Coding Unicorns – An adventure in colours and coding for kids

My kids have always enjoyed learning coding, so when I created Coding Monsters and Coding Cats I knew we would find a few kindred spirits. Not only did we find you, but quickly the requests started pouring in for more coding materials. So here is the next installment, Coding Unicorns, and it is a colourful, fun way of learning coding for kids!

Colourful Coding For Kids

Coding for kids has never been so fun and colourful! Coding Unicorns is an exciting activity workbook that teaches coding to elementary aged kids

I have always loved coding. I vividly remember sitting in front of my old Commodore 64 at 7 years old, my orange covered paperback book on coding propped open with one hand as I hunted and pecked in codes. 7 year old me would have LOVED all the amazing coding toys and coding resources that are available for kids today!

When I polled readers on my Facebook page about future coding pack themes Unicorns and Dinosaurs were neck and neck, so I decided to create both! The first one I finished up was Unicorns and your young STEAMist is going to love the combination of arts and coding in this packet.

What’s Inside Coding Unicorns

My favourite new feature in this coding pack is a binary colour by numbers challenge. Colouring by numbers is something lots of kids love, but simply following a colour legend is far to basic for our intrepid coders! So in this challenge kids need to decipher binary code to reveal the colours and complete the legend. Then they can colour the page. A bonus colouring page is included. Kids can use it to create their own binary colouring challenge, or colour just for the love of colours and unicorns!

Then we have a coding game with a variety difficulty levels. It starts with simple game play for our youngest coders, and develops into a fantastic strategy and creative challenge that even teens will love. I’ve added in lots of creative bonuses to this section to make it an excellent resource for older kids and kids working in pairs or small groups. Something many of you asked for!

The next coding activity uses a gorgeous cipher that is used to reveal empowering messages, plus the answers to some fun riddles that will have kids giggling.

Build a STEAM Unit Study

Lots of readers wrote in and told me they wanted to create unit studies or a week of activities around these coding packs. So in Coding Unicorns I have included links to a variety of projects and experiments that you can do to compliment your studies, all inspired by a love of unicorns and rainbows!


As an added bonus, why not add in a Crunchy Unicorn Floam for some sensory fun?

This unicorn floam slime recipe creates a beautiful, amazing smelling and satisfyingly crunchy slime that you will love playing with

Or this incredibly delicious Unicorn Fudge.

Easy, delicious and gorgeous rainbow unicorn fudge

Maybe try your hand at some Unicorn Bath Bombs and explore an exciting chemical reaction.

brushed unicorn bath bombsUnicorn Galaxy Bath BombUnicorn Salt Bath BombUnicorn Horn Bath Bombs


Coding Unicorns – Where to buy

Coding Unicorns is now available in the STEAM Powered Family shop and the STEAM Powered Family Teachers Paying Teachers store. It is a digital file that will be delivered directly to you and comes with a classroom use license. Grab your copy now and inspire your young coder with this colourful activity pack.

Coding for kids has never been so colourful! This Coding Unicorns activity embraces colour and coding to inspire and teach kids basic coding skills.

What’s Next For Coding?

Currently in development is a dinosaur themed coding packet. I have some ideas for blending this into a unit study, so it is taking a little extra time, but it is coming! I also have a surprise in the works for my readers that I can’t wait to share with you. Details on that will be coming in early August. But trust me, all my teachers, educators and homeschooling parents are going to want to watch for this announcement.

For now, happy coding!

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    Coding for kids has never been so colourful! This Coding Unicorns activity embraces colour and coding to inspire and teach kids basic coding skills.


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