Spooky Monster Eyes Homemade Soap Project For Kids

This Monster Eyes Homemade soap project is perfect for Halloween! After having so much fun making our Spider Soaps we decided to reuse our molds to make a slightly less terrifying, more fun Halloween soap. And these Monster Eyes Soaps fit the bill!

Homemade Monster Eyes Soaps are a great Halloween project

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Once again making these soaps is so easy and so much fun. The kids get such a sense of accomplishment and pride out of making things that can actually be used. It is incredible to see how they get so excited about showing off their soapy creations.

My favourite part about soap making is how easy it is, and how it lends itself to so much creativity. It is so much fun and the results kids proudly use and love to give as gifts.

Now I am the first to admit our Spider Soaps were super creepy. I was shuddering the whole time. They just seemed way too real! <shudder>

As a mom to kids that have sensory issues I know there was definitely a time when my kids would never have used these soaps. So we needed something that was a little less scary, a lot of fun, and still a great Halloween project.

And these Monster Eyes soaps fit the bill perfectly!

The best part? We can reuse many of the same supplies. Although we did try a few different things with our soap making recipe. As true scientists we are always experimenting and trying new things!

Googly Monster Eyes Soap Making

Check Out Our Video Detailing All The Soap Making Steps


Halloween Monster Eyes Soap Recipe

1/2 pound clear glycerin soap base
4 drops of raspberry oil (Great for our skin, it moisturizes and has antioxidants!)
4 drops of green apple scent (or try your favourite scent!)
Purple and green soap coloring
1 bag of plastic googly eyeballs
Spray bottle of rubbing alcohol
Soap mold



Monster Eyes Homemade Soap Directions

Cut the soap base into 1” squares. This is super easy to do as the soap comes in grids.

In two microwave safe bowls, place 6 cubes in each bowl. Heat the first bowl at 30 second intervals until melted. We are going to make the purple soaps first.

Add 1-2 drops of raspberry oil, 1-2 drops of green apple scent and 1-2 drops of purple color to bowl. Mix well.

Spray 3 cavities of the mold with rubbing alcohol.

Pour the purple soap mixture into each cavity, filling each just until the bottom of the mold is covered with the soap. Wait about 1-2 minutes to allow the soap to set just a bit. Place as many eyeballs as you like, upside down into each cavity. Press down with your finger or a chopstick. Allow the soap to harden for about 5 minutes. Carefully fill each cavity with the remainder of the purple soap.

Spray the top with rubbing alcohol. Remember from our other soap making activities that the rubbing alcohol helps prevent bubbles.

Repeat steps for the green soaps.

Allow soaps to dry for at least 2 hours and store in an airtight container until ready to use.

To gift these, simply wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon. They make a great candy free gift at Halloween or party favour for a Monster themed party.

Happy soap making!

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Have a monster fun filled Halloween!

Spooky Googly Monster Eyes Soap Project for Halloween


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