31 Days of Halloween STEM Activities and Projects

Halloween STEM Activities to celebrate a 31 day countdown. Includes Halloween Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, plus FREE printables, Halloween Art and Halloween Sensory activities! Updated with even more exciting Halloween Activities for kids!

Halloween is the perfect time for some fun and engaging STEM activities. There are just so many activities that capture a child’s interest and imagination during this season, and so many of them are perfect for our young scientists! We love Halloween around here and to celebrate I’m planning 31 days of Halloween STEM Activities countdown to Halloween. Whether you are at home or celebrating in the classroom, we have activities for all ages. Join us on our month long Halloween STEM adventure!

Fun Halloween STEM Activities for Kids

Halloween Activities

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This project started almost 10 years ago. My kids LOVE Halloween and they wanted to try a new Halloween activity every day for the month of October. Kind of like a Halloween advent calendar. I loved the idea and over the years this list has grown as we added new fun Halloween activities every year! We now have over 31 science, technology, engineering, arts and math activities that are going to make the countdown to Halloween amazing for your children! We have activity ideas for preschool, elementary, middle school, high school and even adults will get in on the spooky fun.

Enjoy these spectacularly spooky Halloween STEM Projects!

Halloween Science Experiments

So many amazing Halloween science projects! Halloween and crazy science are a perfect fit for lots of fun and learning.

Flying Ghosts Tea Bag Experiment

This is a fun WOW worthy experiment that will excite your little scientists. Especially once their ghosts take flight! Take a moment and explore the thrilling science of Flying Tea Bag Ghosts!

Flying Tea Bag Ghosts Halloween Science Experiment

Magnetic Flying Ghosts

This is another fun flying ghosts experiment that uses the power of magnetism and a little engineering, to make ghosts fly like magic! This is a fun twist on our Wingardium Leviosa experiment for Halloween.

Flying Ghosts Halloween Magnetism Science Experiment

Spooky Spider Magnetic Science

This project is an amazing STEM project for Halloween! It involves some engineering, math and geometry, and it is powered by the thrilling science of magnets! With this Spooky Spider Magnet Science Project kids will build a special spider web with a spider that dances, jigs and wiggles its way around the web. So cool!

Spider Magnet STEM Project for Halloween

Halloween Skittles Experiment

Got lots of candy, no problem! Put it to great use with this Skittles Experiment. Make spooky designs, then watch the fascinating science unfold in this Halloween Skittles Experiment.

Halloween Skittles Experiment

Halloween Balloon Races

This physics challenge is a spooky fun blast! So simple to set up, kids explore Newton’s Laws of Motion as they have fun racing their Balloon creations. A fantastic project to do in the classroom, homeschool or at a Halloween Party. Check out Halloween Balloon Races.

Halloween Physics Balloon Races

Halloween Marshmallow Science

This quick and fun science experiment let’s kids also explore their artistic side before learning about the expanding energy of heat! From toddlers to teens, this Halloween Marshmallow Science is so much fun!

Halloween Marshmallow Science Experiment

Gummy Mummies

Kids love this combination of Lego, History and Science! And who doesn’t enjoy mummies at Halloween? Check out Gummy Mummies Science Experiment.

Lego Gummy Mummies are a unique experiment exploring desiccation. An excellent activity linking science and ancient historical cultures like the Egyptians.

Glow in the Dark Science

Halloween is the perfect time to add some glow to your science experiments and projects! Here we’ve gathered up our favourite Glow in the Dark activities, and included the science behind the glow for your lessons and learning.

Glow in the Dark Activities and Science

Halloween Magic Milk

Inspired by a much beloved science experiment, magic milk, we set out to mix our own Halloween colours by applying the colour wheel, then explored the magical science of Magic Milk with a Halloween twist.

Halloween Magic Milk Science Experiment

Grow Scented Halloween Crystals

Grow Your Own Scented Halloween Crystals. These decorations are extremely durable and fun to make. Exactly what we need to decorate for the big day.

Scented Halloween Crystals - A STEAM Project

Halloween Chemistry Experiments

Halloween Moon Dough – Fizzing Ghosts!

We LOVE moon dough! It is such an incredible sensory experience and so much fun to play with. In this spooky activity we bring in some chemistry to create a really cool fizzing ghost science experiment for Halloween. I mean really, how cute is this science???

Halloween Sensory Science Experiment

Halloween Balloon Experiment

This is a fun activity that involves a surprise! Kids can make balloons, ghosts, or anything they can imagine. Then set off the chemical reaction to reveal their spooky designs. This Halloween Balloon Chemistry Experiment is so much fun!

Halloween Balloon Science Activity for Kids

Monster Eyes – A Halloween Egg in Vinegar Experiment

Have you ever made a rubber egg? This classic chemistry project is so fun, especially with our Halloween twist where we turned them into squishy, bouncy, rubbery Monster Eyeballs!

