Marshmallow Squish

Looking for a silly fun art project, that is also mess free? We’ve got the perfect solution… art in a bag! This project uses simple supplies to create gorgeous works in a sensory friendly way that also limits the mess and makes clean up a breeze. Perfect for preschool to elementary aged kids.

Art in a Bag – Marshmallow Squish

Marshmallow squish with gorgeous primary colours. Created with a mess free technique in a bag.

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Some days I want to do something creative and artistic with the kids, but the prospect of dealing with the mess gives me an eye twitch. I dread projects where I spend more time setting up and cleaning up, than the kids spend actually doing the project. What I love more than anything is when we can all have fun and create something really beautiful, while also creating some incredible memories.

An added complication I often need to factor in, is how to address the needs of a sensory adverse child. Finger painting might be fun for many kids, but for some it is a recipe for disaster.

That’s why I love this project so much! All kids can have fun making messy art… without the mess!

Plus the kids love the name…. MARSHMALLOW SQUISH!

Simple, Beautiful Art Project

This marshmallow squish art is:

  • Easy
  • Fun
  • Creates beautiful art
  • Sets up in moments
  • Cleans up quickly
  • Appeals to sensory adverse child
  • Uses simple supplies

Ready to make some art? Here is everything you need!


Large (gallon size) Zip Bag
Piece of White paper (thicker paper is better but any will work)
Primary color paint (liquid type in bottles): red, blue, yellow (or adapt to your preference)
Marshmallows (regular or small will work)
Tape (packing tape, duct tape, etc.) – optional


I always recommend working in a space that is easy to clean and cover your work area if needed. Even though this is less messy, there is still a chance of mess!

Start by cutting your paper to ensure it fits perfectly into your zip bag.

Add large drops of paint in all the different colours on your paper. You can use a random pattern or create designs like rainbows. The choice is yours!

Carefully place a marshmallow on top of each paint dot.

Now, slowly slide the paper into the zip bag. Be careful not to touch the paint against the bag when placing the paper inside the bag.

Zip the bag and make sure the bag is completely closed. You may want to reinforce it with a strip of tape across the whole end of the bag. At this point, it’s OK if the paint touches the bag.

Now encourage your young artist to move the marshmallows around with their fingers and hands, squishing the paint across the paper into colourful patterns and designs.

They can create some gorgeous pieces of art!

When they are done, if your child wants to save their artwork, carefully slide the paper from the bag and remove the marshmallows. Set the paper somewhere safe to dry.

Why Marshmallows?

So why did we chose to use marshmallows? Because we LOVE marshmallows. They are so easy to find and you can use them for so many other projects. Plus kids love them! They are squishy, sweet, fun little goodies.

Once you buy that big bag of marshmallows you might be wondering what else you can do with them, other than let your kids get a sugar high.

Here are some of our favourite marshmallow activities:

Tips for even more creative fun!

Explore more fun ideas for your art in a bag project!

Try using different sized marshmallows. Which does your child prefer?

Create different designs with your colours and then smear your paint around. How does it affect our final art?

Try using items other than marshmallows like foam shapes, marbles or even cut up sponges. Just remember when using items that will soak up some of the paint, you will need to make your drops a little bigger.

Explore magnets by putting magnets in bag, then using a magnetic wand or other magnet under the bag to move the magnet around and paint magnetically!

Have fun creating messy art without the mess!

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