi candles!

VALENTINE’S LEGO ENGINEERING CHALLENGE – This Valentine’s Day pull out the Lego and challenge your kids to build some fun Valentine inspired shapes. This printable is free for all STEAM Powered Family members and includes 12 Valentine’s Day challenges, plus challenges for holidays throughout the year. Don’t have Lego? No problem, you can use these word prompts for creating drawings, story creation and more.

Owl Stress Ball Squishy – Why not have your tweens and teens engineer and make themselves this cute owl squishy stress ball with heart wings! They can even customize it to their sensory preferences.

Valentine’s Day Math

Möbius Strips and Möbius Hearts – This hands on math demonstration of topology includes making hearts, perfect for some Valentine’s Day math love.

Mobius Strip activity for kids including how to make Mobius Hearts

Valentine’s Day Scrabble Math – This is such a fun idea and it incorporates spelling and math! Perfect!

Valentine’s Day Algebra – These puzzles are perfect for your older kids! Use math to solve the Valentine’s Day riddle.

Valentine’s Day Literacy

This isn’t STEM, but I couldn’t help sharing our cool new resource: Valentine’s Day Fun With Words printable pack! This package includes a variety of activities including: Word Scramble, Compound Word Scramble and Solve, Word Creation, Valentine’s Day Alphabet Challenge, and Valentine’s Day Jokes Decoding Challenge. All of the activities are provided in colour or with line drawings for kids to colour themselves.

You can grab this resource from the STEAM Powered Family Shop or our Teachers Paying Teachers store.

Valentine's Day Literacy Printable

Valentine's Day STEM - Science, Tech, Engineering, Math and even some literacy