Genius Egg Experiments and STEM Projects

It may seem like the lowly egg doesn’t have much to offer, but it can be the subject of some fascinating science experiments! Kids will love exploring this breakfast staple and seeing all the fascinating ways it can be used to explore scientific principles. Check out our list of Egg Science Experiments.

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We love doing experiments that excite and inspire curiosity. One of the ways to do this is to use everyday items in spectacular and new ways.

Eggs are one of those items that are packed full of scientific surprises!

Now I am actually a very hesitant user of eggs in science experiments. Why? Because I am extremely allergic to raw eggs. I need to be so careful. And frankly I don’t quite trust that I won’t have a reaction, but with careful planning and ensuring my kids are mature enough to handle the eggs safely, we have successfully done lots of great egg experiments.

Not all of these experiments use actual eggs though, I have rounded up some really fun experiments that all have an egg theme, sometimes with no actual eggs involved! Better for my allergy risk and if you have a classroom with students with egg allergies it will give you some options and ideas.

Ready for some egg-citing science fun? Let’s go!

Egg Drop Challenge

There are a few ways you can do an egg drop challenge. You can engineer and build structures to help protect the egg from breaking, which is a fantastic challenge for a camp or classroom or club setting. The kids can all learn from each other’s designs to see what worked and what didn’t work. Or you can try a different route and do our Egg Drop Challenge with Oobleck. Cue the non-Newtonian Fluid fun!

Egg Drop Project Designs and Ideas
Oobleck Egg Drop Project

Crystal Egg Geode Science Experiment

This is one of the prettiest experiments ever! I am just obsessed with how gorgeous they turned out, and once we overcame an ingredient fail, it was actually a very easy science experiment. The results are also extremely tough, which is great for your younger elementary kids. Check out how easy it is to make these gorgeous Crystal Egg Geodes.

Crystal Growing Science Experiment

Dragon’s Egg Gummies – Polymer Science

Everyone loves a science experiment that results in a tasty treat! And that is exactly what you get with this polymer science experiment where kids learn how to make gummy candies inspired by dragon’s eggs. We also did them in the Rainbow colours, so there is a bit of a colour lesson too. Did I mention they are delicious? So good! Get the full recipe and lesson for Dragon Egg Gummies here.

Rainbow Dragon's Egg Homemade Gummies

DIY Decorate Easter Egg Bath Bombs

This is a fun activity making easy Easter Egg bath bombs at home that kids can then decorate just like regular Easter Eggs! We love making bath bombs as it is a great way to explore chemistry with kids. Plus everyone loves a fizzy bath bomb! You can also make these ahead of time and put them in some plastic eggs so the kids can decorate them on Easter, then take a nice relaxing bath with their creation.

Easter Egg Bath Bombs for Kids to Decorate

Golden Egg Bath Bombs – Harry Potter

Inspired by our love of Harry Potter and the gorgeous golden dragon eggs in the Triwizard Tournament, we made these Golden Egg Bath Bombs. Just like in the movie, you take these golden eggs into the bath to release the magic! In this case it is a fantastic, bubbly chemical reaction that gives us that bath bomb fizz. Bath bomb making is an incredible project for kids to learn chemistry and make wonderful homemade gift ideas. Learn how to make Golden Egg Bath Bombs for your Harry Potter fan.

Harry Potter Bath Bombs Recipe inspired by Goblet of Fire Golden Egg

Egg in Vinegar Experiment and Cell Study

In this project we are shelling a raw egg. It sounds incredible, and in a lot of ways it is! Using chemistry we remove the shell, leaving the raw egg still in the membrane. The result is a somewhat bouncy egg (don’t bounce too hard or SPLAT!), that allows you to see inside the egg. Using colours, we are also about to study osmosis and cell structure. This is a fascinating study for kids of all ages. Get the full Egg in Vinegar Experiment and Cell Study here.

Square image showing naked eggs in a rainbow of colors

Monster Eyes Rubber Eggs

This fun activity is a fun, Halloween twist on the traditional Egg in Vinegar Experiment above. But this time we make them into a bowl full of Monster Eyes. They are bouncy, they are squishy, they are rubbery, and they are totally perfect for Halloween!

Halloween Egg in Vinegar Monster Eyes

How To Naturally Dye An Egg

In the spring, especially around Easter, kids love colouring their eggs. One exciting way to colour eggs is by using natural items. This can create some gorgeous colours that will wow your kids!

Homemade Easter Egg Dye

Hatching Dino Eggs – Fizzy Science

Need a crowd pleasing activity? Try hatching dino eggs! This classic chemistry experiment using a basic sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and vinegar reaction to produce spectacular results as kids of all ages will excitedly work to hatch their baby dinosaurs and set them free! Learn how to make your own fun Fizzing Dino Eggs.

Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs

We loved our dino eggs so much we decided to make a bath bomb version. With these bath bombs a baby dinosaur is hidden inside, and to hatch your dinosaur you need to take a bath! As your bath bomb fizzes away your baby dinosaur will finally hatch. Another great chemistry experiment for kids. Get the step by step directions on how to make your own Dinosaur Bath Bombs For kids.

Dinosaur bath bombs made with love for young paleontologists

Thermal Study with Starlite

One of the most fascinating ways to explore the thermal insulating powers of Starlite Material was to test it on eggs. We used eggs a number of different ways in this experiment which is an amazing way to see how some simple kitchen pantry items, can create a product with incredible insulating powers. A great science experiment exploring heat transfer. Check out the video to see the eggs and Starlite in action.

Grade 7 science fair project with starlite

More Easter Egg Ideas

Another fun activity that you can store in plastic eggs is to make Peeps Playdough.

Edible playdough is a fantastic sensory play product, encourage learning and exploration with all the senses. This easy DIY playdough recipe has glitter for an extra special treat. The best part is that it is all edible! Using Peeps makes it perfect for Easter, or replace with marshmallows for a year round treat.

A super easy and delicious treat is to make Eggs in a Nest. This no bake recipe is fun for all ages to make and eat!

Eggs in a nest kid made no bake treats

Want more? Why not try this Egg in a Bottle experiment from Left Brain Craft Brain?

Or swap out the potato in this salt water floating experiment for an egg. The results are the same!

Or build a chick hatching out of an egg with Lego or try these Lego egg races. So much fun!

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