Code Breakers Compound Words Activity – Fall Themed

Kids love a good puzzle to solve. One of the ways I bring this to life in our lessons is with Code Breaker activities. This fall we are working on compound words, so we have brought together Code Breaking and Compound Words into one fun and challenging activity kids love!

Compound Words For Kids FALL ACTIVITY

Compound word code breaker activity

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I am always working on new ways to reinforce concepts and lessons in a way that is fun and exciting for the kids. Book learning has it’s place, but if I can make an activity that is engaging, the kids will retain the information faster and more effectively.

That’s one of the reasons we love creating educational games and code breakers type activities. Kids love them. And when they are doing them, they are learning.

It’s a win-win for everyone!


This activity is a great addition to a learning centre during the fall. With it we are exploring compound words while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Kids use the decoder to decipher two words. Then they put those two words together to form a new compound word.

Code Breakers with Fall Themed Compound Words For Elementary

The best part is that this activity is great for even struggling readers as the decoding part is visual. Something that makes it easier for all kids to gain confidence.

The decoding activity is also an early coding activity that helps build foundational skills for a future in computer programming.

Code Breakers for Break Out Boxes

Another great way to use this activity is with a Break Out Box. We explored the idea of Break Out Boxes recently. It is like an educational escape room.

Kids work to reveal clues that help them unlock padlocks on a box. Eventually they will open all the locks to reveal a prize inside. Break Out Boxes are a great classroom or group activity.

With this Fall Code Breakers activity, use letter locks. Then have the kids decode the cards to reveal the words. Use one of the words to open the lock.

You could have each card unlock one lock, and use this as a Fall Themed Break Out Box Activity.


This activity is part of our Four Seasons Code Breakers Compound Words Challenge Pack. You can grab it in our STEAM Powered Family Shop or Teachers Paying Teachers.

Want to test out the idea first? Try our Holiday Code Breakers Compound Words Challenge which is free for STEAM Powered Family members. This is also included as a bonus in the 4 Seasons bundle.

Fall Themed Compound Words Code Breakers Activity


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