Christmas Decoder Ornaments Activity

The holidays are here and it seems everywhere you go things are buzzing with excitement. I love bringing holiday themes into our lessons, and this Christmas Decoder Ornament is the perfect STEM Activity for the holiday season!

STEM Ornament Printable Activity

Decoder Christmas Ornament

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Some of our favourite activities lately have been incorporating reading and coding for our little learners. Kids love a good problem to solve and these little decoding activities are perfect. Since they are visual, they are perfect for early readers and struggling readers. It also encourages kids to pay attention to details. Most of all it develops those vitally important critical thinking skills.

In the past we created some fun decoding activities for the seasons and included a free Holiday Compound Word Decoder Activity you can grab here.

This time we are decoding simple holiday words but with a fun holiday twist.

This is a great STEM Ornament project for younger students. We have plenty more amazing Christmas STEM Ornament projects including using bioplastics, chemistry, technology and more including activities for preschool to high school.

Decoder Ornament Activity Supplies

Cello Tape (clear)
Ribbon pieces (optional)
Decoder Ornament Printable (grab it free as a member of the STEAM Powered Family Mailing List)

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    How to use the Holiday Decoder Ornaments

    Print off the free document after unlocking it.

    Cut out each ornament, then cut along the dividing line between the word and code.

    Provide students with the Decoder and the mixed up parts of the ornaments. Challenge them to decode each one to complete the ornaments.

    As they solve each one, tape the pieces together then add a ribbon. Hang up your Decoder Ornaments proudly!

    Create Your Own Decoding Ornament Challenges

    We have also provided blank ornaments and additional coding cards so kids can create their own secret code words for their friends to decipher.

    This is a great way for kids to really get out of the box with their creativity and mastery of language. Writing words using codes is a fantastic challenge. Use a bit of tape to add their coded words to the ornaments. Then have other students decipher the words.

    Alternatively, write out words on the top and have the children write the word in code using the coding cards.

    There are so many fun options for this STEM Ornament Challenge.

    It is a fantastic classroom activity. Have the class hang up all their Decoded Ornaments proudly around the classroom for a festive decoration.

    Happy Holidays!

    Christmas STEM Activity Decoder Ornament


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