DIY Scratch Off Christmas Cards

This is such a fun activity that encourages kids to explore with art and literacy, while having fun with crafts during the holidays. Today we are going to teach you how to make Christmas Cards that are fun joke cards where you scratch off the card to reveal the punch line. These cool cards are perfect for gifting and classroom sharing during the holidays. They also have the ultimate cool factor!

Christmas Card Craft – Scratch Off

Scratch Off Holiday Card Craft

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Are you looking for something really fun to do with the kids this holiday season? This is the perfect project!

With a few simple supplies you can make scratch off Christmas joke cards that will have your kids feeling incredibly proud as they also spread laughter and joy this holiday season.

Growing up I LOVED scratch and sniff and scratch and reveal cards and stickers. I don’t know why it was so much fun as a kid, but it was!

So when the opportunity came up to learn how to make these scratch cards with the kids, I jumped on it. There is something so incredibly satisfying about scratching and revealing a secret.

Check out the video of this project:

Pro Tip!

Oh and, here is a tip, you can use this technique to make all kinds of cool learning projects. Just imagine how much fun your kids would have doing flash cards where they get to scratch to see if they are right!

Or maybe you are doing a break out boxes or secret agent activity, how perfect would this type of card creation be for those centers and activities?


For this project you will need the following tools and supplies.

3 card template sheets printed on cardstock paper
Small, sharp scissors
Silver or Gold acrylic paint
Paint brush
Dish soap
Small bowl
Spoon or craft stick for mixing
Packing tape
Colourful pens or fine tip markers

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Use colourful pens or fine-tipped permanent markers to write your own jokes and answers, or fun messages on the blank cards. Be sure to draw a colorful picture for each one. This is your chance to have fun and be creative!

Cut out the cards by row, horizontally, three across. Do not cut these three cards apart, yet.

Mix paint and dish soap in a ratio of 2 parts paint to 1 part dish soap. Stir the paint and soap together gently until well mix with a spoon or craft stick. Don’t agitate it. You don’t want the soap to bubble. You do want it completely mixed.

Cover the bottom of the row of three cards with packing tape. Try to line up the top of the tape with the line at the top of the white answer boxes. Cut off excess tape or neatly wrap it around the paper.

Now the fun part, making your scratch off layer!

Paint a thin layer of the paint/soap mix across the answer boxes. Let it dry completely. Repeat until you have made 3 or 4 layers and can no longer see the answer through the paint/soap mix.

Once the final coat has dried completely cut apart the three cards. They are now ready to gift and be scratched!

Now Scratch and Laugh! Happy Holidays!

Holiday Scratch Off Joke Cards Craft

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