STEM Capsules

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It’s an acronym that has become a powerhouse in education around the world. It can also be intimidating or overwhelming for those just getting started with STEM. Trying to come up with activity ideas, learning how to integrate the pillars, making the activities accessible for all ages… it can seem like a LOT! But it doesn’t need to be. With STEM Capsules you can have a whole week packed full of STEM Activities, all with one simple supply list. Let’s explore STEM Capsules!

Making STEM Activities Easy

STEM Capsules - making STEM easy

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When I asked our STEAM Powered Family readers their biggest challenge right now, two answers were the overwhelming winners.

  • Needing STEM Ideas – Because who has time to think of these things? We have more than enough on our plates! We just want to keep our kids educated, busy and happy.
  • Budget – Budgets are so tight! Innovative educators everywhere are always trying to find ways to stretch their dollars while still providing powerful learning experiences for their students.

Here at STEAM Powered Family we are passionate about STEM and wanted to come up with a way to make STEM easier for our readers.

Introducing STEM Capsules!

Each STEM Capsule is a digital, printable resource focused around a specific theme. It includes a one week lesson plan of STEM activities using one budget friendly, easy, supply list.

Each STEM Capsule is a printable PDF resource that includes:

  • Budget friendly, easy, supply list (the supplies can be found easily online, at your grocers, or even dollar stores)
  • 6 STEM projects with detailed instructions using items from the supply list
  • Extension project ideas for those that want to dig deeper
  • record sheet for each project so students can record their findings
  • decoding vocabulary challenge to help reinforce STEM vocabulary words used in the projects
  • word search

The first two STEM Capsule themes are: Chemistry and Water.

We will be creating new STEM Capsules, each with activities all using one simple supply list. This article will be updated as they become available.

How to Use STEM Capsules

STEM Capsules have everything you need for a STEM unit study on the particular topic.

Start by going through the supply list and ensuring you have everything you need.

Next look through the activities. The lesson plan is designed to be completed within one week, however, you can easily adapt it to be done over a month or more and spread out the activities.

You may also want to adapt some of the activities. Extension activity suggestions are included for those that want to dig in deeper or do more advanced activities. Note: additional supplies may be required for extension activities.

As you complete each activity ensure your students complete the lab sheets and place them in a binder to keep track of their activities. I love taking pictures of the activities and printing those off to also include with their lab sheets.

Once you have completed all the activities have the students complete the decoding vocabulary challenge and the word search to demonstrate understanding the vocabulary words used in the capsule.

How to Get STEM Capsules

STEAM Powered Family STEM Capsules are available through the STEAM Powered Family Shop or at Teachers Paying Teachers.

Water Capsule:

STEAM Powered Family Shop or

Teachers Paying Teachers

Chemistry Capsule:

STEAM Powered Family Shop or

Teachers Paying Teachers

STEM Capsules Making STEM Easy