Fun Code For Kids Activity Packs – Coding Cats and Coding Monsters

Code for kids is simply equipping kids with another language they will need in the future. Unlike Spanish or French though, coding often makes parents and educators nervous, but don’t be! Coding is not hard, once you figure out the secret code. As a child learns the basics of how to code and essential skills needed for coders, it opens up a whole new world for them. Especially in a future that will be dominated by computers and technology.


Coding for kids can be fun and easy with this packet of games and activities for kindergarten to Grade 4

A Long History With Code For Kids

There are a few people in the world that know me well enough to realize I started coding as a child myself. I was seven years old working on an old Macintosh computer and there were no adults in my life who could help me. Heck, few people really knew anything about computers back then. I remember sitting there with my paperback coding book, carefully typing in every character, line after line, simply to create simple designs on the screen. I continued to teach myself coding as a kid using whatever books I could get my hands on.

The Internet wasn’t available back then.

Yes, I’m that old.

Fast forward a few years and I was accepted into Computer Programming and Systems at college. I was SURE that was where I was going. Then, just 3 weeks before classes started I was accepted to University in the Sciences department and I jumped at the chance. Something in my gut told me that was where I was meant to be, and it was the right choice. University was the perfect fit for me, I absolutely loved it. Turns out I also really loved learning how the human brain worked too.

I still loved coding though, and it has always been a hobby.

When my oldest was 7 he declared that he wanted to learn coding. We started doing classes online, reading books, playing with coding toys and more. There are so many amazing opportunities now to learn coding. Five years later my son still loves learning how to code and is currently learning how to develop his own 3D game.

Developing Coding Resources for Kids

When my readers started asking for resources and materials to start their young children coding, I knew this was something I would really enjoy doing. And boy did I ever! It was such a blast putting together these screen free kits for teaching coding to Kindergarten thru Grade 4. My kids even jumped in to help to ensure they were “cool” enough.

When I set out to start creating coding resources, my first thought was, “What would I have enjoyed all those years ago when I was teaching myself coding as a kid?”

Then I asked my current resident experts, my kids, for their ideas and input.

We decided these kits needed to be fun and interesting. They needed to have challenges and games, but also clear goals and challenges. So with that in mind, I went to work and create these coding packets.

Coding Cats and Coding Monsters

I’ve developed two kits so you can pick the perfect theme to interest your kids. We went with cat themed for cat lovers and monster themed for little monsters. They are filled with fun, colourful graphics and are designed to work for children still learning to read. My struggling language learner LOVED doing these activities. They are logical and strategic, much better than trying to decipher the English language most days!

So what’s included in each pack? There are 22 pages of activities in each pack covering 3 different types of fun coding challenges.

Secret Codes For Kids

Who doesn’t love uncovering a secret code or message? I’ve always loved these types of puzzles and they are fantastic tools for learning coding skills.  In the first activity kids will use a cipher to decode a series of messages. Children should be able to recognize and write the letters of the alphabet. If necessary, an adult can help them read the secret code once it is revealed.

Coding Game 

Next up there is a coding game that offers 3 levels of challenge so you can adapt it as your young coders gain skills. Start with the basic game board and play rules. After that the tools have been provided for kids to create their own coding game. For the more experienced coders, there are revised coding cards that provide more advanced functions and will required greater planning and strategy skills.

Binary Code For Kids

In the final section, kids will learn about Binary Code, the language of computers. Mastering ones and zeroes will jump start your child’s understanding of how computers understand our world. Your little ones will have fun as they tackle their mission to translate words into Binary so the Computer can read them. In the process they will learn a secret code and language that they share with computers.

Want more fun with Binary Code? You can check out this Binary activity here.

Grab your copy now and get your kids having fun coding!

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Happy Coding!!!

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Coding games for kids to learn skills screen free. Perfect for Kindergarten through grade 4. Two themed packets are available one for cat lovers and one for little monsters.