Learning The Periodic Table Of Elements BINGO Game For the Classroom

Kids naturally love chemistry. By introducing them to chemistry experiments at a young age and making chemical reactions a part of our everyday lives, they find the whole topic fascinating. A good chemical reaction is fascinating at any age, so when it came time to do some more formal learning of the Periodic Table of Elements I wanted to come up with an equally exciting and fun way to learn the facts. Introducing our Periodic Table of Elements BINGO Game!


A periodic table of elements bingo game is laid out in midplay with some tokens in place. Overlay text says Periodic Table of Elements BINGO Game

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My kids love chemistry. Which I love, because guess what? When I was in school I couldn’t stand chemistry. I know, it’s blasphemy to admit this! Especially as a STEAM writer and education content creator. But here’s the thing, now, as an adult, I love chemistry and a good chemical reaction. With that in mind, I have very intentionally introduced my kids to chemistry in a way that will foster their love and curiosity for the subject.

Mindset is so important when it comes to developing a passion for learning. I have worked this by doing a few things.

I have made it fun, by also having fun myself with our activities. When they see adults enjoying science, kids will enjoy it more too!

We explore chemistry in real life! Things like making bath bombs or baking bread or making candy, all involve chemistry.

We do lots of hands on experiments. So many experiments! The messier the better.

Their curiosity is fostered. We love a good “I wonder what would happen…” moment.

I strew books. This means I leave interesting books about chemistry scattered around the house and prominently displayed on the shelves, so the kids can easily pull them out.

Experimentation is encouraged. I can’t tell you how many “potions” we have made over the years.

But now my kids are getting older and we need some more formal work when it comes to their lessons. In particular I wanted them to learn the Periodic Table of Elements.

My main task was making it fun!

Periodic table of elements plus two books featuring the elements are featured at the top with a periodic table of elements Bingo game on the bottom. Overlay text says Periodic Table of Elements Bingo Game


One of the first things I did was pull out a couple of our favourite books that focused specifically on the Table of Elements. Here are the ones we used. The Theodore Gray one in particular is a very beloved book around here!

Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the UniverseThe Periodic TableThe Elements Book: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Periodic TableBasher Science: The Complete Periodic Table: All the Elements with Style!The Periodic Table: A Visual Guide to the Elements


Then I pulled out our Periodic Table of Elements Puzzle. At 1000 pieces it took a long time to put together!

EuroGraphics Periodic Table of Elements 1000 Piece Puzzle


But we still were not having much fun. We needed something new. So I got creative and wondered if I could come up with something that could be used even in a classroom setting to make learning the elements more interesting and fun.

The Periodic Table of Elements BINGO Game

The result was this super fun Periodic Table of Elements BINGO Game! I made it full classroom sized, so there are 30 different game boards.

The best part was how interested the kids got as they heard all the elements called out. Those books were pulled out and elements looked up as they placed their tokens on their boards. We would take turns reading out something interesting about each element as we played.

It became a competitive, yet collaborative, learning experience that everyone really enjoyed. Best of all we all had fun!

If you want to play our Periodic Table of Elements BINGO Game it is available as a PDF in our STEAM Powered Family Shop or on Teachers Paying Teachers.

Simply purchase the file, save it to your device and print it off. I recommend printing the game cards on card stock and putting them in protective sleeves or laminating them. Then you can either have the kids use tokens or a wipe off pen to mark when their elements are called.

Do the same with the calling cards to ensure they last and last through the many BINGO games your kids are going to want to play.

The best part is that I have made sure it is very visual, so even younger kids can get in on the fun.

As a bonus I have also included a number of colouring pages inspired by various elements and a shortened version of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Ready to play and learn? Have a fun gamifying your lessons!

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Periodic table of elements plus two books featuring the elements are featured at the top with a periodic table of elements Bingo game on the bottom. Overlay text says Periodic Table of Elements Bingo Game and Classroom Edition for Inspired, Fun Chemistry learning