Educating and Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

Business start up and entrepreneurship is something we are big supporters of here at STEAM Powered Family. It is a fantastic way for kids to build life skills, financial literacy, business acumen, and executive functioning skills. It also provides a chance for kids to chase their passion projects and make a positive change in their world. Recently, I discovered a really cool program called Boss Club that provides curriculum programs for young entrepreneurs.

How to Start a Business as a Teenager

Young Entrepreneurs with big business ideas

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Disclosure: Boss Club provided me with free access to their program.

Teenager Business Ideas

Recently, I was able to explore the Boss Club program and I was really excited about what I saw.

As a teen, myself and my friends were always coming up with business ideas. Usually they involved something we were passionate about. Selling homemade jewelry, selling crafts, raising money for animal rescue and conservation efforts, or selling services like dog walking, horse training, helper services, and computer services. The ideas were all over the place, just like my passions and interests. As a teen I was not lacking in the drive, ambition and ideas to start a business. What I was lacking was any sort of training or framework.

So I stumbled along, trying my hand at various business ventures. Sometimes alone, other times I partnered with friends on our business ideas. Over the years as I moved from a teenage entrepreneur to a young adult I learned by trial and error. I would read books, talk with friends who were also starting their own businesses. We learned together. Supporting each other.

It was a winding road that often felt like I was spinning in circles but always discovering and learning and growing.

Once you have felt the excitement and thrill of success in entrepreneurship as a teenager, that feeling never leaves you. Whether they were side hustles to make some extra cash or we had aspirations for full time work, each new business adventure came with it a thrilling energy and hope.


Learn about a 14 year old finalist for the £1,000,000 GBP Earthshot Prize with her innovative STEM idea that is not only a viable, growing business venture, but it is also protecting our environment. Young entrepreneurs are changing their own futures and the future of our planet!

Embracing a Life as Young Entrepreneurs

Today, both my husband and I work from home, running our own businesses. And those friends we often partnered with, many of them are also running their own successful businesses. We made it, but it was a long, hard self-taught road.

So when I sat down and worked through the Boss Club program I was struck with how brilliant this program is and how much help it could be for teenagers like myself and my friends. I wonder how our paths as young entrepreneurs might have been easier if we had had access to a program like Boss Club. As I sat and worked through some of their lessons, I immediately knew it would have made things so much easier and the growth much smoother. It would have helped us focus on the right things and given us some much needed entrepreneurship skills and training.

So let’s chat with Charlie from over at Boss Club and learn a bit more about this program.

What is Boss Club? Give me your elevator pitch! 

Boss Club helps students ages 12-18 start their first business and become an entrepreneur. Our Fast-Track Startup System provides a step-by-step process for designing, launching, and growing your first profitable business. We’ve helped thousands of students start companies in over 100 schools across the US, and now our courses are available for individuals, too! 

Why would a teenager want to start a business?

Starting a profitable small business gives you a reliable means of generating income. It’s something you can come back to time and again as you wish and in some ways is easier than getting a part-time job (and you can earn a lot more!). Having entrepreneurship on your resume can also make you considerably stand out on college and job applications, but it also teaches you resourcefulness, independence, and life skills that will help you in any other pursuit down the road.

Starting a business seems like a huge undertaking, how does Boss Club make this easier for young entrepreneurs (and their parents/teachers)? 

We’ve built dozens of companies ourselves and have taken everything we’ve learned from that experience and condensed it into a step-by-step process the first-time entrepreneur can follow to create a profitable business. Our course has over 140 videos you can follow to create, launch, and grow your product or service business. 

How much is it going to cost to start a business for my teenager? 

Potentially nothing! We encourage students to build a simple product or service business that takes little to no startup capital. For students needing to raise money to find the creation of their product, we encourage them to run a pre-order to their interested customer base to bring in revenue to pay for the products so that no upfront capital is needed. We also have templates for parents/guides to create a “loan” to the entrepreneur that will need to be repaid with simple terms. It’s a great teaching opportunity! 

What are the benefits of starting a business as a teenager? 

