Glittery, Sparkly Slime With Gold Leaf

We love a good slime, but sometimes it can get boring. Making the same stretchy, slimy concoctions day after day. Eventually even the most dedicated slime lover can get a little bored. We were at that stage. We needed something new, something exciting to reignite our slime love. The answer was simple, yet profound. We created sparkling, glittery foil slime that is as fun and exciting to make as it is to play with!

Making Glittery, Sparkly Slimes With Gold Leaf Foils

Easy foil slime made with contact lens solution glitters and shines and is absolutely fabulous

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We live in Canada which means we don’t have liquid starch in our stores, and our government advises against using borax powder with kids. Personally I really limit my own use of borax powder in experiments and activities because it triggers my heart condition. So how do we make the best, easiest, most stretchy slime ever? We use baking soda and contact lens solution (buffered saline) to make our slime. It is easy, fun and makes wonderful slime.

We discovered our favourite slime recipe almost 2 years ago, after so many slime failures. So many fails!!! And when slime fails it is a messy, snotty, gross mess. We were frustrated but my kids REALLY wanted to play with slime. Then we discovered this recipe and it has become the base for all of our slime creations over the years. From fluffy slime to crystal slime, erupting volcano slime to this amazing new glittery foil slime, we use the same basic recipe.

Bright colours and fabulous glitter make this foil slime an obsession with slime lovers

Glittery Foil Slime Ingredients and Supplies

Elmer’s Glue
Baking Soda
Buffered Saline Contact Lens Solution
Acrylic paint in bright bold colours
Measuring Spoons
Color Gold Leaf Foils


Making Gorgeous Fun Foil Slimes

The first step to make this gorgeous slime is making the actual slime. We are using paints to colour our slime. You can use food colouring if you prefer, but I find I get more colour options with paint and we wanted really vibrant colours for these batches of slime.

Each colour needs to be made separately. So you will need one bowl for each colour. We buy our glue in bulk and estimate our glue amount, but we aim for about 4 oz which is the same as a standard sized glue bottle.

Add your glue to the bowl.

Now add some paint and mix it in with a spoon. Add little bits at a time until you get the desired colour.

Next up we add baking soda, I use 1/2 teaspoon and mix it in well.

Now we need our slime activator, our contact lens solution (buffered saline). Start with 1/2 teaspoon and mix well. It should start to pull away from the sides. Add a few more drops slowly, with LOTS of stirring in between. It will be stringy and start pulling into a lump in the middle.

Add a couple of drops of saline to your hands and start kneading it. Kneading is the most important step. It takes about 5 minutes of kneading to make the most stretchy amazing slime. It will start out very sticky, but as you knead the stickiness will go away. If after a few minutes it is crazy sticky, you can add another drop or 2 of contact lens solution and continue kneading.

If you add too much contact lens solution it will lose all of it’s stretch and become hard.

Knead until you have a nice stretchy slime, then set aside in a bowl and start making your next colour. Repeat until you have a few colours.

This foil slime recipe is so easy to make and because it uses buffered saline it is safe for sensitive skin

Making Our Slime Fabulous With Sparkle and Glittery Shine!

This final step to our fabulous slime creation is by far the MOST FUN!

Take your first batch of slime and make it into a “fat snake” and place it on a good non-stick surface. You can use parchment paper if needed to protect your table.

Now add your second, third and fourth colours until all your slime is laid out in nice rows.

Foil slime is the latest slime obsession for making gorgeous shiny slimes that are so satisfying and easy to make

It’s time for the best step!

Carefully place a foil sheet on top of your slime. Add as many sheets as needed. Then press the foil into the slime. It will break up into such cool patterns! Now work it into the slime. It brings your slime to life in such a fabulous way! Foil slime is definitely NOT boring!

And the satisfying feeling of making this slime is very much like our crunchy floam slime. So satisfying!

There are so many cool items that you can mix into homemade slime recipes to make them exciting and new. Our latest slime obsession is with gold foil sheets in a variety of colours to add fabulous sparkles and glitter to our slime. The result is incredibly easy and satisfying gold leaf slime. Using our favourite, extra stretchy slime recipe as the base, this slime is absolutely fabulous!


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