hoopla – Embracing Passion Pursuits in STEAM Learning

Yesterday I introduced you to a new tool we have added to our STEAM education toolbox to help us foster passion pursuits in our kids education. hoopla digital has been a powerful addition to our education arsenal and over the past month we have explored this tool with some exciting results. When it comes to STEAM learning, it doesn’t need to be hard or stressful. In fact it should be fun for everyone, including the teacher. Today I’m going to share how hoopla has made a positive impact on our lessons.

Using hoopla with Kids in the Classroom and at Home

hoopla digital STEAM resources

Disclosure: I have partnered with hoopla digital and have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

To learn more about hoopla, check out my previous article with details on this impressive, free, resource. It has all the details to help you get started.

But how exactly can hoopla be a valuable part of your STEAM learning and aide your kids in their passion pursuits? Well here is how we have been using, and loving, it!

The journey towards raising passionate, self motivated learners takes time. Some kids quickly take to it, embracing control over their STEAM lessons and learning. Others take their time finding their passions.

So first I thought I would talk about my experiences using hoopla with those kids that have embraced passion pursuits and are moving full STEAM ahead into their learning!

hoopla and Passionate STEAM Kids

The thing with these kids is that they get an idea and go deep learning about the topic. It’s like they get struck by this sudden inspiration to learn everything there is to know about a subject, and nothing will stop them until they have fed that need for knowledge.

This has been my life with one of my kids. He is so driven to learn I can hardly keep up. Right now he is passionate about space.

The ability hoopla provides to instantly access videos and books for him to study about space has been invaluable. He reads so fast, often he is asking late in the day for new books. Now we have them at our fingertips.

He is absolutely in LOVE with hoopla. It feeds his constant need for knowledge and helps him in his quest to answer the many questions that are constantly swirling through his brain. Plus, he can use the system himself to find even more topics that he is passionate about. Just today he watched an educational television series from Stephen Hawking called Genius. He is now busy learning about molecular biology, astrophysics and quantum mechanics.

It’s enough to make my head spin, but he is just soaking it all up. Thank goodness for hoopla!

hoopla digital STEAM content free on your tablet

hoopla for Educators & Parents

One of the biggest concerns I hear from parents and educators about STEAM and passion pursuits is about how they are supposed to learn everything so they can teach it and keep up with their kids. Well this is where hoopla has saved the day for me.

Like many passionate learners, my kid loves to talk about the topics he is learning. I can’t just send him off to learn on his own. He needs me to be part of the process. Even if I am not actively teaching him about the subject, he needs me to be knowledgeable enough that we can have meaningful conversations on the subject matter.

One problem. Space has never been my thing. I was all about horses and human brains in my science studies. My son quickly out stripped my knowledge of space. I needed to learn, and fast!

So when it comes to space, Neil deGrasse Tyson has been teaching me everything I know. I was able to save some of his audiobooks from hoopla and while at the pool watching swimming lessons, cooking, waiting outside of classes, anytime I had a few moments, I was able to let Neil teach me all about dark matter, black holes and strange planets I never even knew existed.

You should see the excitement and enthusiasm my son has when I am able to talk to him about what he is learning and even tell him about some of the stuff I’ve been learning. It’s an amazing way to connect with my teen.

hoopla STEAM education resources for the classroom for free

What about hoopla for Struggling Kids or Classrooms?

When it comes to learning disabilities or large groups of kids, I’ve found STEAM to be one of the most powerful tools in education. STEAM gets kids thinking creatively, working collaboratively, and maximizing their strengths while getting help with their struggles.

hoopla has become so important in my quest to educate my struggling learner. I have been able to find materials that supplement his lessons. So if he is learning about a certain subject and struggling with the concepts I can hop onto hoopla and find a video lesson or eBook that will help him understand the material better.

hoopla has become a valuable tool in my quest to present the materials in the way his brain learns.

I especially love the ability to save the content so we can use it offline. When we are traveling or waiting somewhere, he can still be learning. This will be helpful too in a classroom or homeschool with many kids. Educators can have a lesson cued up on hoopla and use it as a supplement to their current lessons and unit studies. Even if you don’t have Wi-Fi access!

A Game Changer in STEAM Education

hoopla has been a game changer in our lessons. As an educator and parent, I have been empowered with immediate access to powerful tools that help me with my lessons. My kids love having all this knowledge at their fingertips and in so many different formats. Today one kid is having a sick day, so what is he doing? Curled up watching educational videos on hoopla.

hoopla makes learning anywhere, anytime possible. Which means chasing those passion pursuits has suddenly become a whole lot easier.

And it’s not just for the kids! I’ve been learning more about growth mindset, meditation/mindfulness and children’s mental health. All tools that help me become a better educator and parent.

If you are not already using this free resource in your lessons, grab your library card and check it out. This is one resource you need to add to your STEAM education toolbox.

hoopla digital STEAM education resources


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