Spookily Perfect Halloween Bath Bombs To Make At Home

It’s no secret we LOVE Halloween around here! Every year we do a 31 Day Halloween STEM Challenge. So it makes sense that we have taken our passion for Halloween and love of making bath bombs and brought them together. We’ve had an absolute blast this month creating some unique and fun Halloween Bath Bombs. To make it easy for your Halloween planning here are our favourites!

Spookily Perfect Halloween Bath Bombs To Make At Home

Spookily Perfect DIY Halloween Bath Bombs Your Kids Will Love

Bath bombs are a fantastic activity for kids to learn some hands on chemistry. Once kids have mastered the simple baking soda and vinegar experiments, bath bombs make a fantastic next step in their experiments. Plus the results are something everyone loves to use making this a zero waste, creative activity!

In each of these articles we dig into the science of how bath bombs work. The chemistry lessons are fascinating and the best way to learn is to get hands on and see these reactions in person.

The best part is that everyone loves bath bombs. So your creations can be gifted this Halloween season, used as party favours, or create bath bombs are part of a Halloween lesson plan, where the kids get to bring their creations home.

Ingredients and Supplies

Before we start, you might be wondering what you need for ingredients for all of these spooky and creepy bath bomb recipes. Each article will include specifics but in general, to make bath bombs you will need:

Citric acid
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
Coconut oil (plus other oils can be nice)
Essential oils (or fragrances in your favourite Halloween scents!)
Mica colourants (to get those spooky colours)
Polysorbate 80 (a natural emulsifier that helps your bath bomb colours and oils mix with the bath water rather than floating on top)
Bath bomb molds
Large bowl for mixing

There are some other ingredients that are used in different recipes (like biodegradable glitter for extra sparkle, SLSA for extra bubbles, etc.), but these are the basics that you will need to make fantastic bath bombs.

So what are our favourite Halloween DIY Bath Bombs? Check them out! Here are our favourite, fantastically creepy, spooky and fun Halloween Bath Bomb recipes.

Hand Painted Halloween Pumpkin Bath Bombs

These homemade bath bombs are so much fun for the kids! You can make the bath bombs with the kids, then have them hand paint on spooky, fun faces. Three different techniques for making the faces are included, so you can find the perfect approach for your situation. A wonderful, creative Halloween bath bomb project!

Hand painted pumpkin bath bomb Halloween STEAM Project

Check out This quick video of us making these bath bombs. So much Halloween FUN!

Glow in the Dark with a Creepy Surprise Bath Bombs

This bath bomb may seem a innocent, with its’ subtle, pale colours, but turn off the lights and they have the most luminescent glow! Drop them in the water, and that’s when things get really crazy. They fizz, they bubble, they bop about, until suddenly you see a spider crawling out! EEP!

This bath bomb made my kids giggle with absolute glee while I shuddered. Halloween bath bomb excellence achieved!

Glow in the dark bath bomb recipe

Monster Eye Bath Bombs

Talk about creepy monsters, ghouls and goblins! These Monster Eye Bath Bombs are a great Halloween bath bomb project that are so much fun. A little more challenging, since there is some soap making as well for the bloodshot eyeball look, but the result is WOW! Perfect for Halloween.

Halloween chemistry lesson Bloody Monster Eye Ball Bath Bombs

Candy Corn Bath Bombs

Whether you love them or hate them, Halloween means those little white, yellow and orange candies are everywhere. Yup, we mean Candy Corn. This year we took the popular treat and used it as inspiration for a Candy Corn bath bomb.

How to make Candy Corn Bath Bombs for fall

Black As Night Bath Bombs

These black bath bombs are perfect for the dark and spooky Halloween night! Made with activated charcoal, these bath bombs will turn your bath water black as night for an amazing soak on Halloween!

Black Bath Bombs With Charcoal

Cauldron Bath Bombs 

This activity is perfect for your Halloween party activity with the kids or in the classroom. Kids pack their very own little cauldrons with the special potion. But to see the true magic, you need to add a little special ingredient… water! We did ours with a special Harry Potter house reveal theme, but you could do these with whatever colours your little witches and wizards prefer. It’s time for potions class!

cauldron bath bomb with hogwarts house reveal


Kids love all things Harry Potter, especially around Halloween! We have made some magical bath bombs inspired by the world of Harry and Hogwarts. Check them all out here and pick your favourite!

Harry Potter Bath Bombs

Happy Halloween!

Have fun getting clean with your Halloween Bath Fizzies!

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Halloween Bath Bombs Recipes and Directions