How to Make Fluffy Slime

Wondering how to make fluffy slime? I’ve had a lot of readers asking me about this extra poofy and puffy version of our favourite slime recipe, so we cooked up a few batches to share with you today. There are a few tricks with fluffy slime to get the best results, so let’s explore this epic version of our contact lens solution slime recipe!


how to make fluffy slime with contact lens solution. Our favourite recipe!

If you have followed along on our slime journey, you know it took a long time for us to find a recipe that works. Since we are not American, we didn’t have access to liquid starch. Although, in a fit of desperation, I actually tried making our own liquid starch! It still didn’t work.

I tried making it with borax and water. It didn’t work, and triggered my health issues. Borax powder can do some amazing things, but it really does a number on me.

Laundry soap didn’t work, and gave me some wonderful rashes and allergic reactions to boot.

Then I discovered our wonderful and amazing combination of baking soda and contact lens solution!

Look at the fluffiness!

learn how to make fluffy slime using our favourite contact lens solution recipe


I share our favourite contact lens slime recipe here, but as a quick run down… and yes it really is this simple! Add your glue to the bowl (yes it works with clear glue and glitter glue!). Add a 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda. Mix. Add food colouring. Mix. Then start adding contact lens solution. Start with about a teaspoon and mix. Once it pulls into a ball, add some contact lens solution to your hands and and start working it. Kneading it like bread. It will start out sticky but eventually turn into this super stretchy slime!

Now, the big issue with this recipe is that people get impatient and add too much contact lens solution. Once you do that the slime will start to break and it is toast. You will need to make a new batch. Remember, little bits with LOTS of kneading in between is the key to successful slime. I will knead a batch for a full 5 minutes before adding more contact lens solution. It is an amazing hand work out!

What I love is that recipe is super forgiving. As long as you are careful with the contact lens solution, it should result in a great slime. Plus, it is super gentle and doesn’t trigger any of my health issues or allergies. WIN!


So that is our standard slime recipe that we use to make all of our slimes. But how do we make fluffy slime?

The recipe is slightly different but the same principles are at work here.

Start by adding 3 or 4 cups of shaving cream to your large bowl.  Don’t use the gel type, it doesn’t work as well. And I recommend using one that is designed for sensitive skin. I will say, that even using the stuff for sensitive skin, I developed a reaction. I am insanely sensitive and allergic though, but still, use caution with fluffy slime.

Next add your food colouring. About 3 or 4 drops should be good. Mix with a spoon.

Add about 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda. Don’t over do the baking soda. Mix.

Now add about 1/2 cup of glue and mix that in completely.

Finally we are ready for the magic! Add about 1 teaspoon of contact lens solution. Start mixing. Mix. Mix. Mix!

It should start to pull away from the sides of the bowl, if it doesn’t add about 1/4 of a teaspoon of contact lens solution and continue mixing with the spoon. Once it starts to “string” and pull from the sides, add some contact lens solution to your hands and start kneading. And kneading. And kneading!!

Our fluffy slime video

It took me 20 minutes to make this batch but I condensed the video into 2 minutes. Remember, if you want the best slime possible, it takes time!

Fluffy Slime Problems

I hear from a number of people that they have issues making fluffy slime. Here are a few things we ran into and how we resolved the issues.

First, it is REALLY easy to over do the contact lens solution with fluffy slime and it will start breaking. I do not know the science behind why it is more susceptible but it is definitely much more sensitive to overdosing on the contact lens solution.

Fluffy slime is more sticky than regular slime. Not insanely so, but it definitely does not pull together as much as regular slime and will stick to your hands a bit. One way to make it a little less sticky is to let it sit for 30 minutes or so after kneading before you start playing with it. Just don’t leave it for too long.

It deflates and isn’t as fluffy. Fluffy slime does not last. In our experience you won’t even get a full 24 hours before it starts to deflate and lose some of that glorious fluffiness. So make it right before you need it for best results. Another issue here, could be the shaving cream. Try a different shaving cream if your fluffy slime is not as fluffy as you would like it. We found using gel shaving creams created a super fluffy slime, until we started kneading it, then it started to deflate and become less poofy.

Fluffy Slime Fun!

So there is our fluffy slime recipe! I hope you enjoy it and it helps you create a successful batch. Remember to ensure you are using the right contact lens solution, there are more details on our original slime recipe plus lot of tips and tricks for slime making. Happy fluffy slime making!

make slime fluffy with this fluffy slime recipe