Star Wars Soap Making For Kids

Have you tried soap making yet with your kids? It is so much fun! Plus it teaches them practical skills and gives them a better understanding of the time and effort that goes into creating things they use every day. An added bonus? Your reluctant hand washers will LOVE washing their hands over and over again with these geeky, awesome Star Wars soaps that smell amazing!

Homemade Star Wars Soaps For Kids

Homemade Star Wars soap recipe for kids that smells amazing

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1 lb goat’s milk melt and pour soap base
2 tsp sweet almond oil (you can also use coconut oil, olive oil or another carrier oil)
Mica powder for coloring
Spray bottle of rubbing alcohol
Silicone mold

Essential Oils

A note about essential oils, you can adjust this mix to suit your preferences. If you have younger children (under 10 years old), reduce the amount of essential oil of each type to only 5 to 10 drops each. For older kids and adults use 15 to 20 drops of each type of essential oil.

Tea tree essential oil
Lavender essential oil
Patchouli essential oil
Rose essential oil
Chamomile essential oil


Star Wars soap making is a geeky awesome activity for kids that smells amazing and teaches some fantastic life skills


Step 1

In a microwave safe bowl, melt soap base in microwave in 30 second intervals until completely melted.

Step 2

Add the sweet almond oil.

Step 3

Add lavender essential oil. This essential oil has got to be one of the most widely used and versatile. Lavender oil has been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can speed up the healing process of burns, cuts and can help lessen the formation of scars. It works great on eczema when paired with chamomile essential oil. It is also known to help relax you and induce sleep.

Step 4

Add patchouli essential oil. This oil has been shown to have strong astringent and anti-inflammatory properties and can help lift your mood. It can also inhibit fungal growth and reduce fevers.

Step 5

Add rose essential oil. This oil is one of my favorite oils! It is a natural antiseptic and offers antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can also help fade scars and even reduce anxiety.

Steps 6

Add chamomile essential oil. I used this oil because it can calm irritated skin, acts as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It can also fade scars, prevent wounds from becoming infected and can even relieve pain as it has analgesic properties.

Step 7

Mix everything together.

Step 8

If you are using more than one color, evenly distribute into as many bowls as needed. We used two colors: purple and orange. Add your first color (in the example, we used orange.)

Step 9

Whisk into soap mixture.

Step 10

Pour mixture into mold.

Step 11

Spray soap mixture with rubbing alcohol to prevent bubbles.

Step 12

Allow to harden for at least two hours and gently pop out of mold. Store in a plastic bag or a container with a lid until ready to use.

Repeat for the other colours to create more soaps.

Soap making for kids is easy and fun with this geeky awesome Star Wars soap recipe that smells marvelous


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