Four Seasons Code Breakers Compound Words Challenge

Kids love a good puzzle to solve and Code Breaker activities are always a hit for students. We have brought together the Four Seasons, Code Breaking and Compound Words into one fun and challenging activity kids love! Plus there is a bonus Holiday Code Breakers Compound Word Challenge. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get code breaking and learning with this activity prefect for preschool through early elementary!


Code Breakers Compound Words Challenge

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We love doing Code Breaking work and applying it in so many different ways in our lessons. It’s basically a puzzle and what kids don’t love a good puzzle? The triumph and excitment when they get the right answer always puts beaming smiles on their faces as they beg to do another one.

If you ever want to get kids excited about learning, puzzles are a fantastic medium!

That’s where our newest product comes in. We took our always fun Code Breaking approach, paired it with Compound Words (early reading, spelling and comprehension), and gave it a Four Seasons theme. Then we added a Holiday bonus activity, just because it was so much fun!

The result is this incredibly fun learning activity that has kids mastering compound words, practicing their early coding skills and putting their critical thinking skills to great use.


They can be used in Learning Centers, as a Break Out Box Challenge, or simply as fun, educational worksheets. Students can work individually or in small groups to solve the puzzles. All depending on the ages and abilities of the students.

All you need to do these activities is the Challenge Packet and pencil/pen, plus a love of a good puzzle!

This product consists of 5 activities, with each one focused on a season: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, plus a bonus holiday activity. You can use each activity individually or have students do them all at once.

Kids will quickly figure out how to do the challenge as it is very intuitive. They simply use the decoder to decipher two words. Then they put those two words together to form a new compound word.

This activity is a great addition to a learning center to explore compound words and seasons while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Younger students, those with special needs and struggling readers will enjoy these sheets as the decoding is all visual. This helps all students gain skills and confidence.

The decoding activity is also an early coding activity that helps build strong foundation skills for computer programming. Again, all done visually so no reading skills are required.


As an extension, challenge students to write a sentence or short story using the new compound words.

Want more coding challenges? Check out our store for Fun Coding activities like Coding Monsters or Knight Quest – A Coding Adventure!

Most of all, have fun learning, growing and developing skills that will last a lifetime!

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    Code Breakers Four Seasons Compound Words Challenge

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