Space Activities For Kids

We are obsessed with space making it one of the most popular themes for our unit studies. Anytime we can put a space twist on a project, my kids are instantly enthusiastic! From stars to black holes, exploring the solar system to imagining we are astronauts, the possibilities are endless! Check out our favourite Space Activities for Kids?

Educational Activities with a Space Theme

Space Activities for Kids

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One of the things I love about homeschooling is that I can encourage my kids to chase their passions. Passion projects are an incredible way to inspire students and foster a strong love of learning.

When I am building a unit study for my kiddos, I always look for themes and topics that I know my kids will get passionate about. For many years now the one topic that has consistently being popular has been Space.

Even now, as a teenager, my son is talking about working on a PhD in Astrophysics, so all these space activities definitely left an impression!

Space Activities for Kids

Since we have been doing space themed activities and unit studies for so long, I have a lot of activities and ideas. In fact, I have some projects that go all the way back to when the kids were in preschool. So there really is something for every space loving student here!

Space Experiments

Bottle Rockets

You don’t need to buy a special kit to play with rockets though, you can do it yourself with some simple materials from your kitchen. Check out these chemical reaction powered Bottle Rockets.

Bottle Rockets - Backyard Science Launching Young STEM Minds

Starry Night Skittles Experiment

This classic experiment is always a hit with the kids. In this edition we took our inspiration from Starry Night and explored the night skies with our candy science creation. We also did a Northern Lights activity with the same concept. This activity was all about candy, science, art and the night skies!

Skittles Experiment for the Science Fair inspired by Starry Night

Sky Science

While staring at the skies, many kids will ask why the sky seems to change colour during sunrise and sunset. This is a great question from our avid sky gazers that we can answer with a simple science experiment.

Sky Science is a simple experiment that answers one of childhoods biggest questions - Why is the sky blue and why does the sky change colors at sunset?

Erupting Black Holes

When we saw the first official picture of a black hole my kids were so excited! We took one of our favourite chemical reactions between vinegar and baking soda, and turned it into a cool science activity. Just take a look at these Erupting Black Holes!

A black donut shaped black hole with gold glitter on it is in the midst of a chemical reaction with bubbles erupting from it. Overlay text says Erupting Black Holes Space Science For Kids

Galaxy Magic Milk

Looking for a science experiment that captures the stunning beauty of the galaxies and nebulas? Check out this twist on a popular and simple science experiment, Galaxy Magic Milk. This experiment is so simple, but has serious WOW factor!

Galaxy Magic Milk Experiment

Space STEM and Circuit Building

Motorized Space Thaumatrope

Take this classic optical illusion toy and power it up with a motorized circuit with an on/off switch. Students will learn circuit building and soldering techniques, along with engineering skills. Then turn it on and explore the science behind optical illusions as the art changes before your eyes.

Moon Phases Cellphone Projector

Explore the lunar cycles and build STEM skills in this Moon Phases Cellphone Projector STEM Project.

Rocket Launcher

3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF! You can’t talk about space without talking about rockets! This kit from MEL Kids includes a STEM project, plus lessons on space and the planets.

DIY Rocket Launcher blasting off!

Space Projects

Galaxy Bath Bombs

When we started making our own bath bombs, it didn’t take long before the kids were asking to make a Galaxy Bath Bomb, and boy they turned out amazing!

Galaxy Soap

After making Galaxy Bath Bombs, we decided it was time to make some space inspired soaps. Stars included!

Northern Lights Bath Bombs

Living in the North we are blessed to see the incredible dancing colours of the Northern Lights on a regular basis. Here we tried to capture that gorgeous natural art in a bath bomb that also glows in the dark!

Northern Lights Glow in the Dark Bath Bombs

Star Wars Gummies

Part of being space enthusiasts means we also love to celebrate Star Wars! This is a great candy making activity for May the 4th, a Star Wars themed birthday, or any day when you want to make some delicious Star Wars Gummies. This recipe is so much fun!

Homemade Star Wars Gummies

Star Wars Soap

These little soaps are super cute for your young Star Wars fans and help encourage proper hand washing.

