10 Ways To Sneak In Math And Build Confidence

Math is one of those skills that we need in life. It’s essential to functioning in society, yet if you bring up doing math to your child during the holidays you are probably going to get a freak out of epic proportions. My oldest has said that if we ever truly want to punish him for something, the most effective technique is to give him extra math work. And I believe him, math is a major stressor for him. This attitude has carried over from his school years and I’m still working on making math a more positive experience. So this summer I’m using some exciting, new techniques to sneak in math practice.

Math can be a struggle for many kids, but with a little creativity you can sneak in math concepts and practice to build a firm foundation for math mastery.

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Even though we homeschool we have taken a break from the workbooks for the summer holidays. Summer is a fantastic time to do some simple, fun and effective math practice to strengthen the math foundation. With a strong foundation, math should become easier for my son. At least that is the hope. I would love to one day have math be boring or too simple for my son. I think it would do a lot to build his confidence.

With that in mind, here are 10 ways to sneak in math practice.


Prodigy is one of our favourite ways to practice math. There is a free version or a paid version and we have used both. There is no time limit on the free version, so you can try it for as long as you want and upgrade when you are ready. The thing I love about prodigy is that it is a fun, interactive game that kids love, but on the back end I have FULL control over the types of questions my kids are answering. I can assign them any questions, on any topics, from grade 1 to 8. It is an amazing resource. We’ve been avid users for two years.

Rock n Learn: Early Math

These DVD’s are super fun. They have rock, and even hip hop to help kids get excited about learning math. The Early Math DVDs cover addition & subtraction, telling time, and money & making change. Each DVD has 12 to 18 video segments, and each video lasts about an hour.

Playing Cards

It’s one of the easiest and most basic way to learn numbers, playing card games! I always carry a deck of cards in my purse. It’s a wonderful way to keep the kids occupied while in waiting rooms or at a restaurant. It’s also a great time for bonding and connecting. The games do not need to be complicated. Go Fish or Blackjack (21) are fun and easy games.

Math Slam

It is what it sounds like – sort of like a Bop It for math learning, this tool uses sounds and lights – and slams – to engage kids in a fun contest of math acuity. There are 3 levels, with 13 questions each. When they lower their time to answer, they boost their score!

Sir Cumference Books

We love these books! They are colorful and interesting and teach wonderful lessons. The topics engage my kids without drowning them in terminology or lessons. My boys can read these books simply because they enjoy them, and I love that it’s a brilliant way to sneak in math concepts.

Sir Cumference and the First Round TableSir Cumference Book Series Complete Set Pack ( Books 1- 10 )Sir Cumference and the Dragon of PiSir Cumference and the Fracton FaireSir Cumference and All the King's Tens: A Math AdventureSir Cumference and the Roundabout BattleSir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter (Math Adventures)Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of AnglelandSir Cumference and the Off-the-Charts DessertSir Cumference and the Sword in the ConeSir Cumference and the Viking's MapSir Cumference Classroom Activities


What’s Your Angle Pythagoras?

This book makes learning about the Pythagorean Theorem fun! We did a great activity you can learn about here, that can be used even for young students.

Pythagorean Theorem activities for elementary using Lego and string


With these fun sheets, kids pretend they are working at either Della’s Diner or Pizza Palace and need to tally up their customers’ bills. Della’s Diner is visual only for those who might struggle with reading, while Pizza Palace offers some challenging word problems. Kids love to pretend play and practice their math!

Money Math Printables Elementary

Run a Lemonade Stand

Our final idea is my oldest son’s favourite. What could be more fun and a classic childhood adventure than running a lemonade stand? It’s a great way to practice counting money, adding and also learning customer service. The perfect summertime way to sneak in math!

Learn more about encouraging young entrepreneurs.

Gamify Learning with Osmo

One way I love to sneak in some math practice is by making it FUN! Osmo has creates the best games for your tablets that will have kids learning while also having an absolute blast. Their new Math Wizard Series is magical the way it engages kids and teaches them important math skills, all with smiles and giggles. Highly recommended!

Looking for more amazing math resources and games, including the ability to get custom math materials created to your child’s needs? Check this out!

It’s an incredible resource from one of the greatest math wizards I know!

Math Geek Mama

Math can be a struggle for many kids, but with a little creativity you can sneak in math concepts and practice to build a firm foundation for math mastery.


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