Valentine’s Day Printables

This Valentine’s Day bring a little love to your learning in the classroom or home with these Valentine’s Day printable activities. This year we are focusing on literacy but we also have some fun STEM Valentine’s Day printables including some engineering challenges and coding challenges.


Hearts and Valentine's Day Classroom Printables and Resources

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As Valentine’s Day approaches the standard Valentine’s Day cards and boxes will be happening, but what about some learning activities you can do in the class or at home? Yes, these activities are fun enough to do at home!

I love watching my children’s faces light up when I bring out activities that embrace the excitement of the season. Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that kids always get so excited about. My job is to harness that excitement and passion and bring that energy into our lessons. Over time it will lead to that same excitement and love being felt about learning. At that moment, I have succeeded at my job!

We have a combination of free and paid printables you can use in your classroom, literacy centers, homeschool rooms, while waiting in a doctors office, or just to bring a little love to learning and worksheets.

Valentine’s Day Code Breakers

We love a good coding challenge that is also a puzzle and art project! With these code breaker activities you will feel the love as your students practice sequential processing (an important base for coding skills) as they go step by step to reveal the hidden art. There is also a clue to the mystery image for kids to unlock. This printable is available free for all STEAM Powered Family members of our mailing list. Join and grab yours here, or if you are already a member, simply enter your email to unlock the printable.

Building the Holidays Challenges (Lego)

This printable is actually good year round! It includes Lego building challenges for holidays all year long, including 12 challenges just for Valentine’s Day. Get your Lego out and start building! Don’t have Lego? No problem. These challenges can also be used for drawing challenges, writing challenges, story telling challenges and more. The word prompts offer lots of versatility. This printable is available free for all STEAM Powered Family members of our mailing list. Join and grab yours here or if you are already a member, simply enter your email to unlock the printable.

Coded Candy Hearts

We love a good decoding challenge. It teaches critical thinking skills, attention to details, spelling, reading and is just plain fun! In this printable kids have fun revealing the hidden words on their candy hearts. This printable is free for all STEAM Powered Family members of our mailing list join now or if you are already a member, simply enter your email to unlock the printable.

Valentine’s Day Compound Code Breakers

Compound Code Breakers is a great way to practice decoding and learning about compound words. We have a whole series of these available. Our current pack includes one for each season, a holiday one and now Valentine’s Day. Practice spelling, build vocabulary, and master the concept of compound words, all while building early coding skills. Compound Code Breakers can be purchased at the STEAM Powered Family Shop and on Teachers Paying Teachers.

Valentines Day Code Breakers Printable

Valentine’s Day Fun With Words

This Valentine’s Day have fun with words! A fantastic activity pack for classroom, activity centers, or for use at home. Projects include a Word Scramble, Compound Word Scramble and Solve, Word Creation, Valentine’s Day Alphabet Challenge, Valentine’s Day Jokes Decoding Challenge. All the activities are provided in colour, or with line drawings for kids to colour themselves. This fun package is available in our STEAM Powered Family shop or on Teachers Paying Teachers.

Valentine's Day Literacy Printable

Spinning Pop Up, 3D Valentine’s Day Card Craft

Whew! That’s a big name, but this is such an amazing project! We love a craft project that is also a STEM challenge and this project rings all the bells! Using our free printable for mailing list members, you actually get TWO projects in one, with templates that can also be used for Mother’s Day. Kids will create a stunning card that pop up when opened, setting a gorgeous rose spinning. It is a project kids will be incredibly proud to create and gift to someone special for Valentine’s Day.

Visit here to learn more about this project and grab your free template.

VAlentine's Day and Mother's Day STEM Craft Cards

I hope you enjoy all of these Valentine’s Day printables and have fun bringing these holiday into your lessons!

Looking for more Valentine’s Day activities? Check out our Valentine’s Day STEM Activities for lots of hands on activities to foster a love of learning!

Valentine's Day Elementary Classroom Resources

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