Family Fun Christmas Games

Everyone loves a good game, and even more so when it involves Christmas! While the holidays can be all about presents and picture-perfect moments, the memories we wind up keeping forever are those we spend having fun with those we love. If you’re on the lookout for fun Christmas games to maximize the time you spend with your family this season, here are some of my favorite Christmas games that every member of the family will have a blast playing!

Fun Christmas Games For The Whole Family

Christmas Games for Kids

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Guess The Christmas Scent

Remember our Sense Detective Challenge? Christmas it the perfect opportunity to do a holiday version. We all know those amazing holiday scents, so make a great game of it (and the kids can learn more about their senses too.)

Be it peppermint, nutmeg, pine needles, or cinnamon, Christmas is a wonderland of aromas. Choose a repertoire of natural holiday scents and place them into separate jars. Next, blindfold everyone and make them guess what it is.

Warning: They may get hungry for Christmas treats, so this is the perfect game to combine with a fun family baking session!

Gingerbread House Contest

Making a gingerbread house is a Christmas staple, and you can make the affair a whole lot more fun by turning it into a competition. Make two or three teams and challenge everyone in the family to come up with the best gingerbread house!

Pomander Decorating Race

Have you ever made Pomanders as a child? This traditional activity involves creating an orange spiked with cloves. It is a wonderful activity for building fine motor skills, and it smells incredible! For a fun game, provide each family member with an orange and the same number of cloves, then race to see who can spike their pomander the fastest!

Learn more about making traditional Yule Pomanders from our friends at Forging Magic.

Choose The Best Lights Display Game

One of the best ways to spend a Christmas evening is by going for a neighborhood drive or walk in search of the coolest lights displays out there. If you want to add a twist to the activity, get everyone to become a judge and once you’re back home, team up to choose what the best lights display in town was!

If you want to make your neighbors super happy, make a winner diploma with their names or address on it and mail it to them. Seriously, people who get super extra with their Christmas decor will definitely appreciate knowing an entire family decided theirs was the best.

Cookie Decorating Contest

Baking is best done in winter, so get everyone to put their aprons on and see who can come up with the best cookie decorations. The winner gets a few extra cookies to gorge on at the end of the contest!

You can also do a fun Fudge version like we did here!

The science of fudge activity for kids at Christmas

Hang The Ornament (Hands-Free)

Decorating is an activity in itself, but if you want to make it extra fun, get the whole family to help you out… without using their hands.

Santa Belly Limbo

Limbo is a pretty challenging game in itself, and even more so if you’re carrying a Santa belly under your shirt! Use a pillow or a balloon to create a fake Santa belly, place a limbo stick to a starting height, and get everyone to limbo until they can’t-no-more!

Creative Christmas Tree Challenge

Test everyone’s creative juices by getting the family to create a Christmas tree using everyday items in the house and from your Tinker Space! Set a timer and once the time is up, get everyone to present their creations.

Light it Up – Christmas Tree Circuit Challenge

In this challenge, have everyone make their own Christmas tree glue circuit. The first one to light their LED bulb wins!

Get the full details on how to make this simple, fun and fast circuit activity for the holidays here.

Christmas Tree STEM Activity - Glow Salt Circuit with multi-colour glow.

Find The Christmas Treats

Similar to easter’s egg hunts, but we’re using Christmas-themed goodies this time around! From cookies to candy canes, hide them all over the house, and get everyone to “hunt” for them.

For older kids, you can hide them in trickier places, and you can always give the little ones a head start. Aside from the treats they get to find, the person who finds the most gets to choose what movie to watch or what to order for dinner!

Rudolf Races

Rudolf Races are a high impact, physics challenge that is perfect for the holidays. The challenge is to design a Rudolf balloon who will race the fastest to the finish line. A great game for the family to do individually or in teams.

Learn how to play Rudolf Races game here.

Rudolf Races Balloon Physics Christmas STEM

You can also check out our Turkey Races or Physics Balloon Challenge for even more ideas.

Christmas-Themed “Who Am I?”

Give the traditional “who am I game” a Christmas twist by featuring only Christmas characters. From the classics like Santa and Rudolph to those your kids love like Olaf or The Grinch!

Christmas Minute to Win it!

For even more incredible holiday activities and games for the family, check out these fun Christmas Minute To Win It Games from our friends over at The Chaos and the Clutter. These games are brilliant for the family or classroom!

Need some Minute To Win It Games for the rest of the year? They have you covered there too!

Christmas Games for Kids

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