The STEAM Powered Family Team is growing! In particular, right now we are seeking content creators with a passion for science experiments and/or STEM crafts.

Content Creators

STEAM Powered Family is looking for an enthusiastic self-starter to join our team in the role of Content Creator (CC)!

Do you have a passion for fostering a lifelong love of learning in kids? Are you obsessed with taking incredible photos? Do you love to write captivating content? In your opinion, is the best way to spend a day, doing experiments, projects and activities? Then telling everyone about your amazing day?

We love that passion!

STEAM Powered Family is looking to add more content writers to our team, and if you answered yes to all of these questions, read on to learn more.

The Content Creator Role – What to Expect

STEAM Powered Family content creators are extremely creative and passionate people that love education and sharing that love with others.

Each month, content creators are provided with their assignments at the beginning of the month. Those assignments are then due at the end of the month.

Content Creators then work independently to research the activity. It is especially important that the CC has a solid understanding of the science and educational principles behind the project. At STEAM Powered Family we don’t just do activities, we also provide the educational backing for the project!

The CC is then responsible for creating the activity, sourcing all the materials, then perfecting the activity so it is easy to follow for readers. Use your critical thinking and problem solving skills to make the activity the most engaging and exciting version possible. This is your chance to get creative and innovate!

CCs then take engaging, high quality photographs of the activity including in process and hero shots. If prearranged, some content creators also create video tutorials and/or printables to compliment their assignments.

Finally, they write a compelling and informative article, using our template and SEO framework that is provided with the assignment.

Once the assignment is finished, CCs submit the article and photos by the deadline through Google Drive for approval, editing, formatting and publishing.


A passion for learning and enthusiasm for capturing that passion and sharing it with others.

Excellent research skills and a drive to understand how things work.

Strong photography skills. This includes having a DSLR camera with proper lighting. Plus an understanding of how to capture the right shots that will convey the activity to readers in a comprehensive, intuitive and eye catching way.

Ability to shoot high quality, captivating video is a bonus.

Exceptional creativity and ability to innovate. We don’t want the same old activities that everyone has already done. You need the imagination to take an experiment, project or idea, and make it unique, different and exciting!

Exceptional problem solving skills. Activities don’t always go as planned, especially when innovating and leading the way with unique ideas. You will take on these challenges to figure out how to make these activities work and make them even better, which will also provide greater understanding of the learning concepts and principles behind the activity which you will convey to readers.

Ability to write clear, concise and engaging, and SEO optimized, copy (800+ words) to go with the activity. Copy will follow our template, and includes providing a comprehensive, well researched explanation of the science and educational principles behind the activity.

Ability to implement SEO optimization keywords and phrases naturally into all copy. SEO guide will be provided with each topic.

Must be reliable, able to work independently, follow direction, and meet deadlines.

Must be able to communicate effectively and promptly through email.

Your work environment must be equipped with a reliable computer, high speed internet, DSLR camera (with proper photography equipment including lighting, tripod, etc.) and STEM supplies.

Access to, and strong skills in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign plus Premiere/Rush) is a strong asset.

A related degree in child development, education or childhood mental health is an asset.

More Details

All work will be done from your home or workspace with no set hours. However, specific deadlines will need to be met, along with quality control measures.

This is an ongoing role, with the opportunity to have byline credit and be part of the growing STEAM Powered Family team.

Pay is per project in USD, paid on the 15th of the month following submission and approval. Pay rate is based on the type and scope of work being done, details will be discussed with shortlisted candidates.

This is an independent contractor, virtual assistant position. You can be located anywhere in the world.

This opportunity is perfect for a stay at home parent, homeschooling parent, a teacher/educator, or an older student in a relevant post secondary program.

Application Details

Please note, due to the overwhelming number of applications we receive, only those shortlisted will be contacted. At this time we are leaving applications open with no set deadline for submissions, and will respond to shortlisted candidates within 6 weeks of submission.

If all of this has you excited to join the team, please complete this Application Form.

Thank you for your interest in being part of the STEAM Powered Family Team.