The Best Homemade Bath Bombs For Kids

Do you have a child that loves bath bombs? My kids are obsessed with them! The best part is that we now make our own bath bombs at home. Did you know making bath bombs with your kids will teach them valuable life skills, real life chemistry applications, and it will save you money? We’ve picked over 40 of our favourite bath bombs for kids, and put them all together to help you get started making bath bombs at home! Check out our top picks!

Our TOP PICKS – Bath Bombs For Kids

The best DIY bath bombs for Kids

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My kids have always loved bath bombs. The fragrant, fizzy additions to their baths always resulted in squeals of excitement. As they got a bit older, that love of bath bombs never diminished.

In fact, I will be totally honest, I love a good bath bomb too!

But the cost used to leave bath bombs as a very rare, special treat. At $5 to $15 each, there was no way I could justify the expense.

Then we discovered how much fun it is to make bath bombs at home and we unleashed a family passion project. We love making bath bombs. The kids get incredibly creative. Which is amazing to see in my normally crafting adverse children. When it comes to bath bombs, their creativity and passionate curiosity knows no bounds.

If you are just starting on this journey of making bath bombs for kids, it can be hard to know where to start. I’m here to help! Here are our favourite Homemade Bath Bombs for Kids.

For the Harry Potter Fans

Bring a little magic to their day by making a Harry Potter inspired bath bomb. We have so many Harry Potter bath bombs, we are obsessed! I recommend starting with the cauldron bath bombs with house reveal. These are incredibly easy bath bombs to make, and you can immediately carry them around. Making them perfect to make for a party or classroom project. Plus they look soooo cute in their little cauldrons!

Harry Potter Bath Bombs

Creative KIDS Bath Bombs For the Holidays

During the holidays we have made some really fun bath bombs that kids can decorate. So far we have made Easter Eggs, Christmas and even Halloween Pumpkins that kids can customize with their own designs. These are great bath bomb projects for kids because you can premake the bath bombs if needed, so the kids can just focus on the decorating part.

Christmas Bath Bombs For KidsEaster Bath Bombs For KidsHalloween Pumpkin Bath Bombs For Kids


Here you can watch as we make and decorate our pumpkin bath bombs.

And the Grinch’s Heart Grew Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is perfect for the holidays. Kids love the story of the Grinch and you will love that this bath bomb includes a perfect little soap heart to help your kids be clean and sparkly for Christmas. Although it seems difficult this was one of the first bath bombs we ever made. It is also one of the favourites we make every year.

Grinch inspired Christmas bath bombs with red soap heart

You can find even more Christmas bath bomb ideas here! Including our personal favourite, Lump of Coal bath bombs for the stockings!

Out of this World Bath Bombs for Space Lovers

If you have a space obsessed kid you will want to make either our Galaxy Bath Bomb or our Black Hole Bath Bomb. Both of these recipes use activated charcoal, so I consider them a bit more advanced. They are also very good for your tweens and teens that might be struggling with oily skin and body acne.

Galaxy Bath BombBlack Hole Bath Bomb


Bath Bombs FOR KIDS That Glow in the Dark

What kid doesn’t love a great glow in the dark project? These glow in the dark bath bombs are a huge hit with kids. We started with our round glow in the dark bath bombs, where we hid a sneaky surprise inside, but you can leave out the surprise. If you feel confident in your bath bomb making skills, you can try a glow in the dark cupcake bath bomb or glow donut bath bomb.

Glow in the Dark Bath BombGlow in the Dark Cupcake Bath BombGlow in the Dark Donut Bath Bombs


Unicorn Bath bombs

Have your kids read the Zoey and Sassafras series? It is such a good series and has inspired my kids to tackle so many cool projects. In one of the books there is this amazing Unicorn, which lead to the creation of our first Unicorn Horn bath bomb. Since then we have made more Unicorn bath bombs. We love the colours so much! And definitely start reading the Zoey and Sassafras books with your kids!

Unicorn Horn Bath BombUnicorn Salt Bath BombUnicorn Galaxy Bath BombPainted Unicorn Bath Bombs


Bath Bombs For Kids Who Love Fairies and Dragons

Have a kid who loves fantasy? In addition to making our Harry Potter Bath Bombs and Unicorn bath bombs, we have also made Dragon and Fairy inspired bath bombs. No matter what your kid is passionate about, you can make a bath bomb for them! All you need is a bit of creativity.

Fairy Bath BombsDragon Bath BombsBlue Fairy Cupcake Bath Bombs


Surprise Bath Bombs FOR KIDS

Kids love a surprise! And hiding a little surprise inside a bath bomb can be so much fun! We’ve made bath bombs with spiders inside for Halloween, Harry Potter bath bombs with a house reveal inside, Pot of Gold Cauldron Bath Bombs with Gold inside, and the always popular Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs with baby dinosaurs inside!

Dinosaur Bath BombsPot of Gold Cauldron Bath BombsCauldron House Reveal Bath BombsHalloween hidden spider bath bombs that glow


Superhero bath bombs for Super Kids

Our super kids will love making superhero bath bombs celebrating their favourite icons! We did a very simple Avengers Bath Bomb and a fun Spiderman bath bomb that allowed kids to do a little decorating like our holiday bath bombs.

Spiderman Bath BombAvengers Bath Bomb


Inspired by Favourite CHILDHOOD Treats

We’ve had fun making some bath bombs that seem good enough to eat! From Donuts to Cupcakes, Cookie Dough to Bubble Gum and even Gingerbread Men, Candy Corn and Candy Canes have been celebrated in bath bomb form! It’s been so much fun!

Bubble Gum Bath BombCookie Dough Bath BombRed Velvet DonutsCupcake Bath BombCandy Corn Bath BombCandy Cane Bath BombGingerbread Man Bath Bomb


Bath Bombs For Sensitivities

My favourite part about making bath bombs for kids is that I can customize the recipes to suit their needs. I can use natural essential oils so we don’t trigger reactions to artificial scents, we can use a citric acid alternative if needed, we can make a bath bomb that helps with growing pains or migraines or trouble sleeping. I can make what my kids need to help them find a little extra comfort after their days as they relax in a warm bath. And that is worth every moment spent making bath bombs.

Citric Acid Free Bath BombHeadache relief bath bombPain relief bath bombLavender Sleep Bath Bomb


Phew! That’s a lot of bath bombs for kids! My biggest tip if you are just starting to make bath bombs is to read through a number of the recipes. We are always playing with our recipes to see how it changes our bath bombs. We also offer a lot of tips to help you have bath bomb success!

Remember, climate, temperature and most of all humidity will affect how your homemade bath bombs turn out! We always include the science behind bath bombs to help you troubleshoot and discover the perfect bath bomb recipe for your kids.

My final tip is to involve your kids in making bath bombs. The pride they will feel as they successfully make their own bath bomb is second to none. Plus they make amazing kid made gifts or as favours for a kids party.

Most of all, have fun making bath bombs with and for your kids!

The best homemade bath bombs for kids

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