Code Breakers Life Cycle Activity

Looking for an activity that teaches science, literacy, critical thinking and, most of all, is fun? You’ve found it! These Code Breakers Life Cycle printable activities are a fantastic learning tool that kids will ask to do again and again. So it’s a good thing it covers 12 different life cycles!

12 Life Cycle Code Breaker Printable Worksheets

Code Breakers Life Cycle Worksheets

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One of the things I really enjoy about teaching my kids is when I can incorporate a variety of skill sets. It’s one of the things that draws me to STEM (learn more with ‘What is STEM?‘) where we incorporate multi-subject skills into one lesson. Working with a variety of pillars allows kids to practice a variety of skills and develop proficiency that is more in line with how we use our skills as adults.

The Power of Code Breakers

We do a lot of coding (See some of our coding printables) and code breaker type activities (Check out our Compound Words Code Breakers). They are a fantastic puzzle, brain building activity that helps develop critical thinking and problem skills, while fostering a strong attention to detail.

All very important skills!

Plus kids LOVE doing them!

They are a great way to keep kids busy learning and growing, because kids enjoy the activities.

Another benefit is that they are visual decoders, so even students struggling with reading can practice literacy skills with confidence.

Which Life Cycles Are Covered?

In addition to the regular benefits of Code Breaker activities, these code breaker activities have a strong science and biology component teaching kids about the various stages of development throughout the life of these plants, animals and insects.

This provides kids with greater scientific knowledge, vocabulary and a stronger connection with nature. All in a very fun, low stress, easy to digest format.

We’ve covered lots of different plants and critters with our Life Cycle Code Breakers. In total we explore the life cycles of 12 different ones, including:

  • Ant Life Cycle
  • Fly Life Cycle
  • Mosquito Life Cycle
  • Penguin Life Cycle
  • Sea Turtle Life Cycle
  • Tomato Life Cycle
  • Apple Life Cycle
  • Bat Life Cycle
  • Bee Life Cycle
  • Pumpkin Life Cycle
  • Spider Life Cycle
  • Sunflower Life Cycle

How To Use These Life Cycle Worksheets

In this activity students are provided with a code breaker cipher that connects images with a letter.

They then have a card for each stage of the life cycle.

Students decode by matching the the image on the cipher with the images on the cards.

Once the card is completed they will have a description of the life cycle stage for that plant or animal.

Finally, once all the cards are complete, they put them in order of the life cycle.

What are Kids Learning?

At the end of these activities the kids are learning:

  • The life cycle stages for the plant, animal or insect covered.
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Attention to Detail through Matching
  • A greater understanding of the natural world around us

Grab The Bundle

Ready to give it a try? You can buy the full packet through our STEAM Powered Family Shop or Teachers Paying Teachers.

First though, take it for a test drive with the House Fly Life Cycle Code Breakers Challenge. Grab your free copy by joining the STEAM Powered Family mailing list here.

Happy Code Breakers and Connecting with Nature!

Code Breakers Life Cycle Printables

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