Dragon Math Practice Worksheets

Dragons! According to my kids, and myself, adding dragons to anything instantly makes it so much cooler! So this year, we are making math practice just a little more awesome with Dragon themed practice sheets.

Dragon Math Worksheets for math practice that is anything but boring

One of the biggest struggles I find with teaching math to my kids is how repetitious it is. To really get how to solve these problems, you need to practice. A lot!  So it makes sense that we should do our best to make math practice as fun as possible, especially in those early years when they are mastering their foundational skills.

To help my kids enjoy math worksheets just a little bit more I’ve been working on a few ideas. For simplicity, I have focused on Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication practice for now. Division is coming!

Dragon Math Worksheets

My kids love fantasy and dragons. They come by it honestly. For years my husband has been calling me Mother of Dragons, and I refer to my kids as my little dragons. We are a little dragon obsessed in this family.

So when it came time to design some math worksheets that would actually interest my kids, we quickly decided on a dragon theme. But not too scary. Because math can be scary enough!

For this round we have created worksheet packs for addition, subtraction and multiplication.

It is important to me that the practice sheets cover a range of levels. So they start out really simple. Single digit problems, but they progress into two digit problems and eventually ones that require carrying and borrowing. The goal is to help kids build confidence as they build their skills through practice.

All the different packs – addition, subtraction and multiplication – have this growth in challenge throughout the sheets.

Dragon Math Worksheets can be purchased through our store or Teachers Paying Teachers.  These colourful, fun sheets are sure to keep your little ones roaring through their math practice!

Dragon Math Practice Sheets


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Looking for a little extra math practice? We also created a math matching game. These games are quite simple but provide a fun and interactive way to work on math and memory skills. It is also a great way to help kids practice in groups as they play the game with other players. Like our Dragon Math Worksheets these games are available individually for addition, subtraction and multiplication or you can grab them in a bundle. You can check them out and learn more about our Math Matching Game here.

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Need another fun way to practice those problems? Check our Switchgrip Math Game. The kids LOVED this game and it makes a great group challenge. Playing games to practice math skills can be a great way to overcome math anxiety.

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Dragon math practice worksheets make addition, subtraction and multiplication fun!

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