Creepy, Crawly Homemade Spider Soap

Do you have kids who love things that are decidedly creepy? Halloween is a favourite time of year around here because my kids love all the creepy crawly fun that comes with this season and this homemade spider soap fits the bill perfectly!

Creepy Homemade Spider Soaps make a great kids project, especially for Halloween

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We love making soaps around here. It is a really fun project for kids that provides unlimited opportunities for them to explore their creativity. Plus, I love that the result is consumable, making it better for the environment than a lot of projects that just create more landfill.

Although some of our soap projects have lessons built into them, like our Layers of the Earth Soap, this spider soap is simple creepy fun! The little rubbery spiders crawling out of the soaps, slowly being released as you wash up, are enough to make many shudder!

Spider soaps may make me second guess washing my hands, my kids can’t stop washing with these soaps! They say it is like a spider rescue and love seeing how the spiders slowly escape from their soapy trap.

Straight from the mouths of my kids, “these soaps are the best in creepy, crawly awesomeness!”

I mean just look at this!!

So creepy with spiders in and crawling out of the homemade soap

This homemade soap recipe is perfect for a Halloween party and so easy to make. You can even use them as party favours. Simple wrap them up in cellophane bags with colourful ribbons and they are ready to give to all your guess so they can enjoy the creepiness at home!

They also make a really great alternative to candy for Halloween treat swaps in the classroom. Many classrooms are moving away from allowing candy swaps, and this is a creative and memorable gift alternative!

Perfect for Halloween gifts, these diy spider soaps are so creepy they are perfect

At What Age Can Kids Make Homemade Soaps? 

I recommend this project for 8 and up as you are using a microwave and heating the soap to the point of melting and becoming a liquid. Tweens and teens love making homemade soap recipes, and many can do it on their own, but younger kids should be supervised at all times. You know your kids the best. Make sure their safety always comes first. If you are not sure, provide responsible adult supervision, protective gear as needed, and do the project together. I promise, it is a lot of fun!

Creepy homemade spider soaps make a great project for kids, especially at Halloween

DIY Creepy Spider Soap Recipe Supplies

This makes 3 soaps in 3 different colours: purple, orange and green, for a total of 9 bars of homemade spider soap. Adjust to suit your needs!

1/2 pound clear glycerin soap base
3 teaspoons melted coconut oil, divided
15-20 drops each of lavender essential oil, orange essential oil and patchouli essential oil
Purple, orange and green mica powder
1 bag of creepy fake spiders
Spray bottle of rubbing alcohol
Soap mold
Microwave safe bowl
Sharp knife
Safe cutting surface



Check Out This Spider Soap Making Video

Homemade Halloween Soap with Creepy Spider Directions

We are going to start with the eerie green spider soap.

Cut the soap base into 1” squares. The soap comes “in grids” to make this easy.

Place 6 cubes of glycerin soap base in a microwave safe bowl. Heat the bowl in the microwave on 30 second intervals until melted. Use caution as the bowl may become warm.

Add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to the bowl of melted soap base. Add patchouli essential oil to the bowl. Finally, add green mica powder. Mix well.

Pro Tip! Don’t like patchouli? Why not try lime essential oil or some whatever essential oil you love the most!  

Creepy Halloween Soaps With Spiders

Spray 3 cavities of the mold with rubbing alcohol.

Pour the green soap mixture into each cavity, filling each halfway.  Allow the soap to harden for about 5 minutes.

Place a creepy spider (more if you wish) into each cavity. If you want to have some spiders “crawling out” of the soap bars place them along the sides and tipped up. Carefully fill each cavity with the remainder of the green soap.

Spray the top of the soap with rubbing alcohol to prevent bubbles forming in your soap.

Repeat all the steps for the orange and the purple soaps using orange essential oil for the orange and lavender for the purple.

Allow the soaps to set for at least 2 hours before removing them from the mold. You can let them set overnight if you wish. Store them in an airtight container until you are ready to use them.

To gift them, wrap them in cellophane and tie with a ribbon, they make creepily perfect gifts!

Halloween Soaps With Spiders Crawling Out Of Them

More Awesome Homemade Soap Ideas For Kids

Now you have the soap making bug, why not make a Monster Eyes Soap? You can reuse the same soap molds! And for those that might find the spiders a little too creepy, the eyeballs might not be quite so fear inducing. Just a few years ago my youngest would have never touched the spider soaps. But the eyeball soaps? Those would have been “cool”!

We also love to work our soap making into some really cool lessons. Our Layers of the Earth soap is gorgeous and makes a wonderful science lesson.

Got some cool silicone molds hanging around? Why not try making some amazing soaps! We made Star Wars soaps that were a huge hit!

Gearing up for a fun classroom project? Why not make pencil shaped soaps?

Soap Jellies are all the rage and you can make these jiggly sensory satisfying soaps at home.

Why not invite your kids to come up with some soap making ideas? Once they get the soap making bug, you will be astonished at their creativity!

Happy soap making!

Creepy Homemade Soap Recipe for Halloween with Creepy Crawly Spiders