Snow Dough

Remember when we made our special recipe Moon Dough for the first time? Then we created Rainbow Glow Dough, which was equally as popular. Well with the wintery weather upon us we decided it was time to create some Snow Dough! This Snow Dough variation on our Moon Dough recipe is fantastic for some indoor winter play. It is also taste safe for little ones, and won’t leave you with chilly fingers from playing.

Taste Safe Winter Snow Dough Recipe

Snow Dough A Winter Moon Dough Snowman Building Activity

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When we first embarked on making Moon Dough we noticed there was a lot of struggles faced by readers. After doing some research, talking to readers, and testing out some theories, we discovered a superior recipe that to this day is still a favourite sensory activity around here.

Not only is our special Moon Dough recipe extra silky, but it also is incredibly easy to colour. Something most recipes struggle to achieve.

This made it super easy to create our Rainbow Glow Moon Dough using this new recipe.

The best part about making Moon Dough is how easy it is to make. During the summer we were lamenting that we couldn’t get to the beach, so we made ourselves an Ocean Themed Moon Dough tray and spent hours exploring and having fun right at home. It might not be day at the beach, but it was still loads of fun.

But there was one downfall of this amazing Moon Dough recipe. It wasn’t taste safe. So we couldn’t use it will little kids who liked to put stuff in their mouth.

Well today we addressed that with our Snow Dough Recipe!

Easy Snow Dough Ingredients

Traditionally moon dough recipes use Flour and Oil. We made some minor changes with spectacular results with our preferred Moon Dough recipe. For our recipe you will need:

1/2 cup Potato Starch*
1/2 cup Flour*
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil*
Microwave safe measuring cup
Measuring Cups and Spoons
Mixing Spoon
Large tray or bin
Winter themed toys, glitter**, scoops, cookie cutters, whatever will make your Snow Dough even more fun to play with!

*Adjust the amounts to suit the size of your bin. This amount will make enough for a bowl. For a large bin like in our pictures we multiplied the recipe by ten (x10). Just keep the ratios the same to ensure the best consistency for your dough.

**Adding glitter will help give your Snow Dough that sparkly look of real snow, but it is definitely not necessary. Use a candy glitter to keep the recipe taste safe. There are lots of different options available. I’ve linked to a few here.

How To Make Snow Dough

The best part is that kids can make this themselves! It might be a bit messy, so just make sure you are in an easy to clean space.

To make this recipe simply add the flour and potato starch to the bowl. Melt the coconut oil (if it isn’t already liquid) and add it to the bowl. Mix!

See, so easy! Kids can make this recipe themselves.

Playing – All the Snow Without The Cold

But the best part is getting to play with this recipe. It is silky and an amazing sensory experience. I admit, I love playing with this myself.

Some ideas for play:

Mold it to make snowmen.

Squish it flat, crumble it, form into crazy shapes.

Use cookie cutters, play dough toys, or other plastic molds to shape it.

Add toys, minifigs, and more.

Stick to the Christmas theme and use little trees, santa and elf figures, bells, or other seasonal figures.

Or keep it all natural and use pine boughs, pine cones, twigs, reindeer food (seeds and little carrots), rocks or other fun natural items.

Most of all play and explore and enjoy the amazing sensory experience that is this Moon Dough recipe turned into Snow Dough. You will love it!

All without the chilly fingers.

Cleaning up Moon Dough

To clean up, simply sweep up the mess. Although you shouldn’t eat it, it is all non-toxic, so no worries if your littles lick their fingers. In our case it’s the dog and cats that might get a lick!

Store in an air tight container. It should be good for about a week but always inspect before using it. If you are planning on letting kids play with it, then storing it to use the next day, ensure kids thoroughly wash their hands before playing with it to limit contamination.

To dispose, simply add it to your organics or composting.

Have fun playing and exploring with this gorgeous Snow Dough!

Winter Snow Dough is a Taste Safe, Snowman Building Version of our popular Moon Dough

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Snow Dough

Snow Dough is perfect for winter play without the chilly fingers and toes. Using our new and amazingly silky Moon Dough recipe, this taste safe, snowman building version is perfection. Kids will enjoy the incredible sensory experience provided by this silky version of moon dough that is so easy to make, they can do it themselves. Plus you can challenge them to build a snowman, all while staying in the warm indoors.

Prep Time 3 minutes
Servings 1 cup


  • 1/2 cup Potato Starch
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • Candy sprinkles (optional)


  1. Add the flour and potato starch to the bowl.

  2. Melt the coconut oil (if it isn’t already liquid) in the microwave until it is just liquid.

  3. Pour coconut oil into the dry mix.

  4. Mix it all together. Start with a spoon if you wish, but finish by really working it with your hands to get the best snow dough consistency.


Adjust the amounts to suit the size of your bin. This amount will make enough snow dough for a bowl. For a large bin like in our pictures we multiplied the recipe by ten (x10). Just keep the ratios the same to ensure the best consistency for your dough.