Halloween Coding Activity

Today I am sharing a really fun printable worksheet activity for Halloween. It uses simple coding skills to create art, making this a fantastic Halloween STEAM Activity for your classroom, homeschool or just because your kids love Halloween!

Halloween STEAM Coding and Art Printable

Halloween Coding Printable Activities

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Kids love a good reveal and solving a mystery or puzzle. There is an immense amount of satisfaction that comes from following the clues to discover the answer.

Or in this case, reveal the design!

In these activities kids apply their logic and critical thinking skills to follow a coding sequence.

What is Coding?

Coding is the language of technology and computers. A code is the language or set of instructions and computer programmers write these instructions to program all sorts of things. Computer programming is a very in demand STEM field.

There are many different types of computer languages, perhaps you have heard of C, Python, Java, Javascript or HTML. No matter the computer language, they all have an important job, to take instructions and turn them into a format that the computer can read and act on.

Kids as young as preschool can start learning the building blocks of coding, an invaluable tool for the future.

Today we have a printable that is perfect, for Kinder through Elementary. It combines simple coding and art into one STEAM project for Halloween.

Three Designs

In this activity you get three designs for kids to decode and create: a spider, witches’ hat and pumpkin face.


To do this activity you will need:

The Printables (free to STEAM Powered Family Members, sign up below!)
Colour Printer (to print the printables)
Coloured Pencils or Markers

Unlock Your Printable Here


To start, explain to the students how to do this activity.

For each step they need to determine three things:

  1. What colour the line needs to be.
  2. What direction the line needs to go.
  3. How far the line needs to go in that direction

Once kids understand how to do the activity they can start following the coding to create their pieces of Halloween Art!

When they are done, they can colour in their art if they wish.


Coding strengthens whole brain thinking in students. It does this by engaging analytical thinking, problem solving, and attention to details. In coding, if you have one character wrong, it can cause the entire sequence to fail. Mastering attention to detail is critical for computer programmers.

In this activity, kids need to carefully pay attention to all the details as they move through the programming sequence.

In the end, they can “debug” their code, by comparing their solution to the key. If there are any parts that do no match, explore where the student went wrong in their coding. Perhaps they used a wrong colour, went the wrong direction, or moved the wrong number of blocks.

Debug and perfect your code! Finding solutions to problems is a skill that requires creative thinking.

This activity is a great screen free coding activity that teaches kids about linear sequencing and makes a fantastic addition to our 31 Days of Halloween STEM Activities. Use it with your kids at home or in the classroom.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Coding Activity

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