Halloween Math Sudoku Inspired Puzzles

We love embracing STEM during the Halloween season. It is amazing how excited and passionate kids get about their lessons and learning projects when they have a theme they love, like Halloween! This year I’ve invited in the Queen of Math to join us on our Halloween STEM Activities journey. Seriously, she gets math, and how to teach math, unlike anyone I have ever met before. She is my go to resource when teaching math to my kids and I am so excited she has join us today at STEAM Powered Family to share a fun Halloween Math activity! Welcome Bethany from Math Geek Mama!

Halloween Math Logic Puzzles

Halloween Math Logic Puzzles - Fun Halloween STEM Activities & Games

Do you feel like your kids are strong logical thinkers? Can they think critically to solve problems? Whether you feel like this is an area where they struggle or you just want to help strengthen and hone those thinking skills, this adorable set of Halloween math logical puzzles is for you! This set of cut and paste puzzles is similar to sudoku, but more accessible for even the youngest learners. Learn how to use them and grab your free set below.

Why Logical Reasoning is Important

In our world today, with an ever increasing demand for STEM jobs and creative problem solvers, it’s essential that we do what we can to prepare our kids for tomorrow. In the past, employers looked for those who were capable of fast and accurate computation. This is no longer the case. At the top of employers’ desired skills list is now creative problem solving.

Logical reasoning puzzles and games like these will help kids think critically about a situation and work out possible solutions rather than relying on rote memorization.

So how does this set of puzzles work?

Halloween Math Cut & Paste Logic Puzzles

These puzzles are set up in a 3×3 grid. To correctly solve the puzzle, no row or column can have the same ‘Halloween friend’ more than once.

In order to fill it in then, kids will have to look at each row and column to be sure they don’t repeat the characters.

They must use logical reasoning to consider things like, “If the witch is already in the middle column, she must be in the left and right columns for the other spaces.” Or notice things such as, “If this row already has a monster and a witch, the only other option is a worm.”

I would encourage your kids to figure out all the placements first and be sure they’re determined the correct solution. Then they can grab their glue stick and glue them all down.

And of course, once they’ve completed their puzzle, they can check it using the included answer key.

What’s Included in the Halloween Logic Puzzle Set

This pdf includes 3 different cut and paste Halloween logic puzzles. It then includes a simple answer key page to check the solutions.

Ready to grab your own copy? Simply join the STEAM Powered Family mailing list to get the free Halloween logic puzzles set! Not only will you get access to this resource, but you will gain access to many other free educational resources for your home and classroom.

Grab it here:

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Halloween Activities

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See? I told you Bethany is the Math Queen! I hope you enjoy this puzzle as much as we did.

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Halloween Math Logic Puzzles - Fun Halloween STEM Activities & Games


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