Homemade Star Wars soap recipe for kids that smells amazing

Black Hole Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are an incredible chemistry lesson but also gave us a fun way to celebrate our love of black holes and astronomy! My space loving teen also loved that these charcoal based bath bombs help calm acne breakouts on the body. A win-win!

A black donut shaped bath bomb sits on a black background. The bath bomb is covered with a ring of orange soap, with a sprinkling of silver stars. Overlay text says Black Hole Bath Bomb Recipe and Science Lesson

Space Themed Activities

Lunar and Solar Eclipse Activity and Printable

Learn all about both Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses, then build a model to demonstrate how an Eclipse occurs as Earth, Sun and Moon align. Then grab the printable to use with your students.

Space Travel Sensory Bottle

Calling all young astronauts, prepare for lift off! This sensory bottle concept is perfect for helping toddlers to kids practice their breathing techniques and calm themselves as they dream of space travel.

Space Sensory Bottle

Meteor Shower Watching

It makes complete sense that if a student wants to learn about space, the first thing we need to do is get them out watching the night skies! Doing this during a meteor shower adds extra excitement to our glimpse into space. Learn some tips for watching meteor showers with kids for an amazing night under the stars!

Top 10 tips on how to watch a meteor shower with your kids. These intense nights filled with meteors (aka shooting stars) are captivating for all ages.

Pipe Cleaner Constellations

After watching the night skies, it is only natural to want to learn more about the constellations and the stories behind the alignment of the stars. This Pipe Cleaner Constellations activity is a fantastic way to get hands on in learning the constellations.

Pipe Cleaner Constellations Space STEM Activity

Galaxy Moon Dough

Looking for a sensory experience your kids will go crazy over? This Galaxy Moon Dough recipe is luxurious and absolutely amazing to explore and play with (we prefer this recipe to Galaxy Slime). With it’s deep rich space colours and splatter of sparkling glitter stars, it will keep your young astronauts dreaming about space as they play and explore.

Moon Dough Recipe

Dive even deeper into sensory play with glow moon dough.

On a black background moon dough glows in a variety of colours - blue, green, orange, yellow and darker greens and blues. Overlay text says Rainbow Glow Moon Dough

Space STEM Story Challenge

Your aspiring astronauts will love making puppets and writing their very own space adventure stories in this story writing challenge. Once they create their characters and write their stories, they can act them out and share their space travel adventures.

Space STEAM Storytelling

Paper Model of the Solar System

Using paper, create a model of the solar system. This is a great project to build a display for a classroom or learning space.

Quilled Solar System Model

Space Printables

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Space Week Printable

Explore World Space Week October 4 to 11 with this special printable.

Planets Printable

Explore the solar system with this free printable that explores the planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Moon Phases Printable

Study the phases of the moon and learn all the terminology for the moon phases in this fun printable.

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Northern Lights Printable Lesson Pack

Explore the beauty of the incredible Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) with this lesson and activity pack available in our shop.

Northern Lights Lesson Printable

Solar System Lesson Pack

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Solar System Lesson Printable

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The Sun Printable Lesson Pack

Explore the powerhouse of our Solar System as you learn all about the Sun with this lesson and activity pack. Learn fun facts, the layers of the Sun, vocabulary and so much more with this Sun Lesson Pack available in our Shop.

Sun Lesson Pack

More Space Resources


Whenever you are looking for information on space, you go to the authority, NASA! They have a wealth of information, activity ideas, programs, news and more. We love looking at all the incredible pictures they have from space.

Canadian Space Agency

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) also offers some really fun educational activities and programs for students.

Royal Astronomical Society

We have learned a lot from our membership with the Royal Astronomical Society and really enjoy their magazines, guides and information. They have youth memberships for kids who are passionate about the night skies!

Have fun traveling the universe with your space lovers with these fun Space Activities for Kids. 3, 2, 1…. BLAST OFF!!!

Out of this World Space Activities for Kids who dream of flying among the stars! STEM, experiments, lessons, sensory, recipes and more ideas.