MEL Science Experiments for Kids

We love doing science experiments for kids around here. It seems like every week we are coming up with new and fun experiments to try, but lately we have been facing a bit of an issue. As my kids are now middle schoolers, they have some pretty BIG ideas about what kinds of experiments they want to do. They want bigger challenges. To go beyond the pantry chemistry experiments. They want projects that feel bigger, have greater scope and that are more appropriate for their middle school academic interests. Thankfully I discovered a subscription box service that fits our needs perfectly, MEL Science.


MEL Science Subscription Box Review

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STEAM Powered Family was provided with a free box by MEL Science with no expectations of a full review. However we loved it so much we wanted to share details with our readers. All thoughts, opinions and content are our own and share our truthful and honest experience with this product.

Feeling overwhelmed with teaching science? Is your child asking constantly to do chemistry experiments that feel far beyond your understanding or experience? Did you see amazing science experiments and want to recreate them at home, but are struggling to figure out how to do it properly, and, most of all, safely? Do you dread sourcing all the supplies needed for chemistry experiments and finding the right way to teach the concepts to your kids?

We’ve all been there. Especially as our kids have access to so many incredible videos and demonstrations of fantastic and exciting chemistry experiments. It’s no wonder they beg to do these experiments themselves.

And more than anything we want to encourage that curiosity, that passion for learning, that drive to soak up knowledge. We all love to see our kids loving learning and never want to quell that excitement.

But man, it can feel so overwhelming as their teacher, mentor, parent. Especially when the subject matter is something you may find intimidating.

What happened to all those amazing chemistry sets we had growing up? You got a box full of cool lab supplies and a book of experiments. The ones in the stores now are frankly lame. Until now…

MEL Science took what was amazing about the old Chemistry sets and brought it into the modern era with some incredible technology.

But first, I am sure you are wondering…

What is MEL Science?

Their company goal is: making science education easy, interesting, and effective. On all fronts they have succeeded!

Based in the UK it is an educational subscription box that started with a focus on chemistry but has now expanded to offer Physics and STEM for Kids options too.

The best part about MEL Science is that these experiments go beyond what you can easily do at home. These are complex lessons and studies that teach valuable science skills and instill an excitement for the sciences and its study.


Not only does MEL Science include all the supplies needed to conduct these Chemistry experiments, but they also include an incredible VR experience. The MEL Science VR app works with your phone and allows kids to take interactive lessons and see exactly what is happening during the reactions in their experiments.

Picture this, you do this incredibly exciting chemistry experiment and your kids turn to you and ask, but what is happening? How exactly does this work? You try to explain what is happening at a molecular level, gesturing with your hands or maybe drawing a picture. It’s not really working. So you turn to some books, but can’t find anything really helpful. You try YouTube and some education sites. No one has anything that shows specifically what is happening at the molecular level in the experiment you just conducted.

With MEL Science you will never have that issue again. Do the experiment, then dig in deep by using the VR app that shows exactly what is happening during your chemical reaction at a molecular level. Watch your kids light up with excitement as they learn these concepts in the best, multi-sensory way that ensures these lessons stay with them.

These short VR lessons provide an exceptional value added feature that goes far beyond a textbook or lecture. Plus, kids love the VR experience, especially when you add it to some amazing science experiments for kids!

MEL Science Educational VR Lessons


We love a good circuitry project or experiment using electricity. So when we opened our MEL Science kit and saw the first experiment involved chemistry and electricity, we were pumped!

In addition to the Starter Kit, which includes many staples for your home lab and doing the experiments, our first shipment included two experiments: Making a Tin Hedgehog and Making a Tin Dendrite.

Grow a Tin Hedgehog Experiment
Tin Science Experiment from MEL Science

While conducting our experiments we used two pieces of technology. Our IPad which ran the MEL Science App which walked us through the experiment, and our phone which was set up in the VR headset. They even included a nice stand for the IPad for easy viewing.

The MEL Science Tutorial App

I’ve already mentioned the VR component, and now I want to highlight the educational app. It is done so well. I am used to having papers and trying to read step by step instructions, or staring at a screen, squinting and trying to see what I am supposed to do. The MEL Science App is bright with clear, detailed images, instructional videos, timers, everything you could possibly need to make your experiment a success. It is very professionally done which was a breath of fresh air. This is one subscription box that my kids could easily do without my help. But it’s so much fun, I had to get involved too!

Both of our experiments worked perfectly the first time, plus they included enough supplies that we could do the experiments at least one more time. This is HUGE for families or groups.

Science Labs for Kids Made Easy and Fun

I am really impressed by MEL Science after using their first box. I get to use a lot of products and subscription programs and this program is one of the best I have used. If you have struggled with doing science with your 9 to 14 year olds, check out MEL Science. You won’t be disappointed.

Now go get your lab coats ready, it’s time for science!

Mel Science Chemistry Experiments at home


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