Pudding Playdough Recipe

Need a quick and easy playdough recipe, no cooking required, and ready in minutes? What if I told you it smells incredible? Oh and it uses items you probably already have in your pantry. Intrigued? You should be, this playdough recipe is the perfect rescue for rainy days, sensory play and when you need a quick solution to entertain the kids. Oh and did I mention it is taste safe? See, this playdough recipe is perfect for a parent on the run!

Fall Leaf Playdough

Pudding Playdough No Cook Recipe

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My children are old enough that I no longer need to worry about them trying to taste playdough. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love a playdough recipe that smells good enough to eat!

In the past we have made other taste safe recipes including: a Fudge Playdough, Marshmallow Playdough, and a Kool-Aid Playdough. Each one was a fun and interesting way to make playdough, and each one smelled good enough to eat!

So today we tackle a new playdough recipe, Pudding Playdough! Like many of our favourite playdoughs that the kids enough making themselves, this is a no cook playdough recipe. That means even your little ones can take pride in making their own playdough!

Plus you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry. Especially if you have spent any time around here making things like Oobleck.


¼ cup vanilla* flavored instant pudding mix (note: If you use a 3.4 oz. box, you will enough left over for second batch)

1 cup corn starch

⅓ cup warm water

*NOTE: Feel free to replace with any flavour of pudding! You will get different smells and different colours.


Mixing bowl

Mixing spoon

Plastic mat

Themed Toys and Items – We did a nature theme with trees and colourful leaves, but you can do any theme you wish! Dinosaurs, cars, unicorns, vikings, cats… whatever your kids enjoy or pick a theme that ties into a unit study.


Start by measuring and adding the pudding mix to the mixing bowl.

TEACHING TIP! This making this pudding playdough is a great time to talk about fractions.

Now add half of the corn starch to the bowl. Have your kids work out that half equals 1/2 cup in this recipe.

Pour in the water.

Mix the dough well. You can start with a spoon but will need to start working it with your hands once it starts to pull together.

Add in the other half of the corn starch.

Continue mixing it all together.

Finish by kneading the dough with your hands until you get the desired consistency. You can try and do this in the bowl, but it is easier on a kneading mat or plastic mat, or even a plastic place mat.

The dough should feel soft to the touch and should not be sticky once it is ready.

If your dough continues to be sticky even after lots of kneading, add a bit more corn starch.

Place the dough on a plastic mat for play time!

Add in your themed items and start playing and exploring.

Is It Playdough or Slime?

Boy, we get this question sooooo often. Slime has become an obsession for some, but many parents are looking for alternatives that are not so sticky and messy.

This recipe can be a nice alternative to slime. Although we call it a playdough, as you play with it and it warms to your hands and develops a lot of stretch. It becomes much more slime like, but without glue and that crazy stickiness that has driven many parents crazy trying to remove slime from hair, clothing or furniture!

So if you are looking for a slime like recipe with no glue, no contact lens solution, no borax, and is generally a lot easier to make and work with, give this recipe a try.

Your kids will probably fall in love with it’s soft texture, sketchiness and amazing smell!

And don’t forget, these playdough recipes are all wonderful for sensory exploration, helping to build fine motor skills, encourage creativity, and to ease anxiety.

Happy playing!

No Cook Pudding Playdough Recipe

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