How To Make Paper Toys

Did you know one of the most budget friendly ways to bring STEAM into your classroom is with paper projects? There are so many projects you can do with paper engineering and arts, it can keep your kids busy learning and having find! Today, we are going to introduce a number of DIY paper toys as a proof how STEAM projects don’t have to be elaborate or expensive to provide fun and learning experience for kids.


Learn how to make homemade paper toys STEAM projects for kids

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In the past we have done a few projects using paper. Our Origami Frogs make a fun game for kids, plus paper quilling a Model of the Solar System and an Owl, we have even made some fun owl bookmarks. Paper can be an incredible medium for STEAM projects. The only limit is your imagination. To kick start those creative juices we are sharing some project ideas to make homemade paper toys.

All of the following STEAM project are paper based and this makes them super simple to make for beginners! Kids will enjoy learning about symmetry, shapes and other math concepts as they make their own paper toys.


Here are some of the supplies you will need for these STEAM projects:
Rainbow Paper (80 gsm)
Light Card Stock (160 gsm)
Glue Stick
Black pen

Certain projects may require additional supplies.

Plus you must check out this amazing new book to inspire you: Easy Paper Projects!



10 Paper Toy Making Projects

Without further delay, take a pick for your first paper STEAM project!

Straw Circle Paper Planes

You can start your introduction to STEAM with super simple paper craft and make straw circle paper planes. Invite kids to experiment with different sizes and shapes to see effects on finished planes.

Paper Airplanes

One of the classics… making paper airplanes! Learn how to fold a paper airplane in one of two different designs. Then put your creativity to work and see how you can make an even better paper airplane.

Fidget Spinners

Kids will enjoy decorating and assembling their own fidget spinners. These easy fidget spinners come with a template to ease making process.

Ninja Fidget Spinner

For little warriors, we prepared Ninja Fidget Spinner tutorial. This simple craft will also introduce origami as a version of STEAM project. You can also check out our origami frogs.

Paper Helicopters

We previously made some paper planes, and now, we can also use paper to make some paper helicopters! Super easy to make and so much fun to watch them fly and spin! This is one of the project featured in the new book Easy Paper Projects.

Paper Boats

You surely made paper boats when you were kids! Pass on the knowledge! Share with kids the joy of making and playing with their own paper boats! If more kids participate, they can make a little contest with finished boats.

Paper Boomerangs

Did you know you can make a paper boomerang? And it can actually fly AND come back? This is another easy origami craft for beginners with STEAM elements. How to add art to this project? Ask kids to decorate it into Aboriginal art!

Thaumatropes, Zoetropes and Benham Discs

When you work on STEAM projects, you can miss a classic like thaumatropes! Learn how to make Thaumatropes with our simple instructions. For the holidays you can make this printable thaumatropes with Christmas theme for kids to make and enjoy optic illusions as they craft their own toys. You can also tackle favourites like Zoetropes and Benham Discs.


Although not quite a toy, Agamograph paper optical illusion art projects are always a hit with kids.

Spinning Tops

Spinning and spinning until you feel dizzy! Make few spinning tops from paper, let kids decorate them and then watch the designs on them blend as they spin around!

Building Blocks

You can use paper for construction as well! Make building blocks out of the paper scraps and invite kids to engineer their own structures. They will learn a lot about construction, balance, resistance, etc.

Jack in the Box paper toy

Remember Jack in the box toys we played with when we were kids? Now you can make your own Jack in the box paper toy and add as many different characters as Jack as your imagination lets you!

Easy Paper Projects Book

If you enjoyed these crafts, especially the Paper based crafts from Maggy, you will also LOVE her new Easy Paper Projects Book. Designed to use the most basic materials – paper, card and stationery to make ALL the crafts in this book! Making crafting inexpensive, accessible and fun. Older kids (8yrs+) will be able to work mostly independently, whilst younger kids can work with parents or siblings. Creating wonderful together time, whilst learning new skills and making fun crafts to keep or gift!

Get your copy today!



One of the most budget friendly ways to bring STEAM into your classroom is with paper projects. Learn how to make paper toys that will inspire your kids.


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