Chemistry For Kids – 35+ Resources, Experiments, Lessons and Activities

Chemistry For Kids – More than 35 resources, experiments, lessons, books and activities that will inspire young scientists. Lots of science fair ideas.

Kids love chemistry. The seemingly magical reactions that happen when you mix two substances captures imaginations and often leaves kids begging for more. Chemistry for kids is about making chemistry fun, accessible and real. Having done university level chem courses, I can tell you get they get a little heavy and hard, so while kids are young let them play and grow that love of chemistry. It will make the tough slogging through those chem labs at the university a lot easier! So to help start kids off on the right foot in chemistry, I’ve gathered up some of the best chemistry for kids resources, challenges, activities, books and lessons. Let’s get kids fired up about chemistry!

Chemistry For Kids - More than 35 resources, experiments, lessons, books and activities that will inspire young scientists. Lots of science fair ideas.

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This resource list is designed for kids in the upper elementary grades and up. It is not about hardcore chemistry, but instead about making chemistry fun and to engage children’s curiosity and desire to learn the sciences!

Looking for some wonderful hands-on STEAM activities (including some chemistry), check out our bestselling book STEAM Kids.


Chemistry resources for kids need to be designed in a way that isn’t intimidating. The information should be fun and accessible. I also love interactive and hands-on tools that bring chemistry out of the lab and into the real world. I mean elephant toothpaste is fun and all, but I don’t think anyone is going to be trying to brush an elephants teeth. So what exactly do all those funny letters on that table mean? Where are they in our world? What practical uses do they have in our lives? And what exactly are molecules? You can find out with these chemistry resources!

An interactive Table of Elements that teaches the purpose and uses for each of the elements.

Ted-Ed – Interactive Video Periodic Table of Elements. With a video linked to each element you can dive deep and learn lots about the elements. A fun way to introduce chemistry for kids.

MolyMod Chemistry Molecular Model Set – This is a fantastic tool. It’s like tinker toys for chemists allowing you to build molecular structures and demonstrate chemical reactions.

Chemistry Haiku? Why yes, this is a thing and it is brilliant!

For an extremely fun and brilliant introduction to the Periodic Table of Elements checkout this video from ASAP Science. These guys are awesome!


Chemistry experiments make fantastic science fair projects. But even if you don’t have a science fair, taking on these chemistry challenges at home or in the classroom can be a lot of fun. Do them in a group for even more learning fun!

Explore Acids, Bases and pH Levels in this kitchen science experiment

Why do Bath Bombs Fizz? (plus how to make them)

Simple Chemistry is a great hands-on introduction to chemistry

Bottle Rockets are always a favourite, no matter how old the kids get

Dino Eggs are a fun project for little ones learning about chemistry

Cloud in a Jar is a fascinating activity

STEAM Christmas Tree is a holiday kids activity that brings some art to chemistry

Green Eggs Chemistry Experiment – inspired by a childhood favourite book

Naked Egg Cells are a great way to combine chemistry and biology lessons

Make Your Own Milk Plastic. Then for an extra twist, make your milk plastic creations glow!


Grow Crystals and for a twist make them scented.

Elephant Toothpaste – Or in our case we called it Reindeer toothpaste and made it seasonal!

Lava Toffee is a great example of chemistry in the kitchen.

Making Gummies – Creating edible polymers

Create Your Own Lava Lamp


Who doesn’t love a science lab that ends with a delicious treat? Check out these activities for some tasty chemistry that will have kids begging for more science class!

Candy Science Making Candy Fun Science lessons with a delicious result. 10 candy recipes.

This massive resource on Chocolate Science, perfect for a unit study. Dive into hands on chocolate science with deliciously, simple truffle recipes.


Not all chemistry learning needs to be done creating chemical reactions. Explore the periodic table of elements with these fun puzzles and games.

 Elements Puzzle: 1000 Pieces EuroGraphics The Atom 1000 Piece Puzzle EuroGraphics Periodic Table (Illustrated) 1000 Piece Puzzle EuroGraphics Small Box Periodic Table of Elements Puzzle (1000 Piece) EuroGraphics Periodic Table of Elements Jigsaw Puzzle (200-Piece) ETA hand2mind Periodic Table Connecting Color Tiles The Periodic Table Periodic Table of Elements 2017 Decorative Educational Science Classroom Poster Print, Unframed 16×20 Kids Periodic Table of Elements with beautiful images representing each element – Educational Kids Placemat – Non Slip Washable Photographic Card Deck of The Elements: With Big Beautiful Photographs of All 118 Elements in the Periodic Table Periodic Table Playing Cards (English, Spanish and French Edition) Uncle Goose Periodic Table Blocks – Made in USA

Periodic Table of Elements Battleship is a great DIY game you create yourself for hours of fun.

Atoms and Isotopes Chemistry Game

Periodic Table of Elements Colouring Books. Science and art work together for fantastic learning.


There will be time for the hardcore chemistry lessons in high school and university, for now chem lessons should answer questions about the world and have a high level of cool factor! Like these cool chemistry lessons.

The Chemistry of Honey – Why doesn’t honey go bad? Even after spending thousands of years in an Egyptian tomb, scientists discovered honey that was still edible. But would you be brave enough to eat it?

The Chemistry of Fireworks – How do all those colors fill the sky during a fireworks display? It all comes down to chemistry.

The Chemistry of Candy – Learn how chemistry is responsible for turning sugar into all your favourite delectable treats.


Basher Science does a great job of creating books on tough subjects, but in a way that makes them accessible to young kids or struggling learners. We found these books for my gifted son who was so young, but really wanted to learn all about chemistry. Both Basher Periodic Table of Elements and Basher Chemistry are great books.

Theodore Gray creates some of the most visually stunning books about science available on the market. I bought Elements for my son when he was only 6 years old and he spent hours pouring over all of the images. We soon added Molecules to our library and both books are still cherished and stunning.

There are a few other books that we have really enjoyed in our study of chemistry. Check them out and see if any of them would be a good fit for your young chemist.

 The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry The Dynamic World of Chemical Reactions with Max Axiom, Super Scientist (Graphic Science) The Manga Guide to Biochemistry Janice VanCleave’s Chemistry for Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiments that Really Work DK Eyewitness Books: Chemistry The Elements Book: A Visual Encyclopedia of the Periodic Table It’s Elementary!: Big Questions About Chemistry Chemistry: The Atom and Elements (Super Smart Science Series) Fizz, Bubble & Flash!: Element Explorations & Atom Adventures for Hands-On Science Fun! (Williamson Kids Can!) by Brandolini, Anita J. (2003) Paperback


Chemistry For Kids - More than 35 resources, experiments, lessons, books and activities that will inspire young scientists. Lots of science fair ideas.


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