Halloween Egg in Vinegar Monster Eyes

Puking Pumpkins – Volcano Pumpkin Science Experiment

This chemistry experiment is always a HUGE hit with the kids. Carve your pumpkin then use a little chemistry to turn it into an erupting volcano pumpkin. As my son proudly declared: It’s a puking pumpkin!

Halloween Pumpkin Volcano Science Project

Make A Glow In The Dark Lava Lamp

These are so much fun, my kids love it every time we do this activity. Glow in the Dark Lava Lamps are the perfect way to take the traditional lava lamp science experiment and give it a Halloween twist.

On a black background a blue glowing lava lamp is bubbling. Overlay text says How to make a Glow in the Dark Lava Lamp

Spooky Glow-in-the-Dark Milk Plastic

Make plastic figures at home with a spooky theme that actually glow in the dark! Making plastic from milk (casein) is a fantastic chemistry experiment for kids. With this twist creating Glow in the Dark Plastic Halloween Trinkets, kids will have a blast with their science lessons.

Glow in the Dark Milk Plastic - non-toxic, easy and fun kids STEM Activity. Create toys, decorations, sensory items and more. Perfect for Halloween.

Halloween Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are the ultimate blend of chemistry, math and art! Make sure you get all your ingredient ratios perfect, so you can set off be best fizzy reaction. We have lots of cool Halloween inspired bath bomb recipes including Monster Eyes, Glow in the Dark, Pumpkins, and more spookily perfect ideas. Pick the perfect Halloween Bath Bomb Project for your kids.

Spookily Perfect DIY Halloween Bath Bombs Your Kids Will Love

Halloween Engineering Projects

Candy Catapult

This Halloween STEM activity is an absolute BLAST! Engineer your own catapult then launch candies into pumpkins and cauldrons. Kids will learn engineering, physics and math, all while having fun! Makes a great party game or classroom project. Candy Catapult is a great Halloween game. For a different challenge, check out this pumpkin catapult made out of Lego by our friends!

Candy Catapult STEM Activity

Candy Engineering and Math Challenge

This Candy Construction STEM project is tasty fun! Learn math, physics and engineering skills, while also building critical thinking, problem solving and fine motor skills. All in one tasty, fun activity that has kids trying to hit the target with candy.

Candy Construction STEM Challenge

Build a Skeleton Hand

In this Biology STEM Activity we are building a model of the hand that is very Skeleton like! Kids can make theirs out of black construction paper and use white or glow in the dark markers/paint to decorate their spooky, moving hands. Building Skeleton Hands is a fantastic STEM challenge for Halloween.

Skeleton Hand Halloween STEM Activity

Frankenstein Candy Dispenser DIY

Learn about simple machines and build a fun Frankenstein candy dispenser. This spooky and simple Halloween STEM project, is perfect for the classroom or after school STEM program. All you need is a few cups, craft sticks, cardboard and candy! Perfect for a little classroom trick or treating session STEM style! Learn how to build your own Frankenstein Candy Dispenser.

Frankenstein Candy Dispenser Halloween STEM Project

Build a Haunted House Challenge

This is a great quick challenge with the kids that uses recycled materials and creativity for spectacularly spooky results! Build a Haunted House STEM Project with your kids.

Haunted House STEM Ideas for the Classroom

Halloween Coding and Circuit Projects

Halloween Mummy Circuit Craft

We took a simple Halloween Craft and powered it up with a simple circuit project that will thrill and excite your students! Check out this Halloween Mummy Circuit Craft for your Halloween STEM project plans.

Halloween Bat STEM Craft

A fun bat twist on our Mummy Circuit craft is this Halloween Bat Toilet Roll Craft with glowing red eyes. This simple circuit project is fun and spooky. Perfect for Halloween!

Build a Fruit Battery out of Pumpkins!

Learn about battery cells, currents, voltage and more as you build a battery out of pumpkins and squash. Do it right and you can light an LED! Build a Pumpkin Battery this Halloween and wow your students!

Fall Harvest Fruit Battery Circuit activity

Halloween Coding Activity

Kids love this screen free printable coding activity for Halloween. A fantastic way to introduce students to sequencing, while applying their critical thinking, problem solving and attention to detail skills. Free printable included for STEAM Powered Family mailing list members. This Halloween Coding Activity is perfect for the classroom or homeschool.

Halloween Coding Printable Activities

Glow Salt Circuits

Perfect for STEMists from elementary to high school, these salt circuits are so easy to make but have big wow factor when you turn off the lights! Glow Salt Circuits are a must do with your students this Halloween.

Easy electrical circuit activity that glows in the dark

Build a Witch or Wizard Circuit Wand

Planning on heading out as a witch or wizard this year? Make your very own Circuit Wand that lights up at your command! (Or by closing the circuit)

Wizards Coding Printable

Screen Free Wizards Coding Challenge- a fun, educational, free and spooktacular coding Halloween. Try your hand at some fun screen free coding challenges with this Magical Wizards Coding Fun Pack.

