Over 20 FREE STEM Activity Printables For The Classroom

Feeling a little stuck for inspiration in your STEM lessons? Would some awesome free resources help with your lesson planning? Of course it would help! I know I love discovering exciting new resources, especially when they are free.

Free STEM Activities and Resources For Lessons

Over 25 awesome free STEM activities, worksheets, workbooks, printables and more. Excellent tools for the classroom to inspire STEM learning.

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Life gets busy. It happens to all of us. Suddenly you are facing a need for some STEM lessons now! With tight budgets it’s always nice when we can find some free resources to help us with our educational journeys. With that in mind, I’ve gathered some exciting free STEM activity workbooks, printables and activities to help you in your classroom.

Free STEM Resources and Printables

First up, I have to recommend you grab the STEAM Powered Family STEAM Fun Pack. It includes a colouring page (of our very own STEAM owl), vocabulary list of STEAM words, plus a crossword and word search.


Interested in trying a coding challenge with Binary? This Code Crackers activity includes a fun mystery for students to solve.

Binary code is fun to learn with this ASCII Binary Code Puzzle Game. Have fun deciphering the secret words with a magic reveal that kids love.

Or try this coding activity with a magical twist.

Or this one with Coded Candy Hearts.


Sometimes it’s the teacher who needs a bit of help. Here is my STEM Lesson planner to help you get those STEM lessons prepared for the classroom.

Create engaging and highly educational STEM lesson plans with these 5 simple steps that can turn any topic into a STEM activity. Free STEM lesson planner


Grab a scientific method worksheet and teach students the fundamental principles of experimentation and discovery.

Scientific Method for Kids

Want a mess free way to explore dissection? We have our free Worm Dissection Printable available in our Virtual Dissections article. Click to grab your free printable.

Virtual dissections can be a huge help in teaching science, biology, physiology and anatomy. Here are some of the best resources for your virtual lessons and labs.


Try your hand at some fun Lego building challenges based on upcoming holidays.

Another really fun activity to print and do at home is to play with Tangrams. Fantastic brain building activity to foster problem solving skills and spatial skills. Click through to the article to grab your freebie.

Tangram Printable for STEM Learning

More STEM Activities and Projects Printables

Simply click on the images to go to the articles and grab your free resources.

Compound word code breaker activity
On a blue wood slate table lays a game named Dinosaur Name Matching Game with some dinosaur figures
Halloween Art and Math Project for the Classroom
Halloween Math Logic Puzzles - Fun Halloween STEM Activities & Games

STEAM Kids, the book series I co-authored with some fantastically talented STEAM educators, offers a great freebie with 52 weeks of STEAM ideas. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to grab your free copy.

Free STEM Challenge Cards and Series

Pipe Cleaner Constellations are a fantastic way to learn about the stars. Plus we have free Constellation Task Cards to help foster learning!

Pipe Cleaner Constellations Space STEM Activity

Free STEAM Resources Through Your Library

Another amazing resource for free STEAM materials is hoopla digital. It is absolutely amazing with so many exciting STEAM resources for everyone, including mom and dad! You can check out all the details here, and how we use it in our lessons here.

Over 25 awesome free STEM activities, worksheets, workbooks, printables and more. Excellent tools for the classroom to inspire STEM learning.

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