Bats and Cats Activities For Halloween

Halloween is coming up fast! There is something special about Halloween that gets kids so excited to learn and do things. Perhaps it is because there are so many cool experiments and projects you can do with a Halloween theme! Every year we love adding new and interesting projects for our Halloween plans. This year we have a new activity for younger elementary kids and preschoolers who love bats and cats!

Halloween Printable Activity Pack

A printable pack of fun Halloween activities with a bat and cat theme

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Our new Bats and Cats activity packet is perfect for your early elementary and younger kids. What I love about this packet is how it celebrates black cats. Did you know black cats are the hardest to find homes for? I honestly don’t get it. We love our black kitties so much! So let’s teach kids to love all cats equally, regardless of fur colour! And bats while we are at it. Bats play an important role in our ecosystem.

We want to promote love for all the bats and black cats!

Bats and Cats Activity Pack for Kindergarten and Early Elementary

To do this activity pack all you need is a pencil and some colouring pencils. Plus of course the activity pack which you can grab by joining our STEAM Powered Family mailing list where you will get many free educational resources sent to you each week.

The activities include:
Connect the dots
Shadow Match
Find the One of a Kind
Find Two of a Kind
Playdough Mats (laminate or use a plastic sleeve with these pages)
How Many Counting Game

Ready to try it out? Grab your copy of Bats and Cats Activity Pack here:

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    More activities that celebrate Bats and Cats

    Looking for more activities that celebrate bats and cats to go with this activity pack? Try one of these fun crafts or projects.

    For your young coders, try our Coding Cats Activity Pack. It is perfect for the student who loves cats, puzzles, and decoding.

    Another fun activity for Halloween that has a black cat is our Halloween Line Art Math Project. This classroom sized packet is sure to have something for everyone this Halloween, including your black cat lovers.

    Our friend Maggy over at Red Ted Art has some really cute craft projects. For bats she has an awesome Bat Puppet or Easy Bat Origami. For cats she has Black Cat Origami or a 3D Pop Up Cat Card that would be amazing for Halloween!

    Deirdre over at JDanielthe4th has a couple of really neat STEAM projects. The first teaches shapes while kids build a bat, the second teaches how to draw a cat with a coding algorithm. Pretty innovative!

    Kim at The Educators Spin On It has a flying bat activity. Consider how you could turn this into a fun physics challenge by adding balloons. Learn how with our Physics Challenge. We used this idea to create fun Valentine’s Day and Christmas Physics Challenges.

    For younger kids, Cerys over at Rainy Day Mum has a fun number activity involving bats to help kids learn number sense.

    Have fun learning about bats and cats this Halloween!

    Bats and Cats printed Halloween activities for Kindergarten aged students


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