Over 25 Of Our Top Science Experiments For Curious Kids

We do a lot of science. It’s one of the things we all enjoy. A good experiment is fun for all ages. Even when we have company over, a few good science experiments are fantastic entertainment. So it should come as no surprise that our readers here at STEAM Powered Family also love a good science experiment, but some of our readers are new to science. Or unsure how to start. So based on reader popularity, here are our Top Science Experiments, perfect for those looking for inspiration to foster curiosity in young minds.


Our top 25 science experiments and activities as chosen by the STEAM Powered Family readers

It is always fun for me to watch trends and see which science experiments are the most popular here at STEAM Powered Family. It helps me know where we can do more work and create new activities. But it occurred to me that it also provides my readers with some great inspiration and ideas. These are the top posts. Not my favourites, but favourites chosen by readers.

Slime Making – Exploring Polymers

First up should come as no surprise, our readers LOVE playing with polymers. Yes, I mean slime making! I was so excited last year to find a reliable and easy way to make slime that used locally available ingredients that didn’t affect my health (borax powder is a big trigger for my heart condition and liquid starch is not available in my part of the world). And it turns out our readers were looking for the same thing. My biggest tip if you want to do some slime science? Experiment! Try different ratios, try more or less of different ingredients, try adding different colours or little items. How does adjusting these variables affect the outcome? Most of all, have fun!


Circuits and Coding

Learning how circuits work, engineering circuits, plus coding are all very popular with the STEAM Powered Family. You love a great activity that seems to come to life at the end! Perhaps your little bug has eyes that light up or you built a memory game. There were lots of great circuit activities and articles on coding that drew a lot of traffic this past year.


Water Experiments

Learning with water is so easy and so much fun. Both indoor and outdoor activities can be done with water and each one teaches a new lesson. We always have fun with these experiments and it gives us some great conversation starters.


Kitchen Science 

Pulling items from the pantry to create science is always popular. It makes life so much easier when we have items readily at hand, and we can learn some valuable lessons about items that are in our lives every day. So what were the most popular kitchen science experiments this year? Some of these surprised me!


Engineering Challenges

Kids love to build and create, so whenever we come up with a unique way to help them chase those passions it can be a big win for everyone. But not every child likes to engineer in the same way. Give my oldest a Lego set and he will never build it, but ask him to construct an epic Nerf War Battlefield in the backyard? Now you are talking his language! Maybe you will find an engineering challenge here to inspire your children.


More Science Experiments and Projects 

That is a lot of science so far but there is even more in our top articles. Here are a few more to help inspire your lessons at home or in the classroom. Remember, kids that are having fun are learning!



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Our top 25 science experiments and activities as chosen by the STEAM Powered Family readers