We teach college-level material in our courses, and so by starting a business as a teenager you will have a significant headstart over your peers learning the basics of product development, marketing, accounting, and more. You’ll have a stronger resume for college or job applications with your entrepreneurial experience. And best of all, you can generate income during the process as young entrepreneurs. 

Some of the Richest People in the World Started as Teenage Entrepreneurs

Bill Gates was only 19 years old when he started Microsoft.
Mark Zuckerberg was only 19 years old when he started Facebook.
Warren Buffet was constantly starting new businesses throughout his childhood and teenage years. He bought his first stocks at age 11.

What skills can I expect my student to learn from the course? 

Teachers in our schools report that their students grow in confidence, creativity, financial literacy, independence, public speaking, grit, and people skills.  

Is it really possible for a teenager to start a profitable business? 

Yes! In fact, our course teaches a process for designing your business such that students know they can and will make a profit before they ever spend any money getting started. This is one of the most important lessons in the course! 

STEAM Powered Family is a site dedicated to STEM education, how do you see entrepreneurship fitting in with STEM education? 

Entrepreneurship is one of the few activities that uniquely brings together everything else students are learning in other subjects. Depending on the business they launch, students could very well incorporate science and engineering into the products or services they are selling or the physical or digital marketing materials they create. We teach digital marketing and website development which incorporates technology, and we also teach financial tracking and accounting which incorporates math throughout. So, entrepreneurship is actually one of the best ways to apply all things STEM! 

Are the lessons in Boss Club only valid for building an American business? Or does it apply for teenagers anywhere in the world? 

The vast majority of the course is applicable regardless of geography. Some lessons are US-centric, such as tax and certain legal considerations. However, our approach to these matters is to provide resources to teach the students how to research that on their own, versus strictly giving them the definitive answer on matters. So those same strategies will apply for other geographies. However, typically tax and legal matters have similarities country to country so the resources we do have will still be beneficial. 

What makes Boss Club special? Why would I want this course rather than just letting my teen figure it out? 

Typically when your child is learning a new important skill like a musical instrument or sport, we don’t rely on a complete DIY approach. We help them join the band, a team, or find private lessons. Entrepreneurship is no different. Our courses serve as the guide to give Young Entrepreneurs a structured path towards launching a profitable business. It saves them considerable time and money versus figuring it out completely on their own. At Boss Club, we’ve spent decades learning business on our own and have distilled the best lessons into our unique step-by-step course.

What if my teen has questions during the course? Is there a human they can speak to? 

Yes. We have a private community for members of the course that is accessible by parents or students 18 or older. Our Boss Club Team are available in that community. We also have a podcast where students can send in their questions or success stories and might be featured on the show. If you have questions prior to purchasing the course, you can reach us at or reach out on live chat on our website. 

Does Boss Club come with any support or training for the parents and/or teachers?

We have a private community for parents/teachers and students 18 or older where they can receive support and ask questions. There is also an instructor guide that comes with the course that details the modules of the course and what the students will accomplish in each section. We built this course so that anyone could go through it, regardless of whether or not they have any business experience themselves. You’ll find the videos are very approachable and easy to digest! 

Can I use Boss Club at my school or is it just for homeschoolers? 

We do have versions of our course available for schools. See more at Boss Club School Curriculum.

What are your Business Kits? How do they differ from the Course Curriculum? 

Our business kits are focused on elementary school-aged children to help them start their first business. It comes with everything needed to launch a predetermined business like dog treats, cake pops, or bath bombs, including the raw ingredients, packaging, and marketing materials, as well as a 40-page guide book that instructs the entire process. We have limited quantities of these products remaining, as we are currently redesigning the business kits for a relaunch in 2023. 

STEAM Powered Family readers save!

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This program is a really amazing concept and one I would have cherished along with my friends as a enterprising young entrepreneurs. I can see it being an incredible addition to a homeschool program, an after school program, or as part of a career and life skills class in schools.

Check out Boss Club and see if it is exactly what your teen and tweens need to start their on their path as young entrepreneurs and business owners!

Young Entrepreneurs using their passions and business ideas to change the future