Tappity – The Interactive Science App For Curious Kids

Do you have kids that ask a million questions? Are they fascinated by the world around us? Do your young scientists constantly look for fun ways to learn and grow their minds? I found the most amazing app for your scientists that are in kindergarten to grade 6! It is an educational science app unlike anything I have ever seen before. It’s called Tappity App and it has been a great addition to our lessons.

Tappity – The Science App for Elementary

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My kids are always asking so many questions. In particular they get obsessed about science. They want to know how the world works and I love that! But let me tell you, it can get exhausting having kids that are passionate about learning and have a strong sense of curiosity. Sometimes embracing STEM education has it’s downsides… like kids that love to learn and never want to stop when all I want is a moment to drink my tea before it gets cold.

There have been many days where I have looked in vain for something to educate them and entertain them. I’ve tried lots of apps but all of them were so boring. A few YouTube channels showed promise, but my kids would get bored just watching videos. They need something more engaging and interactive.

That’s why we were all so excited to discover the Tappity App! It is exactly what we have been looking for to add to our classroom.

Tappity App for elementary

A Science App That Is Child Friendly, Not Childish

I was actually hesitant to give the app to my 12 year old. This is a child who has already taken high school level genetics classes. He has been completely obsessed with science his entire life and even taught himself to read on science books. Many of our projects are inspired by his curiosity and questions. I thought an app for elementary would be way too young for him.

Boy was I wrong!

He really enjoyed it and spent a lot of time checking out all the episodes.

When I talked to him after, he said the topics were definitely elementary age, but that the app was really fun and interesting. He found it fascinating to explore and see concepts presented in such a new and interesting way.

Learning science for curious kids in a multisensory way

Accessible Science Lessons For All Kids 

So not only did the app get a big thumbs up from my oldest, which was a big surprise, my youngest is obsessed with it.

If you are not aware, my youngest has a number of learning disabilities plus cognitive and language delays. We are constantly challenged to think outside of the box when teaching him. It is our job to discover ways to present the information in a way that works for his brain.

Tappity makes sense to him.

The controls are very intuitive and he loves the multi-sensory approach. Using this app he can control the weather on Venus, travel the universe or go back in time to learn about the dinosaurs. For a kid that struggles to sit still and focus, this app keeps him so busy controlling and being part of the action, he doesn’t feel the need to wriggle!

Even though he struggles with reading, this app reads the words to him and with a touch of a button the text appears on the screen so he can follow along.

The best part is how much he is learning!

The other day the boys where talking and my oldest asked my youngest to name all the planets in order. He did it in that snarky big brother way that says, I know you will get this wrong. My youngest clearly and confidently rattled off all the planets in order. My oldest son’s jaw hit the floor. When he asked how he knew all the planets, my youngest turned to him and said, “That’s Tappity!”

I may have gotten a little choked up at that entire exchange.

science app that teaches through interactive storytelling

Check Out Our Tappity App Video

Instead of me writing about it, why don’t we show you! Take a look inside the Tappity app with my son as your tour guide. This was filmed November 2019.

The Power of Storytelling in Science

One of the things my kids really enjoyed about the Tappity app was how each lesson is an adventure. They feel like they are part of a story and at times even controlling the story. It makes for fascinating lessons that that keep my kids entertained while teaching them. We love using interactive storytelling as a method of learning and Tappity has done a fantastic job embracing this teaching method.

Learning science with Tappity app has been just plain fun. It presents the concepts in a really interesting way that captures the curiosity of my kids and fosters their natural passion for discovery and learning.

Updates and an Even Better App

Since we first explored Tappity the amazing people behind it have continued to evolve, grow and improve the app. Now Haley has become a central feature, like a friend taking you through all the lessons. She keeps things fun and interesting and gives kids someone to connect with as they learn. She can also be very silly, leading to lots of giggles.

Kids can now rank parts with emojis. I did a bug lesson with my son and when asked to rank he chose “gross” and was delighted to see he wasn’t the only one who found the creepy crawlies gross.

There are new lessons coming out all the time plus a weekly game show feature that has my son excitedly checking in every week.

Science Apps In The Classroom

I am so excited to see what new topics are coming. They are always updating and adding new lessons. Just this weekend they added new features that has my son so excited to go back and do all the stories again.

Use it Offline

The app can also be used offline which is amazing. There is nothing more frustrating than an app that gets stuck buffering and my kids loses his focus before even getting started. That offline feature also means I can use it anywhere, taking our learning on the road with us!

No Ads

Oh and did I mention no ads? Yup, totally ad free so your kid won’t be clicking on any crazy links or viewing any marketing content trying to sell them stuff. The focus is always on learning and growing.

The best part though? When we can combine their lessons with one of our activities. It makes the concepts so much more memorable.

Like using their Layers of the Earth lesson with our Layers of the Earth Soap.

Or combining Hatching Dino Eggs with one of the many lessons on Dinosaurs.

These Tappity lessons make an excellent addition to our classroom and offer amazing value. If you are looking for a science app to compliment your child’s education and help foster their curiosity and passion for science, I highly recommend you check it out.

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NOTE: Tappity App is available for Apple iOS devices only at this time but the developers are looking to expand in the future. We will announce any new expansions.

Have fun learning with Tappity!

Tappity Educational App for Elementary


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