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Being a member of the STEAM Powered Family mailing list is the place to be! With over 25,000 subscribers, and growing steadily, our readers love getting inspired by our innovative educational resources and kids activity ideas every week.

The SPF newsletter has grown organically since 2015 and is cleaned regularly.

Newsletter Schedule

We send out a broadcast Mondays and Wednesdays at noon ET. With additional emails often sent on other days based on demand and season. Through Q4 we send emails Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We only accept one sponsor per broadcast. There will be at least one other link besides your ad, but these will always be non-competing links to articles on the STEAM Powered Family site or the STEAM Powered Family YouTube channel.

Newsletter Demographics as of February 1, 2024

Newsletter List Size – 25,000+

Average Open Rate (last 90 days) – 38.61%

Average Click Rate (last 90 days) – 3.25%

Readership Demographics

61.98% USA
8.68% Canada
5.13% Australia
4.94% UK

Newsletter Sponsorship Rates and Details

Sponsorship Guidelines: It must be family friendly, and have some relevance to education, kids activities, families, parenting, and/or educators. This is to ensure our mailing list readers are the right fit for your promotions.

We reserve the right to refuse anything we feel is not a good fit for our readership.

Your newsletter sponsored ad spot includes:
One image/graphic
150 words of text
One link

The cost for a newsletter sponsorship is $500 USD per email.

If you are interested in arranging a sponsorship, please reach out to discuss your needs at