Marshmallow Unit Study

What child doesn’t love marshmallows? Even the ones who don’t like eating them, still love playing with them! Which is why we picked Marshmallow Science as our next unit study. There is so much STEAM learning that can happen with these tasty, fluffy treats. Check out everything we included in our Marshmallow Science Unit Study.

Marshmallow Science Unit Study

Marshmallows are a fantastic unit study with lessons in science, engineering, math and so much more. Dive into some extra tasty kitchen science by making your own homemade marshmallows (so much better than store bought), and even some sensory play.

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One of our goals around here is to create lessons that can be adapted for a variety of ages, abilities and interests. With that in mind I’ve gathered up a number of different activities and resources so you can pick and choose what will work best for your Marshmallow loving students. Some of these activities can be used as young as preschool, while others are best suited to middle grade students. Use common sense, you know your students and children the best.

Getting Started – Marshmallow Tinkering

What is the best way to start exploring marshmallows? Let kids play! Simply set out a variety of items like marshmallows of various shapes, sizes and colours, skewers, toothpicks, candy decorating pens, magnifying glasses or even a microscope, knives or scissors, and more. Let the kids get hands-on and learn. It doesn’t matter if they want to be scientists, engineers or artists, however they want to explore the marshmallows is fine. The more excited they are about learning, the more they will learn.

Tip! For little guys a set of playdough knives and scissors works perfectly and are much safer for small fingers.

Here are some items we include in a marshmallow exploration centre:


Now on to some ideas for building your Marshmallow Unit Study, play centre or STEM Project.

Exploring Marshmallows 

Our favourite way to explore marshmallows is this hands-on learning activity making Marshmallow Playdough. It is so quick and simple to make, and it is taste safe. One boy said it tastes good, the other prefers his marshmallows not “playdoughed”, but all agree this activity is fun! Perfect for sensory exploration at all ages.

Easy to make, fun to play wit,h and a sweet treat, Edible Marshmallow Play Dough is a hit! And it uses simple ingredients in your kitchen right now.

Don’t forget Peeps are marshmallows too! You can use them to make playdough at Easter.

Edible playdough is a fantastic sensory play product, encourage learning and exploration with all the senses. This easy DIY playdough recipe has glitter for an extra special treat. The best part is that it is all edible! Using Peeps makes it perfect for Easter, or replace with marshmallows for a year round treat.

Next on our to do list with exploring marshmallows? This non-Newtonian Fluid creation called Marshmallow Magic Mudd. This stuff looks amazing!

For little ones who are still learning their five main senses, you can use marshmallows to help reinforce these lessons in a tasty way. Check out how much fun these guys had learning their senses with marshmallows.

This next one is for the more adventurous folks who don’t mind a little mess. Have some ooey, gooey, sensory fun with these marshmallow created ghost hands.

Marshmallow Science

This STEAM Marshmallow activity is so simple and always creates lots of excitement. Simply have the kids decorate some marshmallows and then put them in the microwave to see what happens! We dove into all the science and details when we did this activity. To say it was a hit is a huge understatement!

This simple marshmallow science experiment is an engaging STEAM activity for elementary. Learn a little science and a little art, then eat the results!

Why not use marshmallows to explore a little nutrition science? And with this activity there is a charming dragon to breath some fire and excitement into their studies.

On a cold winter day, everyone loves a cuppa hot chocolate. With this melting marshmallow snowman activity, you can infuse a little science and learning into your tasty treat.

Engineering with Marshmallows

Create a Marshmallow Engineering Challenge that will have kids smiling as they race to the finish with their sweet smelling constructions. A great learning challenge for all ages that is easily adaptable. It’s like Jenga meets Marshmallows!

Need a quick and easy educational challenge that kids will love, has a super quick clean up, and uses easy to find items? This Marshmallow Engineering Challenge is a fantastic engineering minute to win it type challenge that helps kids build their problem solving skills and can be adapted for a variety of levels.

Put those math skills to use with this Marshmallow Geometry Engineering Challenge. It’s a stunning creation that teaches incorporates some fascinating math skills in a practical and hands on way.

Geometry STEM Building Project

Rainbow Marshmallow Building is a beautiful way to create structures. From bridges to trees to a Cinderella! The possibilities are endless with this colourful activity.

For a medieval variation on the above activities, challenge kids to build a castle and a catapult. Then act out a great ancient battle!

Marshmallow Art

Did you know you can use Marshmallows to create art?

We created this fun, mess free, art in a bag that we affectionately call Marshmallow Squish!

Marshmallow squish with gorgeous primary colours. Created with a mess free technique in a bag.

Plus you can use Marshmallows as a canvas for creating gorgeous little works of art that you can eat!

Marshmallow Art is a fun way for all ages to learn with colour. Marshmallows make a wonderful canvas and with the right tools colour theory can be explored, while fine motor skills are developed. Older kids will enjoy challenging their artist talents on a curved surface.

Making Marshmallows

Once you have played and learned with marshmallows for a while, it is time to really dive into some amazing kitchen science and make homemade marshmallows. This activity is best with older kids and definitely requires a responsible adult. The results though? You will never be able to eat store bought marshmallows again.

Make sweet, fluffy Valentine's Day Treats with this Homemade Marshmallow recipe. Explore the science behind marshmallows and why they are so soft, fluffy and tasty.

Make those hot chocolates epic with your very own special homemade marshmallows. This is one hot chocolate everyone will be talking about!

Christmas Marshmallows Recipe for hot chocolate

Need a sugar free Marshmallow recipe? Check out this recipe that uses artificial sweeteners.

And for the vegetarians out there, I found this recipe.

Cooking with Marshmallows

Marshmallow Cupcakes – This is such a simple idea but it looks gorgeous and kids love decorating their cupcakes this way. Fantastic for a party.

Kids love making these marshmallow cupcakes. The designs are stunning and so simple, perfect for all ages and abilities. Tastes like Peeps!

Now we LOVE a good fudge around here. Did you know you can use marshmallows to make fudge? This is definitely a project you need to do. All in the name of science of course.

Easy, delicious and gorgeous rainbow unicorn fudge

These Marshmallow Penguins are the most adorable little guys. Perfect for a penguin themed party. This site also has a super cute marshmallow snowman.

And don’t forget the always amazing s’mores! For fun twists on s’mores try these s’mores cookies and s’mores in a cone.

Have fun exploring and learning with marshmallows!

Marshmallows are a fantastic unit study with lessons in science, engineering, math and so much more. Dive into some extra tasty kitchen science by making your own homemade marshmallows (so much better than store bought), and even some sensory play.


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