Money Math Skills Worksheets for Elementary

I’m always looking for fun ways to get my kids to practice their math, and I found a little secret. Use money! No I don’t mean pay your kids to do their math. The secret is to give your children jobs like in real life where they will use these math skills. Once they see how these skills have value and purpose they will happily practice!


Money Math Printables Elementary

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Want to see a child’s eyes light up when talking about math? It’s easy, just make it about money!

I find it interesting how many adults struggling with financial literacy. From a very young age, children are interested in money. They want to learn how to manage money. How money works. They have a fascination with this barter system we have built our economy around. So let’s get kids learning about money from an early age, then let’s keep teaching and learning financial literacy skills so our next generation can confidently take care of their income and expenses.

Visual Elementary Money Math Skills Workbook

To help my kids master money now I developed a couple of math workbooks. They are small and can easily be done in one sitting with no prep required.

As I have a child with language struggles, I always like to start with worksheets that require no, or very limited, reading. I want them to focus on the numbers and operations.

That’s where the first workbook comes in. Della’s Delicious Diner Money Math invites students to be employees at the local hot spot diner.

They will need to take the orders, determine how much each item is, and create an equation card. Then they calculate how much their customer owes for their meal.

This is all done using pictures. No reading required!

Word Problems Money Math Workbook

Once your students have developed some reading competency you can start moving into word problems that explore money math concepts.

For this we have developed a math workbook called Chef Luigi’s Pizza Palace Story Math. This time students are working at the most popular pizza place in town.

Using short stories, students must decipher the what is being ordered, how much each item costs, then develop an equation to determine how much the customer owes.

Be on the look out for those sneaky delivery fees!


To up the challenge with either workbook, pretend to be a customer that has provided them with a certain amount of cash to pay the bill, and ask your student to calculate the change.

You can also up the challenge by having the students calculate a tip on the amount owed.

Use manipulatives like play money or even real money to run your shops and help kids learn how to work with real money.

Take the skills they learned from these worksheets and run a little lemonade stand or bakery stand and put those skills to the test in real life!

Most of all encourage kids to see math as something that is used in every day life. It is not something to be stressed or anxious over. Like any skill, it takes practice and repetition to gain mastery and confidence.

I hope your students enjoy working at Della’s Diner and Chef Luigi’s Pizza Palace!

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Have fun learning all about money!

Money Math Problems Printables for Elementary


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