DIY Christmas STEM Ornaments

We love making Christmas ornaments for the tree. When the kids were younger our ornaments were crafty things. Usually showing their tiny little fingers in some cute way, but now my son’s hands are bigger than mine we need something that will appeal to older kids. Ornaments created with science and STEM are the perfect solution. To inspire your lessons this fall with educational homemade STEM ornament projects your kids will never forget.


DIY STEM Ornament Projects

There are lots of ways to bring a little STEM into your ornament making plans this year. The results are spectacular and your kids will love telling friends and family all about how they made their ornaments and the lessons they learned. These are the lessons that tend to stick with kids because they are fun and they are repeating the lessons over and over again.

Crystal Growing Christmas Ornaments

Crystal ornaments are so pretty under the lights, and the process of growing the crystals is fascinating science for kids to explore. Whether you are making adorable Gnomes Ornaments with Crystal Beards, or Crystal Wreaths, this is a beautiful ornament project for the holidays. In the Gnome Ornament Project we compare growing crystals with Alum, Salt and Borax so you can find the perfect project.

DIY Gnome Ornaments with crystal beards
Kid Made Crystal Christmas Ornament - Adding some fun science creation to the holidays

If you want to grow your crystals larger, check out the science experiment we did to learn how to make our crystals huge!

Inclusive Milk Plastic STEM Ornaments

We have really enjoyed learning how to make our own plastics with items from the pantry and Christmas ornaments are a great project to make from bio-plastics! We have created ornaments using both milk plastic and gelatin plastic. Our gelatin plastic ornaments will be posted soon, but for now you can check out our milk plastic ornaments. I’ll update with our gelatin plastic ornaments shortly!

Bring a little science to the holiday season with a Science Christmas Ornament Project. Create durable, festive, gorgeous pieces with milk plastic chemistry

Möbius Strip Infinity Christmas Ornaments

This is such a great way to bring in a little math to your ornament making project. Making a Möbius Strip is so easy, but also fascinating. Add a festive message for an infinite loop of holiday cheer! Add making Möbius Strip Christmas Ornaments to your lesson plans this year!

Clear Bioplastics Ornament

These clear ornaments look amazing against the gorgeous Christmas tree lights. Using items in the pantry, make your very own bioplastics and turn them into stunning ornaments for the tree. Bioplastic Christmas Ornaments are a sure fire WOW project for the season.

Bioplastic ornament STEAM project

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Ornament

These ornaments are so much fun to make! Got an old keyboard and some crafting supplies? You can do this activity. Simply take apart an old keyboard, let the kids can explore the inner workings, then use the keys to make ornaments with cute sayings.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Ornament - A fun STEAM activity that teaches about computers, keyboard functions, engineering, fine motor skills and more.

Pomander Heritage Ornaments

Although this doesn’t have a STEM component we have included the Pomander because it has strong historical ties and could be created as part of a history unit study. It is also a fantastic sensory project and fine motor task. Plus, they smell incredible!

Pomander DIY Project

Bath Bomb Ornaments

It’s no secret how much we love making bath bombs around here. The science behind bath fizzies is absolutely fascinating and face it, all kids love science that erupts! With these ornaments we are making special bath bomb ornaments. They look amazing on the tree and when the holidays are over, pop open the ornament and enjoy a relaxing bath. Save the casing so you can make bath bomb ornaments again next year! This is a great STEM ornament that includes a Chemistry lesson.

Christmas Ornament Bath Bombs Recipe and Making Instructions

Nutcracker Inspired Ornament

This printable project explores the story of the Nutcracker and has kids make beautiful ornaments of dancers for the tree. The Nutcracker printable pack includes the story, activities, plus templates for the ornament.

Nutcracker Printable Activity Pack and Craft

3D Geometry Ornament Printable Project

This 3D Paper Ornament project is perfect for the classroom! Engineering, Arts and Maths all come together in a fun and easy ornament building project using budget friendly supplies. Kids will love the ability to colour and customize their ornaments.

Paper Engineering STEAM DIY Christmas Ornament Hanging on a Tree

Decoder Ornaments

This fun Decoding Ornament assembly challenge has kids decoding the words to match up the halves of the ornaments. You can even create your own ornament word challenges. Simply tape the pieces together to complete your ornament and add a ribbon. A fantastic early coding exercise for the holidays.

Decoder Christmas Ornament
Circuit-Tree - A STEAM powered activity that involves building basic circuitry to create a festive tree for the holidays.

Have fun making your very own ornaments this year powered by STEAM learning!

STEAM Christmas Ornament Projects