Rudolf Races – Balloon Physics Christmas STEM Game

Christmas is such a great time to have some fun with hands-on learning. Kids are so enthusiastic, with energy through the roof during the holidays, so put that energy into some fun learning! This balloon race activity is perfect for this time of year. Kids love Rudolf and people of all ages will find themselves in fits of giggles with this activity. It’s a great way to burn some energy and have some fun at your holiday gatherings, or just at home on a snowy day.


Rudolf Races Balloon Physics Christmas STEM

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Kids love balloons. They also have boundless amounts of energy at this time of year. So how can we capture their attention? A balloon race! To make it even more exciting, and a STEAM activity, we decorated our balloons up as Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer.

Rudolf’s story has captured the hearts and minds of so many children over the years. He is the underdog that became the hero and many kids can relate to his story. And who wouldn’t want to be the one who saved Christmas? But who will win the race and save Christmas? Only doing this race challenge will give you the answer!

Now I totally admit, I think our Rudolf’s look a little like a crazed character from Angry Birds, but the kids loved making them and were giggling the whole time. Embrace the silly! Embrace the giggles and fun!

Check out this video of our Turkey Races!

I don’t have video of our Rudolf Races but I do have video of our Turkey Races!

Rudolf Races Supplies & Directions

This activity is simple enough. All you need is some string, straws, tape, balloons and some decorations (construction paper, poms, googly eyes and glue). You will also want some kitchen clips to help keep the balloons inflated while you decorate them.

After blowing up your balloon, clamp the end so no air escapes. Cut out your antlers and tape or glue them onto the balloon along with googly eyes and a bright red nose (of course Rudolf must have his red nose!). Once you have decorated your reindeer simply tape a straw to the top and run a string through the straw.

Anchor the ends of the string to chairs or something similar. When you are ready remove the clip and you are off to the races!

More Balloon Physics activities

We have enjoyed doing these balloon physics races so much we have done a Turkey Races edition, a Cupid’s Arrow Challenge and a Physics Balloon Challenge for the Classroom. Once you start with balloon challenges, you will definitely want to do more! They are so much fun!

Over time you can see how we have increased the physics challenges for the kids with these newer challenges. With our classroom edition we really dug into Newton’s Laws of Motion. There is just so much learning and exploration that can happen with this activity.

All while moving, and having fun! Now do you see why we love this activity so much?

This is the perfect activity for a holiday party or family gathering (even adults love a good balloon race). It will keep everyone laughing and having fun as the turkey is cooking.

Have fun racing Rudolf and learning physics this Christmas!

Rudolf Races Christmas STEM Game

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