Pumpkin Squishy Circuits

This is a tried and true project that is so much fun! The play dough does dry out though, so don’t make the play dough for the Pumpkin squishy circuits too far in advance of your lessons.

Crafts & Activities That Rock The Dark For The Perfect Spooktacular Halloween Party!

Candy and Edible Halloween Science

Halloween and candy go together perfectly, so why not use some of that candy to teach a little Halloween Science?

Halloween Candy Bomblicious Recipe

These sweet treats are the perfect recipe for Halloween to make with the kids. The best part is smashing them open to find the surprises inside. A great project for a Halloween party! DIY Halloween Candy Bombs.

Homemade Halloween Candy Bombs

Candy Science

Dive in deep with a unit study into the science of candy making. Kids love Candy Science because success in this lab is sweet!

Candy Science Making Candy Fun Science lessons with a delicious result. 10 candy recipes.

Glow in the Dark Jello Recipe

Explore polymers and eat them too with this glow in the dark jello activity. Perfect for a Halloween party!

Glow In The Dark Jello With Doctor Who Awesomeness

Layered Lollipops

A beautiful layered density experiment with candy that smells and looks amazing! If you have lots of lollipops or hard candies hanging around this Halloween, this is a great way to use them to explore scientific principles.

Layered Lollipops uses candy in a beautiful candy stem challenge

Halloween Slime and Oobleck

Glow In The Dark Oobleck

Slime and oobleck are perfect for Halloween and I have lots of it planned over our 31 days. To kick things off we are going to play with some glow in the dark oobleck that glows with or without black light!

Oobleck recipe that glows in the dark

Halloween Oobleck Spider Search Game

Take your oobleck to a whole different level with this variation that makes a fantastic Halloween party game. Halloween Oobleck with Spiders.

Halloween oobleck recipe with spiders, science and a great Halloween party game

Glow in the Dark Slime

We LOVED making this slime and it turned out perfect! Excellent for a Halloween party and the paint creates the fluffiest texture in the Glow in the Dark Slime.

Glow in the dark slime - an easy recipe with amazing results! Perfect for an after dark party or a fun new twist to sensory play time.

Halloween Math Activities

Halloween Math Logic Puzzles

Introduce your students to a fun Sudoku style challenge with these Halloween themed Math Puzzles. A fun Halloween Math learning activity.

Halloween Math Logic Puzzles - Fun Halloween STEM Activities & Games

Halloween STEAM and Art Projects

Halloween Thaumatropes

Thaumatropes are a traditional optical illusion toy. With this project we are creating Halloween themed Thaumatropes to trick the eye, which is always a treat! Printable available.

Halloween Thaumatrope STEM Project

Halloween Agamograph STEAM Project

This optical illusion project is a fantastic classroom STEAM project for October. The results look incredible displayed around the classroom and school and will demonstrate optical illusions and perspective to all students. This Halloween Agamograph is a fantastic Halloween Art conversation piece!

Halloween Art and Math Challenge

Combine a little art with lot of math as you complete these Halloween Line Art projects. We’ve also included some bonus writing prompt crafts making this the perfect project for a classroom.

Halloween Art and Math Project for the Classroom

3D Halloween Art Project

Explore depth and perspective as we move from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions with the spooky 3D art project for Halloween.

Halloween STEAM Activity 3D Art Spooky Halloween Scene Tutorial

Halloween Pomander Project

In this heritage activity, kids create the most amazing smelling, and adorable pomanders. It builds fine motor skills, promotes creativity and is an incredible sensory experience (you NEED to smell these!!!). Make them with oranges or mini pumpkins for Halloween.

Pomander Project for Kids

Halloween Pumpkin Melted Crayon Art

This beautiful, no carve, pumpkin decorating project is a wonderful and colourful way to decorate your Halloween pumpkins this year. Melted crayon art is all the rage with kids, they love the colourful results that are so simple to create. Definitely add Melted Crayon Art Pumpkins to your Halloween plans this year!

Melted Crayon Art on Pumpkins

Halloween Spinning Pop Up Card

In this STEM project, kids use our free printable templates to create a Halloween card that pops up and spins. They get to pick from two different spinning designs. These Halloween STEM Cards are brilliant for Halloween party invitations.

Halloween STEM Craft Spinning Card DIY Project

Halloween Printables

Spooky Halloween Tetris Printable

Spooky Tetris is a fun printable version of the game that has been shown to have significant cognitive benefits and may even help with healing from trauma. Check out this fun printable version for your kids.

Halloween Tetris Game for the Classroom

Join the STEAM Powered Family and get a FREE Halloween themed Maze and Word Search. Designed with a little extra challenge for your older kids.

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