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Hi! I’m Shelley, welcome to my site!


So this is the page where you learn a little about me and my crazy crew behind the STEAM Powered Family. I’m a Canadian girl, the first of my family to be born outside of England, so I feel a strong connection to what I consider my homeland. My hair is curly red, my eyes blue, and my stature petite.

I kicked off my grown up life by earning a BSc Psychology Specialization, followed by a number of years of post grad research at the University. Most recently I have been upgrading my skills online through a number of programs including children’s mental health programs through the College of Physicians and Surgeons. I really, really love learning about brains and tracking all the new advances and research being done.

It’s interesting that I almost didn’t end up in Psychology. Before starting my post secondary education I was an avid computer programmer and animal lover. When I started University my education and graduation goals were focused on animal sciences and computer programming. I planned to graduate with degrees in both.

Then I took a first year psychology course and everything changed!

I love learning how the brain works and have spent most of my life continuing to study and learn more about the brain. Originally my focus was on memory, learning and cognition, but since my youngest son came home with a severe case of developmental trauma disorder, I’ve now also dedicate a lot of time to studying and learning about childhood trauma and childhood mental health.

My focus is on the research side of the brain and understanding the functions and mechanisms of how our minds work. I am not trained in the clinical, therapy side. Although I have started taking some training in the applications of therapy as part of having a well rounded understanding of childhood psychology.

My goal is always to learn more so I can help my own children, plus help others. I’m always looking for new opportunities to grow my knowledge and understanding. I don’t think I will ever stop learning. I find it utterly fascinating.

After graduation I spent a few years doing post grad research at the university. I loved my time at university and never wanted it to end! Eventually I did move on, and spent the next ten years working as a Communications Manager with the government.

After starting a family I took my hobby of fiction writing (and the many dusty manuscripts in my drawer) and started publishing works that people actually paid money to read!

I’m a proud geek, with a love of technology and all things Doctor Who. Oh and dragons. I’ve always been obsessed with dragons. My husband has nicknamed me Mother of Dragons and my boys often remind me of dragons!

As an introvert with a free spirit, I crave adventure but only if there isn’t a lot of crowds and chaos. I love exploring off the beaten track.

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I’m married to my soul mate. We met 25 years ago and married seven years later. Boy that makes me seem old! We have two gorgeous boys, one through birth, one through adoption.

Both my boys have unique and very different needs. On any given day I may be dealing with teenage hormones, giftedness (2e), anxiety disorder, dysgraphia, Developmental Trauma Disorder, developmental delays, sensory processing disorder, language delays, cognitive disabilities, and more.

We started out in the school system for approximately three years. After facing a lot of struggles we experimented with part-time homeschooling before finally moving to full-time homeschooling in March 2015. I was a very reluctant homeschooler!

In 2018 my oldest transitioned back into the school system to take advantage of some amazing opportunities and it has been a wonderful success. I firmly believe that if you empower a child with the knowledge of how to learn and a passion for learning, they can do anything.

STEAM Powered Family started in July 2015 as a way for me to continue with my passion for writing, science and children’s mental health. It has since become my full-time job and I love connecting with so many amazing educators, teachers and parents around the world. We have some of the most innovative, creative and outstanding people in the world connecting through this site and it has been such a privilege to witness the dedication to our future generations.

When I’m not running this blog or homeschooling, I can be found helping my husband run his business as an Artisan Blacksmith, chasing my crazy cats, or out walking my dog.

So that is me (and my gaggle of dragons) in a nutshell, I hope you enjoy poking around the site. If you have any questions you can drop me an email or visit me on Facebook.

Thank you for reading!