Science Experiments for 5th Graders

5th Grade is a fantastic age to do science. The kids are old enough to start doing some projects independently and they have an insatiable curiosity and passion for learning. Especially when it is hands on experiments with great wow factor! These science experiments for 5th graders will inspire curiosity, sparke a passion for learning, and excite young scientists. If you are working on lesson plans for your grade 5 students (or 5th year), here are some of our top picks!

The Best Science Experiments for 5th Graders

Science Experiments for 5th Graders

Although the topics covered in 5th grade vary based on where you are in the world, there are some consistent themes that are commonly covered at this age. We’ve looked into syllabuses from all over and came up with this list of topics that appear most often. These themes include lesson plans around:

  • Earth and Space
  • Lifecycles (plants and animals)
  • The human body
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Motion
  • Sound
  • Chemistry (such as crystallization)
  • Weather
  • Ecosystems
  • States of Matter
  • Scientific Method

Phew! That’s a lot! But trust me, it can also be fun! Plus this is based on reviewing school curriculums all around the world. You don’t need to tackle all of these subjects. Or maybe you do if you have a passionate young scientist!

Based on this list of topics I have gathered up some of our favourite science experiments (and STEM projects) that are perfect for adding to your 5th grade science lessons.

5th Grade Science Project Ideas

Oobleck States of Matter Exploration

Oobleck is always a hit with kids! We have done a lot of different Oobleck experiments over the years. One of our favourites was a science fair style investigation which also worked on the sense of touch (learning about the body), as we explored different recipes and evaluated how the texture varied with each recipe. But that is just one of many awesome Oobleck ideas we have done. Check them out!

Finding the perfect oobleck recipe science fair project
On a teal and white striped background sits a white bowl filled with blue oobleck that has a purple handprint in the centre. Overlay text says Colour Changing Oobleck a Heat Transfer Experiment
Break Out Box Challenge How to Make Oobleck For Classrooms
Colour changing oobleck recipe and science experiment to inspire young scientific minds
Oobleck Sensory Science
Bartholomew and the Oobleck STEM Activity, unit study inspired by Dr. Seuss

Growing Crystals (Chemistry)

Growing crystals is a great way to introduce students to lab work and chemistry. Usually before this age they have already played around with the basic baking soda and vinegar type reactions, but if they haven’t definitely add those into the mix too. For crystals growing there are lots of different ways to grow crystals. Some use borax which is not available in some countries, but we also have crystal growing options using other solutions such as alum, salt or sugar! With sugar crystals (candy science), you can also explore taste, which ties into the human body studies too.

Crystal Growing Science Experiment
Winter Science Experiments making fake snow.
The secret to growing really big crystals
Want a way to get kids really excited about supersaturated solutions? Challenge them to some kitchen science with rock candy making!
Gorgeous and delicious Candy Geode Kitchen Science
Candy Science Making Candy Fun Science lessons with a delicious result. 10 candy recipes.

Building a Heart Model

Learning about the human body is fascinating and important. We want kids to understand their bodies, how they work, and how to properly care for their bodies. One of our favourite body learning activities was building a heart model that we made beat and move “blood” around. It was a great project for 5th years!

This Heart STEM activity to build a functioning heart model uses all 4 STEM pillars - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Kids will spend some time learning about their own heart rates, then how blood flows through the body. For the exciting conclusion engineer and build a functioning model of a beating heart.

Windmill (STEM Project)

I love when I can combine a great science project with a fantastic book. If you decide to try a windmill engineering challenge (a brilliant STEM Project for 5th grade) there is a fantastic book called The Book Who Harnessed the Wind. This unit study is fantastic because it brings together literacy/reading, history (it’s a true story) plus engineering and physics lessons. The book is a great read with multiple levels of difficulty available.

Windmill STEM Challenge

Elephant Toothpaste

Elephant Toothpaste is a great science experiment for grade 5 that explores chemistry, biology, and states of matter. Plus it is a lot of fun for students!

Elephant Toothpaste

Space Projects

Space is a fantastic topic to tackle with 5th graders! They love learning about the stars, planets and and our place in the universe. We have been obsessed with our space studies for many years and have compiled a great resource with tons of space related science experiments, all perfect for 5th grade! My personal favourite is the pipe cleaner constellations and the space inspired bath bombs!

Space Activities for Kids

Coding Challenges

Coding is the second language of today and the future and something all kids should explore and learn. It can be intimidating to teach coding if it is not something you are familiar with, but thankfully there are a lot of programs and options out there to help kids learn coding. We have a number of screen free options, plus there are programs, toys and more all designed to make learning coding fun and easy!

