3rd Grade Math Game – Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication

Math requires practice. Especially around 3rd grade when kids are building a firm foundation in addition, subtraction and multiplication. What better way to practice than by playing a fun game! To help my kids practice their addition, subtraction and multiplication facts, I created a math matching game. It was perfect 3rd grade math practice and a ton of fun even for my older son!

Math Matching Game – Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication

Math game for grade 3 addition, subtraction and multiplication practice

When it comes to math, I have one that believes in just buckling down and doing the minimum to get by. The other is the king of procrastination and avoidance techniques.

The thing is, I know with practice their math skills improve, and that important foundation becomes stronger for future lessons.

We have created some really fun games that incorporate math practice. Switchgrip Math is a HUGE hit and one my kids ask to play often.

This time I was looking for something that I could scale and use to challenge the kids. After seeing how much my son enjoyed one of his matching games I came up with this idea for a Math Matching Game.

How To Play – Math Matching Game

In total I created 3 games that each focus on a different operation: addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

The concept is simple. Place the playing cards face down. I recommend dividing the table into two sections. In one place the problems, and in the other place the solutions.

The idea is to flip over a problem card, figure out the answer, then flip over a solution card. If the player turns over the correct solution, you get the point and remove the cards from the game.

If they get it wrong, turn the cards back over and the next player goes.

Playing the Math Matching Game

The one with the most points when they run out of cards wins.

The game challenges not only math skills, but helps develop memory and strategy skills.

For kids still learning, having a Math Master may be helpful. This is a person (usually a teacher, adult or more advanced student), who confirms the solutions are correct or helps players figure out the solutions.

The best part? You can increase the challenge!

Making It More Challenging

There are a few ways you can increase the challenge.

To work on memory, mix up the problem and solution cards, this will really make players work at remembering where certain cards are on the table.

Another way to increase the challenge for math skills is to combine decks. Instead of playing just the addition deck, add in the subtraction deck and even the multiplication deck. This will challenge players to really pay attention to the operations to ensure they are picking the correct solutions. Plus they will be practicing addition, subtraction and math!

These games are a great way to beat the summer slump!

Get The Math Matching Game

The Math Matching Game is available in the STEAM Powered Family Shop. You can buy the decks individually or as a bundle and save yourself some money.


Also available on Teachers Paying Teachers.