Nutcracker Craft For The Holidays

The Nutcracker is synonymous with the holidays for so many people. One of my favourite holiday memories as a child was going to the Nutcracker ballet. The music, story, beautiful dancing, it was a magical evening for this little red headed princess. To celebrate the Nutcracker this holiday season we have this wonderful printable literacy pack and craft.

Nutcracker Printable Craft

Nutcracker Activity Pack

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This activity pack is a fantastic way to introduce young students to the Nutcracker.

The printable pack includes a full colour story of the Nutcracker that you can either read aloud or have your students read.

A word search encourages vocabulary building.

Finally, kids get to create their very own Sugar Plum Fairy ornament. This Nutcracker craft is so much fun and kids will love hanging it for the holidays.

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Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament Craft

Materials and supplies:

The printable pack from our shop
Printed copies the 2 craft sheets on cardstock paper
Scissors (small is better and nice and sharp)
Transparent tape
Ornament hook, paper clip, string and/or thin ribbon
Mod Podge and paintbrush (optional)
Adult hands to help little hands


Visit our shop to purchase and download the printable activity pack for the Nutcracker.

After reading the story together, print off the two craft pages.

Cut the full-color Sugar Plum Fairy out with sharp scissors, leaving a bit of white space around
the dancer.

Use a sharp object to poke a very small hole at the top of the dancer’s head. Thread a ribbon
or string through the hole. (You can also just use an ornament hook or paper clip.)

Next cut out her tutu. Cut the slit along the line. Hold the tutu with the printed side up. Then,
slide the tutu onto the dancer at the waist.

Secure the tutu in place, by using a bit of tape underneath the tutu. You may need to adjust the slit and/or tape so that the tutu fits just right.

Repeat with the colouring sheet version so your kids can create their own Sugar Plum Fairy and coloured by them!

Optional: use Mod Podge to lightly paint the ornaments. Allow them to dry. Don’t use too
much, or the printer ink will start to rub off and distort the design.

Hang it on the tree or somewhere special to celebrate the Nutcracker over the holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Nutcracker Printable

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