Coding for kids can be fun and easy with this packet of games and activities for kindergarten to Grade 4
Our top coding toy picks for preschoolers, kids and tweens. The best Coding Toys for Kids!
Binary code is fun to learn with this ASCII Binary Code Puzzle Game. Have fun deciphering the secret words with a magic reveal that kids love.

Circuit Building

Light it up! Kids in grade 5 are the perfect age to build circuits and learn how electricity works. From salt circuits, to circuits built with food, to circuit bugs, there are so many cool options for you to explore.

Glow Salt Circuit STEAM Activity
Harry Potter Wands project for kids using STEM principles
Build a potato battery that powers a light bulb. A fantastic STEM activity and science fair project exploring circuits and energy production.
With the popularity of our Circuit Bugs STEM Activity it was time to come up with something new, something with a little extra art. Introducing Circuit Flowers! Explore chromatography, diffusion, engineering and circuit building with this hands on STEAM activity. Great for mothers' day, spring, girls in STEM, and more!
Learn all about electricity, batteries, power and more by building a Lemon Battery in this science experiment

Wingardium Leviosar

Magnets are fascinating for kids and a great tool for doing some simple science experiments. One of our favourite science experiments we did in grade 5 tied into the Harry Potter books, Wingardium Leviosar Magnetism Experiment. Making this another fun cross subject activity!

Wingardium Leviosa Science Experiment Make A Feather Levitate

Water Science

Water is an incredible tool for doing science experiments with liquids in 5th grade. You can use it to study states of matter, physics, chemistry, and more. It is readily accessible, safe for kids and the experiments are a ton of fun! We have done lots of experimenting with water science over the years. Check out our comprehensive resource on Water Science Projects for the perfect experiment for your studies.

Water projects and Science Experiments

Make It Move

Make it Move is a fantastic classroom challenge, where kids need to innovate and come up with ways to make their car race across a track or table without pushing it! Give them a variety of supplies and a matchbox car, then watch those imaginations go wild.

MAKE IT MOVE! - STEM Challenge that kids of all ages will love as they race to the finish!

Balloon Races

A wonderful activity for introducing physics concepts to kids in 5th year is balloon races. It gets them up and moving and having a blast exploring these fundamental concepts around Newton’s Laws of Motion. Budget friendly, fun and perfect for home or the classroom, this is one activity you must do!

Exciting, hands on physics activities that explore Newton's Laws of Motion. An inquiry based lesson plan to facilitate deeper learning and retention.
Rudolf Races Balloon Physics Christmas STEM
Get everyone moving with this Cupid's Arrow Balloon STEM Challenge. A fun twist on balloon races while learning Physics & Newton's Third Law of Motion.
Halloween Physics Balloon Races
Turkey Races Thanksgiving STEM Activities

Layers of the Earth Soap

Learning about the layers of the Earth with this soap making project is a great way to explore our gorgeous planet. Plus, every time the kids wash their hands they will remember the lessons on the planet layers, helping to reinforce those concepts.

Layers of the Earth DIY Soap Project so kids can learn about our Earth in a sustainable way

Climate Change and the Greenhouse Effect

Students will gain a greater understanding of the water cycle, climate change and the way greenhouse gases capture and hold heat in this experiment in a jar. Fantastic as an experiment, science fair project, or a classroom demonstration.

Greenhouse Effect Science Experiment

Lifecycle Activities

Learning about lifecycles is a very popular topic for our 5th grade students. We have a fun Lifecycle Decoding Activity that is perfect for some screen free learning. Plus it combines coding skills with learning about lifecycles.

Code Breakers Life Cycle Worksheets

Rain Clouds

Looking for a gorgeous, simple, and fairly quick experiment? Try this Rainbow Rain Clouds experiment and learn how clouds work when it rains. It’s easy, fast and kids can do this experiment independently.

Rainbow Rain Shaving Cream Cloud in a Jar Experiment

Scientific Method

One of the key concepts kids should be learning not just in grade 5 but throughout their schooling is the Scientific Method. Using the method should become natural and easy with practice and encourages critical thinking and analysis which is important for all students to master.

Scientific Method for Kids

The Science Fair

Grade 5 is a very popular grade for science fair projects! We LOVE doing science fair projects and have so many ideas. Check out our comprehensive resource to find the perfect science fair project idea. We also provide tips on how to prepare, what to expect, and topic ideas.

Science fair project ideas and guide

Grade 5 is a wonderful year for science experiments and hands on learning. Enjoy these top picks for Science Experiments for 5th Graders.

Science Experiments for 5th Graders

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