Top 10 DIY Kids Bath Bombs For Christmas

Christmas is coming and it’s the perfect time for a little homemade love! This year we are embracing our new love of making bath bombs and are creating a ton of wonderful bath bombs to give to the kids and for the kids to make and gift to their friends and family. A fantastic Christmas STEAM activity that kids LOVE! Plus DIY bath bombs make the perfect holiday gift.


Christmas Bath Bomb Recipes for the Kids

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When I was preparing this list I realized there are really a few different ways you can bring bath bombs into the holiday season.

The first is to make bath bombs with your kids for Christmas. Kids LOVE making bath bombs and find the chemistry lessons completely fascinating. Once kids have made the bath bombs they can either keep them to use over the holidays themselves (a great way to sooth and calm during the holiday excitement) or they make wonderful kid made gifts.

The second approach is to make bath bombs yourself to gift to kids this holiday season. Making bath bombs is quite inexpensive and a great way to make fun party favours, gifts for groups of kids, or as a fun addition to those stockings.

No matter how you decide to use your bath bombs this Christmas, I highly recommend you do spend some time making bath bombs. It is incredibly fun and kids just love bath bombs!

I also love that my kids are learning valuable chemistry lessons in such a practical and hands on way.

To make things easier I have divided this list into the two different purposes – making bath bombs with your kids or making bath bombs to gift to kids. The division is fairly arbitrary, but I did keep some of the easier bath bomb recipes in the “make with kids” list. Especially if you are doing this as a classroom or group project.


So here are my top picks for bath bombs to make with your kids this holiday season.

Gingerbread Man Bath Bombs

These cute little bath bombs are so much fun to make. Kids will especially love decorating their bath bombs just like they decorate their gingerbread cookies.

Gingerbread man bath bombs recipe and decorating project for kids

Simple Santa and Christmas Tree Bath Bombs

In our ongoing quest to make bath bomb making fun and easy for kids, we created this simple recipe that starts with fizzy fun and ends with a fragrant bubble bath. Older kids are fascinated by the science behind this bath bomb, and everyone loves decorating their bath bombs.

easy Christmas bath bombs for kids

Red Velvet Donut Bath Bomb Recipe

Not just for Christmas, these yummy looking bath bombs are so much fun! Just make sure the kids know they can’t eat these ones! For Christmas we dressed up the bath bomb recipe making it red velvet with soap icing glaze and festive sprinkles.

donut bath bomb recipe

Ornament Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are so much fun to make with the kids. The best part is that kids pack the mixture into the ornament casings and leave them in there to hang on the tree. They can show off and enjoy their creations throughout the holidays. Then when you are ready to use the bath bombs, simply make sure you open the casings over the bath tub (packing the mix to get the firm bath bomb ball is the hardest part for kids). This way if their packing job was not great and the bath bomb does break, it still makes it into your bath.

DIY Christmas Ornament Bath Bombs


Grinch Bath Bombs With Soap Heart

I simply adore this bath bomb project. You start by making an adorable soap heart, then pack your bath bomb with the soap. When you use these bath bombs the soap heart is the perfect size for one time use.

DIY Grinch Christmas Bath Bombs With A DIY Soap Heart

DIY Snowball Bath Bombs 

This Christmas bath bomb recipe could have gone under either category. As round bath bombs go it is a more simple one for kids to try, the hardest part is popping the bath bomb out of the mold. But once you master that step this is a fun snowball bath bomb recipe.

winter science snowball bath bomb recipe

Candy Cane Bath Bomb Recipe

Candy canes are a highlight of the season for my kids. They love eating them, the love candy cane flavoured hot chocolates, and they love candy cane bath bombs!

Christmas Candy Cane Bath Bomb Recipe

Coal in the Stocking Bath Bomb Recipe

This one is so much fun for the stocking! Every kid knows the story of Santa putting coal in the stockings of kids on the naughty list. Have fun with the story this year by making these Lump of Coal Bath Bombs.

Lump of Coal Bath Bomb Recipe for Christmas

Winter Storm Bath Bombs

These gorgeous bath bombs are ones you could do for your tweens or teens, or have your kids help. The soap drizzle is a lot of fun for kids to use as they decorate and create icicles on their winter storm icicle bath bombs.

Winter Storm Icicle Bath Bombs

Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs 

This is not a Christmas specific bath bomb, but kids love bath bombs that include a little surprise inside. You don’t need to do dinosaurs, pick a little something your kid will love and hide it inside. Your little one will love their bath bomb and their face will light up with the surprise inside!

Dinosaur bath bombs made with love for young paleontologists

Glow in the Dark Bath Bombs

On those cold, dark winter nights, kids have so much fun with things that glow in the dark, including this bath bomb. We hid a little creepy surprise inside of ours (like the dino eggs), but you can go without anything inside or use something more suitable for the holidays. The exciting part of this bath bomb is the glow in the dark!

Glow in the dark bath bomb recipe

Gifting A DIY Bath Bomb Making Kit

As part of your Christmas gift giving, why not give the gift of making bath bombs! You can easily assemble a bath bomb making kit with all the ingredients they need for hours of fizzy, bath bomb happiness!

The most important items to have in a bath bomb making kit are: citric acid, baking soda, coconut oil, essential oils, cornstarch, plus some really fun molds.

I recommend starting with silicone molds. Sometimes they are easier to use for bath bomb making when just starting out. Find some good quality silicone molds in shapes your kids will love. Then let them experiment.

Happy Christmas bath bomb making! Homemade bath bombs make the perfect holiday project with the kids, plus the perfect holiday gift. I hope your holidays are filled with lots of fizzy fun, laughter and joy.

Christmas Bath Bombs For Kids


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